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Lost In Darkness: Chapter One: (Not Very Good Halloween Special)

Lost In Darkness: Chapter One: (Not Very Good Halloween Special)

Posted October 31st, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

okay so, i wrote or started this like years ago. i stumbled upon it and decided to just post it cuz why not. it's pretty badly written? I dunno i rushed it. see what you think..



Chapter 1:


I awoke in a dark room.  It was so dark that I could not see anything but the darkness of black. It was as if the sun disappeared and never returned. I never knew black could be this dark.

I looked around to see if anything here would help me, but I still saw nothing but darkness.


I heard a loud screeching sound near me, and I freaked out. I jumped and fell off of something. It was too dark to even see what I was sitting on.

It was just then when I felt something near my hand. I picked it up, and studied it with my hands … It was a flashlight. Just what I needed.

I turned it on, and looked around the room. I could see it better now. I was sitting on a bed, but it had no sheets. Just the mattress.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of a grandfather clock out near the doorway. I pointed my flashlight towards the doorway, and saw a black arm, sticking itself into the room.

But when the light touched it, it quickly exited the room. I just sat in my spot, thinking of what just happened.

I tried to analyze the data about what I just saw, and there is no way that there could be a creature that has black arms.

It would make sense if someone is messing with me, but it seems so real. I couldn’t even remember the last place I’ve been to before I woke up here.

However, I did remember my name. My name is Avil.

I decided to get up and find my way out of wherever I am. I walked towards the door where the black hand was, but it didn’t scare me. At least not yet.

Once I looked outside of my room, I saw the grandfather clock at the edge of the hallway. I walked up to it.

It was pretty normal, so I decided to walk down the hallway. Then I heard the sound of water dripping coming from the end of the hallway.

I turned around, and there was a wall right from where I came from. The grandfather clock was also gone.

I turned around once again, and then saw light. There were lights on the hallway walls, but they were so dim that they didn’t reveal anything but some rooms.

I continued walking, but then my flashlight turned off. The batteries were now dead. Great.

I decided to keep walking, not knowing what I will find, and then I reached the end of the hallway.

Water was dripping down from the ceiling next to a door. The door was open. I peeked inside and saw a figure. It wasn’t a figure of a monster, but rather a human. It was someone like me.

Even though my flashlight was dead, I walked inside. I closed the door behind me so that arm won’t return, and I locked it, and double checked. That’s when I spotted the lightswitch hiding behind the door.

Quickly I turned the lights on, and I revealed the human who was sitting down near the wall.

idk? there's more to it but i forgot :P

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