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~M y s t i c B o r n~{Chapter 4}

~M y s t i c B o r n~{Chapter 4}

Posted February 16th, 2019 by SarahJ

by Sarah J
in Ohio

The Party - Aurora

I just saw a girl turn into a wolf. What on God’s earth?

Suddenly the tiny screen of my aunt’s phone flashes through my mind. Today a woman was caught harboring an illegal shapeshifter. The said illegal and the woman that hid him will be facing the consequences of their actions this afternoon at court. More information on this topic later.

Then I thought of what my aunt said earlier that day. Elijah Grigg. I think that’s the governor’s son.

‘They’re going to turn her in,’ I think. Shapeshifter or no, I wasn’t going to let these dirtbags subject the poor girl to torture because of something she wasn’t in control of.

I hear Elijah grunt through his moaning to the boy next to him, “Go get her, moron! We can’t let her get away!”

“I don’t think so.” I step out of the shadows of the porch. My sweatshirt and shorts do little to stop the chilly night air, and I suppress the urge to shiver. The asian boy laughs. “And what are you going to do about it?” I feel my face warp into something neutral, any emotion that isn’t anger digging deeper into my heart. I cock my head at him, and his face transforms from being smug to being confused at my sudden lack of emotion. I feel a crazed laugh try to crawl up my throat, and I swallow it. And instead of running, I swing.

His reaction to my punch to his gut should’ve been satisfactory, and it usually is, but my knuckles throb with pain when I realize this kid is all bone and hard muscle. Elijah tries to punch me, but he’s weak and it lands as nothing more than a light shove. I elbow him, and he falls back into the railing. Suddenly my emotion floods back to me in a rush, and I glance over at the window separating us from the people inside to see a drunk couple watching me with a confused and suspicious look on their faces. I take a shaky, uncharacteristic bow and then turn to the forest and take off in search of a wolf, hoping never to see Elijah Grigg again.



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