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LOIK!Character Contest + Do you want your story in LOIK? (If so, CLICK!) P.S.I REALLY need TWO more people. Come on... Just 2...

LOIK!Character Contest + Do you want your story in LOIK? (If so, CLICK!) P.S.I REALLY need TWO more people. Come on... Just 2...

Posted April 22nd, 2014 by mysterygirl

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by Red Riding Hood (Jojo)
in somewhere in the Enchanted Forest, trying to find my way to Granny's.


Hi. I'm making a new KP STORY! *rounds of applause* Thank you. Thank you. The plot has a bit of the old story and a new idea. The plot is that ten KPers are chosen to be powered up to fight the viruses that are trying to destroy KP! So I need 4 main superheroes (I'm one already) and 5 sidekicks. You can have any kind of power but make it special. I'll choose the best entries for the story and if you want you can be an extra in the story. So here's the form:


Superhero name:

Age range:





Friends on KP:



And I also want to use other story settings. So in the story, the league starts to travel through people's stories. Here's the form if you'd like your story included in the story:

Name of story:


FYI... This is my character:

Username: AWESOME Author

Superhero name: Time Keeper

Age range: 12-14

Gender: female

Appearance: short blonde hair with a streak of blue, freckles, smooth pale skin but with a scar near my right shoulder, tall, skinny, and blue braces

Personality: wise, quirky, goofy, leader like, caring, fun, creative, kind, but stubborn

Power: time

Friends on KP: Alice, Sam, Cody, Charlie, Sarah, Dr.Awesome, ........

Background: I never remembered but I was in a laboratory accident because my father was a scientist. To save me, he had to give me powers and to make me forget. But later on I had an severe accident and was close to death. But I suddenly I remembered I had time power and froze the time and soon recovered. From now on I have a scar near my right shoulder, trying to keep it hidden.

Others: N/A

Thanks a lot and hope to see you in the league!

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Username: Starlit Nightmares

Username: Starlit Nightmares (*Jill*)

Superhero name: Jill

Age range: 12-15 (this is what I put for every single freaking signup since I joined, but if you think I'm sixteen, go ahead. xP)

Gender: Female


Lots of short, neatly cut hair that has an a-line. It's an ebony back, and can be tied up. I wear it up as often as I leave it down. It's usually unkempt anyways, I just tug a brush through it twice and call it good. I have almond shaped eyes a dark shade of brown, with a rim of black (which is barely visible anyway so feel free to ignore this) on the outer side of the pupil. But my eyes are really dark, so if people aren't observant enough they're the equivalent of a black void. O.O I am quite the average height, though lanky, and I haven't had a health checkup since 6th grade, and I was 5 feet then. So I suppose I'm somewhere around... 5 foot 3 or 5 foot 2, somewhere around that height.

I have slim, long fingers, which work fast and well thanks to years of typing and working with small knots that my brother continually gets himself into with the ropes he likes to play with. I have somewhat-boarder shoulders, or at least boarder than average, but not that I actually care. I'm only okay at track, though, despite too-long legs and too-short body. (xD) I have a habit of rubbing my forehead when I'm nervous or embarassed. Also, I hold my hair back with a hairclip with the hair brushed to the right. There's a picture of me on the WBF if you're interested. I have teeth that semi-stick out, and I have braces, but don't put that in there. I don't like having braces. >.<

A few other habits are twidling my fingers when I'm bored, or half-smiling and staring into space, which means I'm not in there and spacing out, probably thinking about hot boys stuff and life in general. I also like to jiggle my leg a lot- and I do it especially when I need to be kept awake. I don't drink coffee, don't have the habit. My eyes tend to flit around sharply, inspecting new things when I'm surrounded by them. I also mouth the lyrics to a random song (hymn or other) at completely random times.

Uh. I'm like seriously unfashionable. Well, not. I'm not unfashionable- I can give the most amazing fashion tips ever- like which clothes and colors go well with your personality, your eyes, your build... I can do that. I know how to make you look really pretty, as long as we don't stray into the makeup section. (I have not put on makeup except lipstick and blush for dance and piano recitals ever.) But anyway (I'm going off topic) I wear jeans and T-shirts. I stick my hands into my pockets- I NEED POCKETS TO SURVIVE. I usually drag a huge backpack with nothing in it but a notebook and pencils and my phone and keys in it.


