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~M y s t i c B o r n~{Chapter 7}

~M y s t i c B o r n~{Chapter 7}

Posted February 23rd, 2019 by SarahJ

by Sarah J
in Ohio


Rain trickles down the car window and thunder booms overhead. Aurora sits to the left of me, in the driver’s seat. It is a strange feeling, leaving the town of Wyndow. It all feels like a dream. Patchwork quilt countryside blurs past, the only sounds I can hear are the faint guitar strings of folk music coming from the old radio. It was a comfortable quiet, a sense of understanding between us, even though we had just met. I looked over to her, and noticed the necklace resting on her collarbone. The star glowed faintly in the grey storm light. I suddenly feel how real everything is. Magic is real.


“It may sound strange, but I dreamt that someone told me they would give you that necklace,” I say, and I wonder if she thinks I’m crazy. But then again, a lot of crazy things have happened recently. “They said it would harness your powers.” She continued to gaze out on the empty road ahead, save for a few passing semi-trucks.


“Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this necklace came from a dream, considering everything that’s happened. I don’t think I have powers, though. I feel like I would know if I did.” She seems to be uncomfortable when put on the spot about this stuff. Magic. It is a new, raw side of her that I haven’t seen coming because of her usual stoic, hardened countenance. For a moment, I wonder if I had made her uncomfortable.


“It’s just, I’ve dreamed about other things, too. Like, I had a dream before the party that I was supposed to find someone like me and tell them that they had to get out because they were in danger,” I speak as I look outside my window to my right, but continue directing my voice at Aurora. “It didn’t quite turn out like that, but I have this feeling that the person they were talking about was you. And now we are supposed to find this place called Mystic Academy.” Silence is a plague in the car as we listen to the rumbling engine beneath us. I laugh nervously. “It all sounds like a fairytale, I know.”


“Oh, we need gas.” Aurora and I look to the dashboard and see that the gas dial was almost on empty. As if listening to our prayers, we roll up next to a barren gas station on the side of the country road. The engine sputters just as Aurora pulls up to the station.


“Here. I’ll fill up the tank, and you can go get some snacks.” I smile at her, wanting some time alone after the conversation we had in the car. When will she harness her power? I ask myself, surprised at my sudden urgent thoughts. It was if time was running out. Until what? I hear the station door jangle as Aurora walks inside.


I take a deep breath, and look around me. The landscape is so… lonely. The only buildings were farmhouses and barns, and this lone gas station. The cattle had been taken inside before the real storm hit. Lighting veins light up the horizon against purple-bruised clouds, summoning the thunder that follows like drums. A storm is brewing, that’s for sure. Something big is coming, not just regarding the weather.


I didn’t know if I was surprised when I saw what happened at the gas station that day.


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