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Love Letter from a Distance / Untitled 1 & 2

Love Letter from a Distance / Untitled 1 & 2

Posted March 17th, 2017 by arcticeli

by Elias
in the stars

Love Letters from Across a Distance

Had a dream there was a light in her hair

and she was laughing at a mystery naked

by the window and she became

like the moon.

In the morning, she hung so heavily

against the space where my soul stirs.

Had she been here, i swear i would have held her

with every measure of

trust and desperation.


Untitled 1

November morning motionless

but for blackbirds in a grey sky.

November morning cold

with the smoky city evaporating.

Naked trees

in my backyard

are distilled

and immediate,

like the quiet

of afterwards and afterthoughts.


Untitled 2

i am heavy

with guilt

for the part of me

that has dissolved

in a sleepless night.

i sip my tea

and pray without words.

i pray for the visible and the invisible.

i pray for resolutions to pull back my eyelids

and fresh delusions to pull them closed again.

i pray for a love

which is tender and surrendered and strange.

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