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by ~~Calla~~
in In ur brain




    I’m Eve, born from Catta and Annabelle in a small town on the border of the humongous city, Rosenville. Sounds nice and sweet right? Haha, well that’s where you went wrong.

    The moment I was born I was unloved, uncared for. Well, yes, they gave me the occasional bottle, but just enough for me to live, and when they were home I cried like a maniac. I knew that when they came home they would hurt me due to their drunkenness. They would always come home, drunk, slamming on the walls, breaking windows and glass, and then they would wake up with no memory of the last night.

    Sometimes they would even call the police after seeing the cuts on me and the broken windows, suspecting that someone might have broken in, but no one did. I knew that, and if I could’ve talked at that time, I would have told the police, told them everything. But I didn’t, I couldn’t.

    Anyways, as I grew older, this process continued but grew worse. I learned to do everything around the house when I was around six years old. I know impossible, right? No, not really. Believe me; if you were in my shoes, you would know how to do everything to.


    The day I turned fourteen ( I know, I skipped 8 years but same old story as above. Yawn.), my parents were gone, as usual. I made myself a small cake in celebration then went out to lunch at a restaurant in the city with my so called “parents” money. Yes, I stole it, but after everything, I would say they owe me. Don’t you agree? I thought you would.

    After lunch I made my way home and as soon as I arrived, of course, my parents stormed out of the house with my dad holding a long, black, leather belt.

    “Where’s my money!” Catta screamed, grabbing both ends of the belt in one hand and whipping at the air in my direction.

    I gulped but admitted, “I spent it. If you have forgotten, it is my birthday. Ring a bell?” Oh yes, I had learned to talk back to my parents way back when, as soon as I could talk. I grinned to myself but cringed at what my father said next.

    “Freaks like you don’t deserve birthdays!” Annabelle yelled, as Catta spun me around so my back faced him. Seconds later, I felt the painful sting of leather against my back over and over again. I whimpered, too scared and shocked to scream or put up any resistance.

    Not soon enough, the belt against my back ended abruptly and I crumbled to the ground in a whimpering ball of tears.

    “Shut up!” My mom cried, and minutes later I felt myself being dumped in the back of my parent’s old, rusty truck. As they drove on I lay in a pool of blood and tears looking up to see towering trees through my blurry, tear filled eyes. A forest, why were they taking me into a forest?

    What seemed like hours later, we apparently arrived at our destination. The car stopped abruptly, sending me sliding forward and into a wall. I cried out in pain, just as the two car doors of the truck slammed shut. I heard footsteps against the leaves and caught a glimpse of Catta carrying a long metal bar. Immediately, I thought of what he was going to do for me. Before I decided the metal pole hit my head. Black dots swarmed my eyes until they went completely black and I fell unconscious.


    I woke up in an uncomfortable nest of twigs and rocky ground, with no truck in sight. Well, you might think I would cry or be very upset…. if you hadn’t read the above. Instead, I rejoiced, and as I danced around in stiff circles due to my back, singing a victory song. As I bounced up and down, I saw a patch of blue buried beneath some crinkly leaves. What in the world?

    I reached down and pulled the blue patch from the leaves. A backpack! But why had they left me anything? Were they taking pity on me since it was my birthday? Nah, I doubted it.

    I opened the biggest pocket of the backpack revealing a map of Moria. Moria was the continent we live on if you didn’t already know that. I reached in again and pulled out an oversized water bottle and a few packs of crackers.

    Next, I opened the smaller pocket and change and bills poured onto the dirt and twigs. They were just too generous. Pfh, yeah generous enough to whip me, knock me unconscious, and dump me in the middle of nowhere. Not even a compass! I guess I should be grateful for what they give me. Oh well.

    I put all the money back in the pocket and closed the pockets. Swinging it over my back, I stood, looking around to see if they left anything else. And they did! I jumped for joy as I saw my bow and the arrows I use to always carry around resting half buried in some dirt. Throwing my backpack down, I crouched, inspecting the condition of my much loved bow and arrows. I nodded. Good condition.