I'm really bubbly and talkative most of the time, around everyone but strangers. But then again, 99.99999999999% of the world is strangers, so. I take care of people well, and I make a lot of friends, really quickly. I'm a social person, but I have a slight stammer problem. It's not that bad though, so you probably wouldn't even notice it. I'm a weird person- quick to anger, but quick to happiness too. People who I'm close to (psst you guys) don't tick me off as much as strangers though, so you guys can breathe. I'm really eager to protect my friends, though I claim to have learned karate before (I have), I'm too much of a coward to do anything when things actually happen.

I hate that I'm actually a coward, though I act leaderly and fearless every time. But I think real bravery is facing your fears, and overcoming them when the time comes. I'm really cowardly about some things, but I believe I have a kind heart. I'm really cold some of the time, but it's quite easy to break my ice. I seem to be an open book, though there are deeper parts of me that even I don't really know that well, so I guess I'm scared of the monster in myself. I hate how easy it is for me to manipulate people without even trying, or accidentally, even. (Don't worry, none of you KPers are being manipulated.)

I don't like to get too attached to anyone, except maybe you KPers, and a few choice others. You guys (and my few friends) mean a lot to me, and I would do anything to protect and defend them, like I've said. I'm also really imaginative, though kind of lazy, and a definite procrastinator. I like adventures, and I secretly like the feeling of being protected. I'm such a bitch though, so I really think I deserve any of the care and people who crush on me. I think I'll just hurt them. (x.x) I'm kind of abstract, kind of weird, kind of insane, kind of dreamy... I'm lots of things. I don't think any of this even begins to sum my personality up, but I'll stop here. The rest you can base on your knowledge on me. ^^

Power: Invisibility ;)

Friends on KP:

Eli, Lydia, Ena, Luna, Tori, Max, Cherry, Arin, Lena, Ellie, Laura, GrumpyHippo, Nikki, Silent, Lily, Antelope Owl (Ella), JessicaK, Jeffery, Confuzzled, Dusky Fragment (Grace), Cyn, Clara, Kendra, Birdsong (Grace), Blossom, Logan, Tumbling Rainbow (Grace), Sravani, Ru, Augusta, Venika, Sam, Alice, Snow, Tarka. You'll find a link to all their bios in my own.

Background: Nothing much. Comes from average family. Has one brother (has more, actually, but let's play pretend) named Samuel that everyone calls Jack cause that's his middle name.


Writing, reading, singing. I have a pretty nice singing voice, so I've been told, and used to be in the choir, before I quit because of the (*insert curse word*) choir teacher. I'm a music enthuthiast, and I can play the recorder, some of the flute, the harmonica, and the piano. And I listen to music almost 24/7. Another... hobby, if you'd call it, is staying up, chatting with you guys on A/N. I spazz over beautiful singing voices, and beautiful books and movies. Current spaz- Frozen (movie), Pitch perfect (movie), Pitch perfect songs (music), Divergent (book), and much more. You'll find me liking most books others like (for instance, HP, HoO, PJ...) except Twilight. I have never particularly cared for it. I also like running (jogging, more like), and climbing trees, being in a field cause I like sunshine and grass. :D

-People just suck in general.- ~Lena

Posted by Starlit Nightma... on Tue, 04/22/2014 - 07:25
Name: Madelyn Superhero

Name: Madelyn

Superhero name: Blazing Frost! (Epic, right?)

Age range: 12

Gender: F

Appearance: Curly brown hair always in a low pony, hazel eyes, super bendable, red glasses, slender figure, missing baby teeth, jagged grown up teeth (weird, right?) I wear T-shirts and jeans.

Personality: Perverted, makes a lot of terrible jokes, but funny, careless (meaing I don't really care what anyone else thinks of me), reckless, energetic, swift, funny.

Power: To freeze things, super-speed, sonic hearing (if I'm allowed to have only one power, I prefer freeze power)

Friends on KidPub: Charioteer (Alice), ~Luna~, Sleeping with Sirens (Phan)

Backround: Not really much to talk about. I like to write, I guess, I'm homeschooled, and I have both of my parents with me, along with a sister named Molly, two cats, Willis and Patches, and a dog, Pearl.

Other: Always found with a book/iPod


If you're going to get in trouble for hitting someone, might as well hit 'em hard! ~~Harry Styles Read about Frodo's childhood here! http://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/secrets-frodo-chapter-two-302... Tauriel X Kili Forever!

Posted by Madelyn on Tue, 04/22/2014 - 15:39
Name of Story: Chosen Genre:

Name of Story: Chosen
Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy
Description: You should probably already know this, but, a huge city, with run down apartments and such, and hidden in a tall mountain would be the SOM HQ.
Link: http://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/chosen-prologue-3000146738

There. Now my comment has officially made this post magical and sacred. Be proud.

