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Lonely: Chapter 1

Lonely: Chapter 1

Posted April 19th, 2019 by wolflover37

by Allison
in Tennessee

I keep thinking about mom and dad. Dad was a soldier and mom lives with me. I am lonely. No friends. No dad to make things happy. Only mom and grandma June. Mom is a home mom and grandma June is a culinary chef.  Grandma June makes the best food. Tommorrow is my first day of  M.S. 1367. Mom is so proud of me and so is grandma June. Mom says dad would be proud, but dad isn't here to be proud. He's in the army to be proud of winning wars, not to be proud of me.


"Wake up Anastaisa."  mom says calmly. As I sit down at the table, mom hands me a plate of pancakes. "Mmmm, pancakes." I say, greedily using all the syrup. " Get ready for school.'' mom says.



After getting ready, I walked to school. I walk alone, because, you know, I have no friends. At school there's a new girl. New girl? I've been here for a year and a new girl? I thought. She asked to show me around. She said ''I'm Alexina, what is your name?" "Anastaisa, is my name." I respond.


Me and Alexina became BFFs. For the first time in a long time, I had a friend.  I am not so lonely any more.










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