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The Margarita-Chapter 1

The Margarita-Chapter 1

Posted July 8th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

Chapter 1: Marina

"Flight 218, departing from Gate C boarding now."

I stand up in my small white sweater and black jeans. It's very cold in Los Angeles, around 7:30 pm. The sunset is creeping up into the sky and making itself known, streaming with a seemingly endless swarm of blue, pink, purple, orange, and who knows what else. I fluff up my dark, curly hair as I grab my luggage and say, "Mira, you ready to go?" Mira looks up, her blonde hair tied into two buns.

She's wearing a blue shirt from her first year of college under a white cardigan, and some pink shorts. All her clothes were in the laundry, and somehow those clothes still fit her, so she just wore those. Her smile creased from the itchiness on the shirt. "Who isn't ready?" she asked, forcing a smile. "Because tell them 'they need to be!'" I giggle. Mira's always been my best friend, and now that I've saved up all my money, I'm ready to go to El Paso with her.

Ah. Summer vacation off of college is the best. Even though we don't act like college students.

We shamble into the line of guests wanting to board the plane. I hear the ching-cling noises of passports being checked. Mira and I have got ours, so we should be safe for now. I hear the noise of the plane outside. Damn. It's really loud, and we're not even in it yet. A friendly-looking woman in blue attire says, "Hi! Got your passports?" I pull mine out of my sweater pocket.

The woman examines the passport, and the woman says, "Great! Go on ahead," giving the passport back to me. I suddenly say, "Wait! That's my friend, Mira." The woman in blue attire talks to her, while I inch closer yet closer to the gray corridor leading to the plane. Mira's passport is accepted, and we both put our passports in our pockets. My feet make clacks as I walk down it.

Mira gives me a big smile as we're walking and make a left. I hear the engines roaring from the jet of the plane as it's placed up to the suction of the corridor. The door is open, wide open. I have to kind of duck to get under it, but the door's surprisingly small for us. It feels like I'm being squished. "Hello, welcome," a woman says next to the drink counter of apple juice and other juices.

We shuffle into the aisle of people sitting. I hear the intercom saying, "Hello, folks. Welcome to American Airlines, and we will be boarding from Los Angeles, California, to El Paso, Texas, soon. Find your seats, and have a nice trip." Luckily, we find two seats for us. "Y'know what, just because I'm nice, I'll let you have the window seat," Mira chuckles. I smile. "Sweet. Thanks."

I peep my head outside, and the colors of pink, blue and purple have become even brighter, and with a few shades of black creeping in as well, like a painting. Suddenly, the screen on our seats whirrs to live, as the intercom says, "Please look at the screens on your seats to follow the procedure of what to do on your trip, when you've landed, and what to do in a crisis or crash landing."

The video somehow looks crappier than other videos that are basically "what-to-do-when-something-happens-blah-blah-blah." I know what to do, video. You're not the boss. Mira gives the video the stink-eye as well. When our screens turn off, the intercom says again, "All right, now that the video is over, buckle in your seatbelts, and let's get this show on the road. Again, thanks for choosing American Airlines."

As soon as the intercom goes off, I hear the doors closing with a thunk. I decide to keep my window up until Mira shuts it down. I then see the suction of the plane closing back, and back, and back. Somehow, the sounds of the plane made me somewhat sleepy. "Want your blanket?" Mira asks. "No thanks," I lie. "I'm good." Mira chuckles. "Suit yourself." She relaxes on the seat.

I feel the plane begin to move. It's not insanely fast yet, but it is kind of fast for a startup. It turns right. Then left. Right. Then left. Right. Left. It's basically a cycle. I yawn loudly, almost as loudly as Mira did it. "The poor thing's already worn out," Mira chuckles. "All right. I'll sleep with you." I chuckle myself. "We're not in the air," I say. "We're still on the ground. Hehe."

Mira points outside. We are getting faster.

"Oh, boy!!" Mira yell-screams.

It's higher.

And higher.

And we're off the ground.

I look at Mira with amazement. "We're flying!" I whisper. We're pointing almost towards the sky, that I almost feel kind of awkward. "Need to go to the restroom already?" Mira asks, giggling. "Nope," I reply. "We can't even go. We have to stay in our seats." Mira replies, "I'm just foolin' ya." I give her a smile, and before long, the flying sensation begins to fade away. I'm so tired that-




"Wake up."

I'm too tired to wake up.

"Hey, Marina...wake up."

"Five more minutes," I reply.

"We're in El Paso."

I shoot awake, and open my window. There we are-in El Paso. It's night there, around 9:40. We need to get our rental car and our hotel, and quick. "As you can see, passengers," the intercom says, "We have arrived in El Paso." Cheers all around. Cheers all over. It hurts my ears. "Don't worry," Mira says, comforting me. "We'll be out of here soon." We spin in the sky, like a bird.

All right.