Posted by Charioteer (Alice) on Tue, 04/22/2014 - 07:35
(I know I posted this on the

(I know I posted this on the last page, but I made some changes... yeah)

Username: venika

Superhero name: Silverquill

Age range:11-13

Gender: Female

Appearance: Silverquill has large-ish dark brown eyes. From a distance, you'd think they were black. She has short/medium length dark brown hair that is cut into layers, the shortest strands not quite reaching her chin, the longest about chest length. Her hair can get extremely unruly and tangled, but when combed, it's straight and silky. She has a slight overbite and has gaps between her teeth. She has light tan skin, so not extremely dark, but not pale either. She's a little more than 5'3" and has an average build.

Her superhero outfit consists of an off the shoulder black jumpsuit (with a silver quill design on the front), combat boots and a silver mask with inked designs. The outfit seems to subtly glow at night, but during the day, it's just your average superhero costume. ^_^ Her everyday outfit is more like a baggy t-shirt (preferably a Harry Potter one), denim shorts and Crocs, though she loves going around barefoot. She doesn't usually paint her nails, but when she does, it's red, blue, purple or pink.  As for makeup, well, she doesn't really use it-- lip balm is pretty much her extent. But she loves lip balms that smell/taste nice. 

Personality: Silverquill is sarcastic and witty (most of the time). She's very curious, especially when someone has a secret and is not telling her. That's one of her pet peeves: when someone's not telling her something. She's intelligent, but extremely unathletic. She's very possessive and protective of her friends. She's honest, but a little naïve at times. She's a loyal and devoted friend but a bitter enemy. She has a very low attention span, and gets distracted easily. 

She's often stubborn and argumentative, but is trying not to be: however, she can't bear to be proven wrong. She likes debating for the fun of it, though. She's shy around people she doesn't know but loud, talkative and hyper when with friends. That being said, she opens up to people easily, but has to be introduced to someone or someone else has to approach her first for her to start talking to people. She's awkward and pretty withdrawn at times, and loves spending time on the internet. However, being with her friends beats watching videos and refreshing her email inbox any day! She's a voracious reader: her favorite book series is definitely Harry Potter. She's been obsessed with it for five years: she's read each book at least five or six times, and that's just the minimum. She likes fantasy, dystopian and realistic fiction, which is pretty weird, seeing as each of those genres are pretty distinct. 

She loves writing as well (no, really) and does poetry as well as short stories and novels, though she's never actually finished a novel yet. Her other hobbies are art, singing and being awesome. Like a boss. 

Power: She can make anything she writes come true. For example, if she writes, "Silverquill's sneakers turned pink," her sneakers would turn pik. But she has to be very specific about what she wants: otherwise her powers can make things go horribly wrong. 

Friends on KP: Sravani, Ru, Jill... hmm.... if anyone else wants to be my friend, just say so! :-D ;-)

Background: She got her powers when she was eleven, along with her Hogwarts acceptance letter. No, just kidding! But she was just writing a short story about getting some new headphones, when, voila, some appeared on the desk next to her! She got super excited and started testing her ability out. It was only a few months later that she met another superhero (you choose whom) and realized that she had to do more with her powers than she'd ever imagined, and fight the virus that threatened to destroy KP. 

I'm a hopeless Potterhead. Deal with it.

I'm a hopeless Potterhead. Deal with it.

Posted by Snapdragon Blue... on Tue, 04/22/2014 - 07:50
Thanks! You are going to

Thanks! You are going to make a AWESOME superhero!

Read my romantic story-Call Me Maybe: http://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/call-me-maybe-3002146237


Posted by AWESOME Author on Tue, 04/22/2014 - 09:48
Thanks! :D :D I'm a hopeless

Thanks! :D :D

I'm a hopeless Potterhead. Deal with it.

Posted by Snapdragon Blue... on Tue, 04/22/2014 - 14:30
Username: Sleeping With

Username: Sleeping With Sirens (Phan)

Superhero name: Quinn

Age range: 13-15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Caucasian, misty teal eyes, chest length light brown hair with dark blonde streaks, medium height, fairly skinny.

Personality: Funny and down-to-earth around friends, but is perfectly happy without companionship. Easy drifts off into a daydream.

Power: Can move things with her hands/eyes. Telekinetic power I think it's called.

Friends on KP: Cherry, Niamh, Ally, Ashlee, Lena, Cami, Ellie, Sravani, Venika (I'll be your friend :D)... idk.

