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~M y s t i c B o r n~{Chapter One}

~M y s t i c B o r n~{Chapter One}

Posted February 16th, 2019 by SarahJ

by Sarah J
in Ohio

Present Day - Nell

My eyes shot open like blinds pulled taut; heart beating quickly beneath my rib cage. I looked at my alarm clock. 30 minutes early, again, I thought wearily. At least my dreams had left out the next day, and how devastated Ezra’s parents were, the look of fear and anguish on their faces, how I couldn’t say anything because of the promise I made. It was unbearable. I didn’t need a dream to remind me of the vivid memory circulating through my brain on the daily. Luna, my Shiba Inu, licked my hand affectionately to help calm my nerves.

After locating my uniform and my backpack in early morning dark of my room, I made my way downstairs into the cafe. I squinted when my eyes were exposed to the overhead lights, making out Laura wiping down the tables for the business day. She looked up at my drowsy face, frowning.

“I thought you always set your alarm for 5:45? You need to get more rest,” My mom was concerned, even though I had been getting up at this time ever since the dreams had started up at the beginning of the school year. “You could try talking to Dr. Morgan about the dreams. She might know of some ways for you to get a better night’s sleep.”

Momma, she can’t help me with this. It’s -” Ezra. It was painful to talk about. The confusion and fear I felt on that day. The feelings coming back to me every time I thought of him. I missed him, and I hated that I seemed obsessed with a boy that disappeared almost five years ago. “I can’t just stop thinking about what happened.” Momma walked over to me in her Old Moon Tearoom apron and gave me a hug.

“I know it’s hard, and I wish I could help you. My sweet Eleanor.” That was all she could say, really. I hugged her back. After loitering on one of the cafe velvet red couches with Luna, chewing on my thoughts, I reluctantly decided it was time for me to actually get ready. I got a bagel for a quick breakfast, sorted out my things, said goodbye to Luna and Momma, and headed out the door.






Mountain View Academy was an old, historic building, made of sandy bricks and embellished with numerous windows on every side of the school. Stone stairs led to the front doors, which were the average school-glass. A few students outside were rushing into the building from their morning commute, but inside was a whole different world.

Floods of grey-blazered students roamed the halls. Clusters of friends milled by the lockers talking about assignments, parties, and the hottest rumors. I kept my head down as I made my way to my locker. Please, nobody talk to me. I’m not in the mood, I thought sluggishly. My stomach twisted into a knot as I saw the most popular boy in school, Elijah Grigg, standing near my locker. I stopped in my tracks. I watched as he slipped a note into the vents of my locker, and I couldn’t help but feel a burning sensation in my cheeks. I couldn’t stand blushing so much. I waited until he was a safe distance away, and quickened my pace as I practically pushed through loitering clusters of students. Move, will you? I reached my green metallic locker and hurriedly opened the lock. Before even taking my backpack on my shoulders, I hesitantly picked up the note. A note from the governor’s son. He didn’t even know me!


Personal Invitation to the birthday party of Elijah Grigg on April 20. 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm at 436 Misty Lane.

  • E.G


The knot in my stomach unwound when I read the note. He probably gave this note to everyone in the school. As if to confirm my suspicion, I saw him walking around with his group of goonies, sliding the notes in every locker. The party was two days from now, this Friday. I wasn’t going to go. I wasn’t going to be a wannabe who would go to any popular person’s party to look cool. I looked around at the different students in the halls. Most were rich kids whose parents only allowed the highest standards of education in their family, but some, like me, were from average families who would do anything to prove themselves. I had to be successful. It was a part of me. I wanted to fulfill the opportunities that Ezra had told me about so long ago. I pushed him out of my mind. I sleepily made my way through the school day, and gladly left the building at 2:05.

I took a deep breath of relief as I walked home and leashed Luna, for I didn’t have to work my shift at the cafe until later, and I had completed my homework. The first place I went was to Grandpa’s house above the shore. It was just how it had always been; long grasses swaying in the wind around the white cottage with black shingles and red shutters, a matching color scheme to the old lighthouse next to it. Foamy waves crashed against the rocky shore, sending salty sea air up to refresh my face. I opened the red door without knocking, and saw that nobody was home. Luna barked up at the lighthouse, and then I knew.

My sneakers slapped on the stone surface of the spiral staircase up to the head of the lighthouse as I chased after Luna, who was already ahead of me. At the base of the lighthouse was a storage area of fishing poles, bait, tool boxes, and other miscellaneous items. The beautiful spring air greeted me as I walked out the arched door into the afternoon sunlight. There my grandfather stood, in his khaki shorts and unbuttoned red t-shirt revealing a white shirt underneath. His kind eyes wrinkled in a smile at the sight of my face. I stood beside him and exchanged pleasantries.

“I was invited to Elijah Grigg’s birthday party today,” I explained dully, with a undertone of disappointment. “He was handing out invitations to everyone, though, and he doesn’t even know me. He’s the governor’s son, for goodness sake!” My hands clenched the railing. Grandpa’s smile faltered with concern.

“The governor’s son? Don’t waste your time with that boy, Nell. He doesn’t deserve your company.” Grandpa gave me an encouraging smile, but his knuckles were white against the lighthouse railing.

“It’s just that I feel like I should take as many opportunities as I can, but I don’t know if this is a good one,” I murmured.

“No. It’s not,” Grandpa sternly stated. “I promise you, that boy is nothing but trouble.” He continued as he saw my desperate face staring out onto the ocean. “I know you feel alone, Nell. The best people can’t be found at first glance. Once you dig a little deeper, you will find diamonds in the ruff.” Luna nuzzled me affectionately as we stood in silence, the only noise being the ocean waves against the shore.





Nell. Thank God this is working.

I’ve been trying to reach you. I’m sorry about the dreams. Those are side effects of this telepathic communication I’ve been practicing. It’s been so long, and I’m sorry I haven’t contacted you sooner. But listen;

There is going to be someone by the name of Elijah Grigg - well he might have already done this - but he will ask you to go to his birthday party two days from now.

I have reasons to believe that someone like you will be there, and you will be in danger. You have to go, and find them. Tell them to get out and go with them.

I’m losing connection. This is probably confusing but please try. Your lives are at stake.





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