Here comes the drop that hurts my back. We see the El Paso International Airport in view, so I can tell we're about to land. The plane's getting closer to the ground, and closer. Almost at full speed, we hit the ground. "AGH!" I scream as I jerk up, along with Mira. "It's okay," she warns. "That'll hopefully be the last time he does this. We'll get back to Los Angeles, safe and sound. I promise."

I nod at Mira.

Before soon, we're leaving the plane. I get my luggage off the conveyor above us, followed by Mira. "You go first," she says. I go first, under the tight opening, and go into the silver corridor again. We exit and shuffle out into the boarding place. "Wow," I say. "That was a ride." Mira giggles. "Yep. Let's go and get our car so we can check into the hotel and go to sleep."

We don't have to take a bus to the car rental, we can walk. As soon as we exit the sliding doors of the airport, we breathe the El Paso air. It's really muggy, and I have a feeling I'll need to maintain my curls a bunch during our seven days here. "So, El Paso?" Mira asks. I give her anxious look. "Yep. El Paso." We walk over to the car rental center, and enter an area similar to the airport, but only with the plane flight-area you'd be checking into.

We would be getting an Acura car for rental. "Wait here," Mira says. "I'm going to go ask the woman right here." After a little while, I am called up to the front along with Mira to go be told something. The woman up front says, "Please take the elevator to the fourth floor. All the Acura cars are there. You could pick out any car of your choosing." Dragging our luggage, we shuffle into the elevator.

"So, what do we do?" Mira asks. I can tell she knows, but she's asking me to see if I know. Clever girl. I press the button to the fourth floor, and thank god, no elevator music. We go up, and then the elevator doors open to reveal a whole lot of cars. "Wow!" Mira yells. We go to the checkpoint, where the man there walks with us to see the car we'll be wanting to deal with.

We end up picking the blue car, and unload our luggages into there. As we begin driving out of the airport grounds, Mira says, "Tired?" I reply, "You don't know the half of it." Mira chuckles. We take a right, and-I feel sleepy all over again. It's like a curse-but not really a curse-latching onto me and making me this tired. I yawn, and doze off, hoping the trip won't be too long.


I feel a jerk on my right shoulder.

"Marina. We're here."

I wake up. We're in the parking lot of a building, and surprisingly, it's quite dark, even with the lights illuminating it. "Well, we should go out," I say. "That's what we planned to do," Mira replies. "C'mon. Let's go. Hehe." We get out of the blue car, and walk through the parking lot to find an entrance to the hotel. However, there are none. "Ugh," I say. "How are we gonna get in?"

Mira says, "We take the stairs. Let's go!" We hurry down the huge stairwell, carrying our luggages, and reach the entrance of the parking lot. Cars zoom by. "Uh, pretty nice view?" I ask. "We need to get inside the hotel," Mira says. I gasp. "You don't like my jokes anymore," I pout playfully. "Uh, I do!" Mira says. "It's just...uh...let's go." We walk into the hotel, and as soon as we reach it, we're greeted by the lobby.

"Ooh, nice," Mira says. "Look at these machines." They just read, "CHECK IN" word to word. I walk over to one, and press the button underneath it. "Rest on one of the couches," I say to Mira. "I'll check us in." I press, "start" and the process begins. After a few minutes, (it's quick) I'm done and have our room card in hand. I walk over to the couch Mira's sitting on. "We're ready," I say. "Let's go."

We get up from our seats. Our room is on the first floor, so it shouldn't be hard to get to. We walk down a corridor of rooms, and finally meet with one labeled, "109." It matches our key, so we go inside. Inside of the room are two beds facing a TV on the right side of the room, with a window outside, and a closet. I get my sweater and chuck it on the bed, as well as Mira chucking her white cardigan.

"We need to go to bed," I say. "I'm going to get my pajamas." I grab my luggage, and realize then-there's no bathroom in our rooms. "Mira!" I yell. "There's no bathroom, but there's a shower!" Mira giggles. "So, you found out, eh? The bathroom's right across from this room." I open the door, whilst holding my nightgown, and stumble into the bathroom. Surprisingly, it's very clean for a public bathroom.

I take off my white polo and black jeans, and put on my purple nightgown. I yawn as I walk out and knock on the door. I begin to yell, "Mira! I'm done, let me in!" She opens the door and says, "Oof. Sorry. Hi. I got two waters!" I look unencouragingly at them. "Woo. Water." Mira's smile fades. "Taste it. It's good!" She presses the bottle up to my lips without a chance to speak.

I gulp in the water. "That...tastes good, actually," I reply. Mira squeals. "I knew that it would be good. But we have to go to bed now, so we'll have more in the morning, okay?" I nod. "Okay." I pull up my white sheets. "Good night, Mira," I say. "Good night, Marina," she replies. I drift off asleep, hoping to have a good morning, as well as a good night.

(author's note: this is an alternate universe where more hotels r in el paso and gambling is allowed. btw the margarita is NOT A REAL HOTEL so probably don't look it up. baiii)

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