Background: Lives with her Mom and brother in a smallish house in a place south-west of London. Her Dad left them when she was about 9, and hasn't seen him since. She always has to look after her brother and isn't very confident, often feeling insecure about herself and wanting to meet higher standards than is necessary.

Others: Obsessed with Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil. Music is important to her and she writes a lot of songs on the piano/ukelele with lyrics.


Wrists are for bracelets, not cutting. ~ Kellin Quinn

Posted by MayaGold on Tue, 04/22/2014 - 09:16
Yay! New friends! :)  I'm a

Yay! New friends! :) 

I'm a hopeless Potterhead. Deal with it.

Posted by Snapdragon Blue... on Tue, 04/22/2014 - 14:30
Username: Charlie Superhero

Username: Charlie

Superhero name: Shifter

Age range: 13-16


Appearance: Dark brown hair, brown eyes, average height

Personality: Funny, lovable, kind, protective, leader

Power: Can shift matter, turning it into something different. (That includes him and other people)

Friends on KP: You, Sam, Alice

Background: I really hate these, so can I skip it?




Smiles! :)

Posted by Charlie on Tue, 04/22/2014 - 19:19

Username: GrumpyHippo

Superhero name: Timebomb (kind of lame, but whatever)

Age range: 13-15

Gender: Female.

Appearance: Long brown hair (put in a messy side braid). Murky blue eyes. Freckles. Small nose. Pretty-ish. Tall. Long, clumsy fingers. Superhero outfit is just a hoodie with a canvas jacket over it, but when the hood is up she looks like a different person (it's different every time). Jeans. Converse. Olive green messenger bag where she keeps all of her stuff. Clumsy. Fairly skinny, but with no figure. Under the hoodie she usually wears old school band t-shirts. (Commodores, Eagles, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix...) or just a Switchfoot, Coldplay, or Nickelback tee. Er... Quick, crooked smile. No makeup. Naturally long eyelashes, and thick eyebrows. (Not awkwardy thick... she just doesn't pluck them). Kinda plain, not much to gawk at, but she isn't ugly, persay. 

Personality: Lazy. Procrastinator. Sarcastic (extremely sarcastic). Snarky. Not very emotional. Doesn't enjoy physical contact (hugs, high-fives, et cetera). Or humans in general, really. 70% sarcasm, 29% snark, and 1% sass. Is polite to adults and attempts to be nice to children. Has a wide mixture of fairly witty comebacks (which she is very proud of) and very lame ones. Loves to laugh at herself. Dreamer, but also a realist. Loves to sing badly and has a passion for music. Around friends she has few inhibitions. Makes fun of herself and teases others. Can be caught making faces to herself, due to her habit of playing plotlines through her head. Obviously, she's a writer. Is often trapped inside that head of hers, with the Mind Palace she's created (Sherlockians will understand). Sings badly even if no music is playing. Often sings to old school music, i.e., Steve Miller Band, Stevie Wonder, Stevie Nicks (All the Steves, really), Lionel Richie/Commodores, Frank Sinatra, Tower of Power, Count Basie, Dean Martin, et cetera. Is fairly self-conscious, but doesn't get her feelings hurt easily. Doesn't understand people all too well, and often misses the signals. Not a good comforter in a time of crisis, and mainly stands awkwardly in the background, trying to find a joke that will break the ice. Does understand when someone needs space, however, because that's something she can relate to.

Power: Controls time. Can slow it down, speed it up, make certain figures at a different pace in time than others. Follows a strict guidebook, however. (It's be cool if she broke the rules to save someone and jacked up the universe and all this drama happened and everything. Just a suggestion.) Still inexperienced, but is fairly wise and responsible and therefore does a pretty good job in being the Keeper of Time. Irises glow a metallic gold when she's exerting her powers.

Friends on KP: Ugh... people. I don't know exactly. I'll be friends with anyone. There are a few people on here, but.....vgidikHDC I'm just too lazy to write down all of the thousands of friends I have. 

Background: Was chosen as an infant to rule over time. Doesn't know why yet, but the Master of the Universe got a premonition to choose her. Was kidnapped at a young age and learned in the University. (Whole big important school thing for the Keepers. Keepers basically preside over the basic rules of the universe and make sure everything is in order.) Is still learning (will always be learning), but is still pronounced the true Keeper of Time. Is eternal, and can only die through a battle, and by an allies' hand. (Could get pretty juicy. *raises eyebrows suggestively*)

Sorry. Anyways, now she travels light. Doesn't really have any need for worldly possessions. Or food. But she eats food because, well, food is good. (Especially muffins. Has a slight obsession with muffins)

Others: here's a character bio I wrote on myself a while back. Kind of repetitive but maybe it'll help.

