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~M y s t i c B o r n~{Chapter 3}

~M y s t i c B o r n~{Chapter 3}

Posted February 16th, 2019 by SarahJ

by Sarah J
in Ohio

Chapter 3 - Nell

I immediately regret coming to the party. Strobe lights dance all around me, penetrating the darkness with their exhilarating glare. Untamed teens twirl to the thunderous music that rattles my bones. I stand frozen at the doorway, my heart beating quickly. I do not belong here, I think as people push and shove me to get into the enormous house. My outfit was nothing compared to the flashy fabric all around me. I had chosen a black sweatshirt and jeans to blend in to the dark, but I start to realize that bright and crazy would have been the better way to go. You need to move, Nell, I tell myself as I think of the words the boy had spoken in my dreams.

I have reasons to believe that someone like you will be there, and you will be in danger. You have to go, and find them. Tell them to get out and go with them.

Even the room is unbelievably warm, I shiver. What am I doing? Following the instructions of a dream to go find someone who I haven’t the slightest idea of what they look like? They will probably think I’m crazy if I tell them anything. Although skeptical, the dream had seemed so real, and painfully familiar. It has to mean something. I begin to push my way through the crowd, and towards the clear glass patio doors to get some fresh air.

My flushed face welcomed the cool, night air. It was a cold spring night, and I wished that the patio lights would turn off so I could glimpse the stars in the milky blue sky.

“You came,” A honeyed voice spoke from behind me. I whirl around, to come face to face with none other than Elijah Grigg. “I’m surprised, Nell,” An asian boy with tan skin and unruly eyebrows looks down at me, a venomous smirk painted on his lips. My heart begins to beat quickly, with shock and uncertainty. I swallow, and clear my throat.

“To whom do I owe this pleasure?” I ask, my voice hostile, shaking on its own accord. This was his party, shouldn’t he be inside with everyone else?

“Well, I’ve seen you at school and I’ve wanted to get to know you better,” His eyebrows rise at my bitter tone. “But it sounds like you wouldn’t like that.” Confused, I tear my eyes away from his mahogany eyes and gelled hair. I sum up my courage and look him in the eye.

“I’m afraid I’m not interested, no.”

“Well, that’s a shame. And here I invited you into my home.” Although his words convey disappointment, his tone does not. There is something vindictive in his voice that I can’t quite place. All I know is that I have to get out of here. As I turned to leave, he speaks once again. “You’re not going anywhere, freak.” He grabs my wrist, and I begin to panic.

“Get - off me!” My heart pounds beneath my rib cage, and desperation takes hold of my brain. This is what my dreams warned me about. My vision goes white, and suddenly Elijah is so much taller. But I am not afraid. I growl in self defense, and Elijah’s eyes go wide.

“I knew it. They do exist.” He grabs a shovel from the corner of the patio and raises it in an attacking stance. I lunge, my jaws snapping around his arm. He cries out and swears as my teeth sink into his skin. As he clutched his arm, I waste no time running off the porch and into the dark woods.




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