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The Margarita-Chapter 2

The Margarita-Chapter 2

Posted July 18th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in Inkopolis (jk, it's Texas.)

Chapter 2: Mira

It's a bright morning in El Paso. I wake up with a giant yawn, and realize that we're not in Los Angeles. Oh well. I'm the excited one out of the group, so I've gotta keep that persona. Right? I climb out of bed and look at the clock that reads 7:30 am. I groan a little, but with a playful smile. I see Marina's face with little blemishes, so it's certain she's asleep and not dead at all.

God, why do I even have that thought?

I force a smile, and say, "Wakey, wakey, eggs and-" I give her a light smack on her butt- "Bakey!" Almost on chime, Marina wakes up with a shocked "Holy crap!" as I rush back to bed, hide under the covers and pretend I'm asleep. Marina sure can't hear me, but I'm snickering under my blanket. However, Marina's not so kind. She knows that I'm the one that did this. She yells, "Damn you, Mira!"

I shoot up and say, "What? Why so grumpy?" with a playful frown. She gives me the death glare-and I can feel genuine beads of sweat forming on my face. Eventually, I can tell that Marina's not keeping up the act of being all doom and gloom. "Well, I'll forgive you since we're friends," she says with a smile. "What time is it?" I point at the clock. "7:30." Marina yells, "Oh. We've gotta go to breakfast."

I ask, "Is there any breakfast here?" Marina replies, "Yeah, but it's really crappy. Let's just go to the Dennys not far from us." I nod. Dennys sounds good. "Well, we've gotta get ready. We've got, like, 6 days in El Paso. Let's make the most of it, okay?" Marina nods. We get out of bed, and Marina starts making hers with the quickest hands I've ever seen in my entire life.

"Woah," I quietly say. "You're fast." Marina's fierce face turns into a happy one. "Aw, thanks," she says. "Now I'm done. Let's get in our clothes." I look through my luggage, and open it to find-

Only my swimsuit and fancy clothes.

And my normal clothes.

"What the hell?!" I scream.

"What's wrong?" Marina asks.

"My clothes are all gone!"

Marina yells at me, "I THOUGHT YOU HAD EVERYTHING!"

"I'm sorry, I just-"

"Sorry doesn't cut it." Marina begins digging through her suitcase, to find-nothing either. "We both forgot ours," she says. "Let's just put on the same clothes from yesterday." I don't feel good at all, like seriously. What idiot just forgets her clothes blandly? Me. I put on my ugly college outfit and my cardigan, with my poofy pink shorts. I look so mismatched it's stupid.

I smile at myself in the mirror, and then smile at Marina who's already ready. "Let's go," she says. She presses the room card to the room, and it opens with a click. We walk down the hallway to the front lobby, and exit the hotel, going into the parking lot. We walk to our rental car, and get in. We zoom out of the parking lot, and get ready to go to Dennys. I'm starving anyways.


Finally, we get to Dennys. Marina hasn't really slept last night, so I bet she'll be tired when I wake her up. "Hey, Marina," I say, playfully poking her. She wakes up with a jolt. "Oh! We're here. Let's go in." We get out of the car and walk into the Dennys. As soon as we enter, there's a claw machine. I give Marina the puppy eyes, and she says, "No, Mira, we basically already blew our money on this trip!"

I playfully whine and we sit down on the seats. There's not many people at Dennys, so that gives us good time. A woman with a smile walks up and says, "Oh, hi! Welcome to Dennys. Follow me." We walk to our table, and the lady passes out the menus. I choose on a simple coffee and omolette. Marina, however, gets a little pancake with milk. We finish down our drinks in record time.

I'm beginning to become more like my friend.


Before soon, our foods are passed out. My omolette looks like the most delicious thing ever-the prime example of a rare delicacy. Marina's digging into her pancake. "Mmm! D'lish!" she screams. I laugh. She looks extra silly when eating a pancake, and although we're adults, we're still children at the same time. This is El Paso. Our time to unwind. Relax in the world. Yes.

After we finish, we leave Dennys and go back to the hotel room with nothing else to do. I turn on the TV to a flash of the El Paso weather. "That's boring," Marina says. "Wanna go to the pool?" I hadn't thought of that. I was still a little stressed from this morning-so yes, we could go to the pool. "Yeah, we can go," I reply. "I really don't see why we shouldn't. Let's go!"

And for the first time in a while, Marina smiled.

We get into our swimsuits, and look at a map of the area. "So, where's the pool?" I ask. Marina replies, "Oh, it's in the middle of both towers. We're in the East Tower, so it's like in the...Central Tower or something..." I giggle. There's no Central Tower, but I get her point. Marina puts the key card to the door, and instead of going into the parking lot we walk to our left and see the pool almost immediately.

It's connected to both towers-why didn't I think of going there? Marina sighs. "Let's go in from the tower." We go in from the East Tower and head to the pool. It's a cool morning, adding the relaxing feeling to the area. We set up camp at some nearby seats and begin to float in the pool. It is indeed the life for me. Marina gets in the pool, and floats with me. "This fun yet?"

I reply, "Yeah! Very fun!" It's when I look to the side do I see a brunette and blonde girl to my side. The brunette looks to be about 11/12, and the blondie looks to be about 15/16. I can't give them a short wave, but I can smile at them. I hear a splash, most likely the girl in the water. I look up at the sky and try not to think about how cold the water is, but I can't resist myself.

And then...

I heard splashing.

The girl was almost completely upside down.

She was drowning.

"Oh, crap!" the blondie yelled. "I can't swim!" I swam through the waters, yelling, "I got her, I got her!" I took hold of her in a safe way, as to not bring any harm, and put her on surface. She was choking, and Marina was behind me, carefully helping her. The blondie's face was so worried it made me want to cry. The girl suddenly shot awake, and said, "What happened?"

The blondie rushed to the brunette's side. "Oh, Marie!" she exclaimed. "I'm so glad you're safe." She looked up to me. "You saved my sister! Thank you so much." I giggled. "Think nothing of it." The blondie replied, "My name's Gemma, by the way. There's also a patio near this pool. We can hang out there tomorrow, if you want." I nod. "We'll go!" Gemma nods, hugging Marie, as they walk away.

I suddenly yell, "wait!" Gemma looks back. "What's your room?" Gemma replies, "It's in the East Tower, last door in the hallway. If you're near the area, then you'll always be able to come!" She walks away again.

I may have not walked out of there with riches...

or with rings...

But I walked out of there with my best friend Marina

and my two new friends

Gemma and Marie.

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