Long straight, sort of wavy medium brown hair, light features, freckles. A smaller nose, upturned, that she doesn’t have much of a taste for. murky blue eyes, long-ish eyelashes. Tall-ish, sort of. Square-ish jaw, but kind of curved. Thick eyebrows. Dimple on her right cheek, which she fairly despised at first but has gotten used to. Has a weird laugh, when it’s real, but often she feigns laughter in order to appease people’s own vanity (haha, I’ve been reading too much Jane Austen). Has a passion for music, and not all the sick pop-crap everyone seems to love. Pretty old-fashioned for her age. Dislikes most people, particularly those her age, but often doesn’t show it. She tries to be a good person, but sometimes it’s too hard. Is a bit of a dreamer, but is also very logical. Extremely shy, doesn’t like making new friends, but around friends she is hyper and sarcastic and obnoxious. Is a writer, a dreamer, a music-lover, and a snarker. Not exactly confident, but doesn’t like to feel sorry for herself. Gets annoyed when people complain/gossip. Very religious. Loves to laugh at herself, and makes jokes about others. Fairly intelligent, but lazy. Dreams often of Neverland, and never really wants to grow up. She wants to keep the childish side of her forever. Not a big romantic, never gets crushes, and when she does, they aren’t huge crushes that she freaks out about. Fairly mellow, not including certain days/moods/situations. Can be stubborn/competitive. Wants to be independent. Not yet, but that is the aspect she would like in adulthood. Not exactly the maturing part. Is fairly responsible, and a respectful/good daughter, but she can be snarky, only in good humor, of course. Loves to sing (badly), be goofy, be obnoxious. Hopes to be athletic, but can’t find a sport she is passionate about. Loves to run, but is so out of shape that the activity is no longer desirable. Gets only in trouble for her natural snarky nature, but gets so guilty at any bad attention from her seniors that she punishes herself more than they can. However, if scolded by her peers, immediately she just becomes more sarcastic and irritable, and turns completely stubborn. Dislikes most of her generation, except for a few who are actually intelligent. Is very opinionated on certain matters, and loves to debate. Fairly smart, but nothing to brag about. Has a passion for learning, but believes most of the current curriculum is useless busy work that doesn’t interest her. Can be judging to others, though she doesn’t like that aspect of herself. Wants to be a better person, but finds it hard when living with such idiotic contemporaries. Fairly tough when insulted, and laughs it off as any other joke. Doesn’t like to cause problems, and has a passionate hate for drama. Sassy. Sasses everyone and is a huge smart-aleck. A bit of  know-it-all. Oh, who am I kidding? A massive know-it-all who absolutely detests being wrong. Loves to read, write, draw. Self-proclaimed nerd. Can be arrogant, but also humble. Procrastinator. Um, likes to wear casual, comfortable clothes. Can be self-conscious, and isn’t exactly “brave.” Doesn’t stand out. Easy to forget. Math nerd. Loves math. Super sassy(just increase sassiness like ten-fold. I want my character to be obnoxiously sassy/smart-aleck-y.) Other human beings are bleh. Most of them are idiots. At least, the people she doesn’t socialize with. She’s a goofy dorky idiot. Not a stupid idiot. She just does stuff that’s very immature, which classifies her into the idiot category. But can be responsible, and rarely rebels. Loves a good adventure, though.

If you have any questions I can answer them. Any necessary changes can be made to my character, if you like. This sounds like an awesome story, and I'm excited for it to start!

~Just because a dragon is a dragon, and has five heads, doesn't mean he can't lead our community~

Posted by Cember on Tue, 04/22/2014 - 21:35
I'm sorry if it sounds like

I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm copying you, but I have those same powers too. I said i was going to have those powers next to the form. Do you mind if you could change your powers? I want try and include as many people. Thank you

Did you ever want to be a superhero?? CLICK HERE•••> http://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/loik-character-contest-do-you...


Posted by mysterygirl on Tue, 04/22/2014 - 23:12
Oh, sorry, I didn't notice.

Oh, sorry, I didn't notice. I'll change them.

~Just because a dragon is a dragon, and has five heads, doesn't mean he can't lead our community~

Posted by Cember on Tue, 04/22/2014 - 23:54

Supername: Paranormal

Power: Walks through walls. Kind of has the stereotypical ghost powers; turns invisible, can go directly through anything solid, some hovering/flying, and to a lesser extent can transport. A few more offensive powers, also. Such as, shooting mild pale white rays from her palms, which give, though maybe not a lethal burn, but certainly a damaging one.

Background: Was killed in a car accident as an infant. Given a second chance. After staying in the Underworld for a bit, she earned her right to live and was given a temporary state as a sort of spirit, but with more solidity. She had been in the Underworld for fourteen years by then, and, accordingly, was given a fourteen year old state. She ages extremely slowly, so in about three human years she will be fifteen. After the "resurrection," she made the decision not to say hello to her parents. they had moved on a long time ago, and her arrival would only resurface emotions. the first day that she came back to life, she sat in their house invisible and watched them. Memorized the sparkle in her father's eye, and the melody of her mother's voice. Laughed with her siblings. and then she left. For a moment, her mother glanced at the door after she left, with an almost sad look in her eyes. Then she looked away.

She didn't tell them because she knew she was going to be putting herself in danger again. She had made a deal with the Keepers for her life. It would be dedicated to helping the people. (She serves the Keepers mainly, though, so if you're planning on a traitor in the story, she would make a good fit.)

Other: She hovers about everywhere. Is also a very wise. Has no needs for temporal items, but eats because she can and won't gain weight from it.

Power-suit: Scratch my other suit. For her powers, she just wears regular clothes. Doesn't feel the need to hide her identity, because she doesn't have a normal life.


I think that's about it. Sorry about the mix-up. I didn't read your form very carefully.

~Just because a dragon is a dragon, and has five heads, doesn't mean he can't lead our community~

Posted by Cember on Wed, 04/23/2014 - 00:25
Cool. Thanks so much. So you

Cool. Thanks so much. So you mind if I make her the ghost of KP sorta?

Did you ever want to be a superhero?? CLICK HERE•••> http://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/loik-character-contest-do-you...


Posted by AWESOME Author on Wed, 04/23/2014 - 00:38
Er... sure. Sounds

Er... sure. Sounds cool.

~Just because a dragon is a dragon, and has five heads, doesn't mean he can't lead our community~

Posted by Cember on Wed, 04/23/2014 - 00:44
Oh, and I always have my

Oh, and I always have my nose in a book. So, if my character could just always be reading and ignoring people, that would be great. If it doesn't work anywhere, though, s'okay.

~Just because a dragon is a dragon, and has five heads, doesn't mean he can't lead our community~

Posted by Cember on Wed, 04/23/2014 - 18:43
Username: meerkat

Username: meerkat (Meera)

Superhero name: Splash Girl (I know, it's lame...)

Age range: 14-16

Gender: F

Appearance: Tall, about five foot six. Sturdily built with very dark skin (and a watch tan!) and enormous shoulders. Reddish brown hair, shoulder length, with bangs in front that cover my too-thick eyebrows almost completely. Almost circle-shaped blackish eyes. Braces on my teeth.  

Personality: Sarcastic, obnoxious, and evil, but if I go too far, I always notice and feel overly guilty. I'm smarter than most people I know and I don't hesitate to rub it in. At the same time, I consider myself inferior to others in every other way, and will go out of my way to help anyone (provided they weren't mean to me or anything). I have been described as: "quiet," "annoying," "hyperactive genius kid," that random shy girl over there." Oh, and I'm an extreme introvert.

Power: Water powers. I can create it, as well as get around extremely quickly in it!


Background: I was born with my powers, which helped me get to the top of my swim team and also got the other kids at school to call me things like "freakazoid" and "witch". I have both my parents and a little annoying sister. And a cat!

Others: None.



~~don't even blink~~

Posted by meerkat on Wed, 04/23/2014 - 19:15
I wanna be your

I wanna be your friend?!

There. Now my comment has officially made this post magical and sacred. Be proud.

Posted by Charioteer (Alice) on Wed, 04/23/2014 - 19:18




~~don't even blink~~

Posted by Meera on Wed, 04/23/2014 - 19:27
Uh, hello! Me! xD sorry I

Uh, hello! Me! xD sorry I didn't put you in my friends part that form is already starting to get outdated xD

-People just suck in general.- ~Lena

Posted by Starlit Nightma... on Thu, 04/24/2014 - 04:32
Oops double post. -People

Oops double post.

-People just suck in general.- ~Lena

Posted by HannahChen2009 on Thu, 04/24/2014 - 04:33

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