    Ready to track on, I swung my backpack over one of my shoulders and the quiver over the other, carrying the bow. Now my problem is which direction to go. I looked at my surroundings. Tall evergreen trees surrounded me and provided a dark canopy from the sun, keeping the air below them cool. The ground was mostly dirt and rocks with weeds poking up here and there. It would be like this for miles.

    Shrugging and knowing that I would know reach civilization eventually in all directions, I started walking on.

    Days passed with miles of trees and dirt. My water and food supplies were getting quite low and I had begun to ration it, hoping that a town would appear eventually. I could catch my own meat but I hated thinking about skinning an animal, or killing it in the first place.

    Suddenly, I began to hear a faint whooshing sound. The sound a river makes- wait, river? I ran in the direction of the sound excitedly, and seconds later appeared at the edge of it. I dropped my backpack then jumped into the cold, brisk water and gulped in as much water as possible.

    It felt wonderful, tasted wonderful, and the most wonderful thing yet, if you follow a river downstream, you’ll end up finding civilization. Everyone in my small, old town use to say that, knowing that towns are usually built next to a river.

    I climbed on shore, ringing out my clothes and hair, then continued walking, this time downstream.

    Another day passed of walking and sleeping, but I still trudged on. By midday the trees became sparser and the forest opened up to a wide valley full of golden wheat flowing in the breeze. I looked closer, and with much excitement realized there was a large, red building up ahead. “Yes!” I cried, running towards it.

    As I grew closer, I could see a fence holding back about a hundred horses, a huge barn and a small house next to it. That’s when my thoughts began. If I could get a horse I could travel faster and much easier. Though one problem…. where the heck am I going?

    Moments later I arrived at the barns pure white fence. The horses were everywhere, but I had my eyes on a midnight black horse. Well, I guess I should have my eyes on it considering it’s running straight towards me. My eyes quickly widened and I stepped back just as it hit the fence. Luckily the fence stopped the horse and I stepped slowly forward again, slowly reaching out my hand. The horse quickly nuzzled my hand just as I heard a voice.

    “She sure does like you.”

    “What?” I said, spinning on my heels towards the voice. A man watched me.  He had a cowboy hat on his head and normal clothes for a farmer. A white beard poked from his chin mixed in with some grey stubble.

    “Sorry, I was just passing by and-“I stuttered in a rush, stepping away from the fence and apparently maddening the horse by leaving, who kept trying to reach her head over the fence to nuzzle me.

    “Don’t you dare say sorry! I haven’t had a customer in years, its fine! This horse really does like you, I suggest her.” He said, petting the horse’s nose.

    I smiled, saying, “I’ll take her! How much will she be?”

    “I’ll say 20 silvers.” He said, rubbing his chin.

    “You got it!” I said, reaching back into my pocket and pulling out twenty silvers. I handed it to the man who slipped it in his pocket. He took out a harness and saddle and slid them on to the horse, then led her out and handed the reins to me.

    I mounted the horse, saying, “Thank you sir.” Then I rode off.


    After riding for around an hour, I decided we would go to the closest village and buy supplies. Then we would go and set up camp. I looked at my surroundings. To my left were fields of grass and wheat and on my right was a beautiful willow tree. The branches reminded me of my new horse’s hair. Curly was it? I don’t exactly know the similarities.

    Willow. Hmm. Sound like a great name for a horse! “Do you like the name Willow? Huh?” I said enthusiastically, ruffling Willows beautiful, flowing black hair. She neighed joyfully. I’ll take that as a yes.

    All I can say is more riding, more riding, and more riding, and then we ended up in a city. We trotted along the dirt streets that swarmed with shopaholics who swerved into different shops that lined the street. My mouth formed the word, wow. This is one of the only times I’ve been in an actual city. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. You lived right by a city your entire stinking life and you never went to it?! I know, I know. I used to buy all my supplies in our small town, nowhere else. Most of the time I spent at home hiding in a closet, so there you go, there’s your answer.

    We continued throughout the city and when I saw a large market, we stopped. I jumped off Willow and tied her to a post. “Sorry girl! I’ll come get you soon!” I really needed to get a life. Is this what it’s come to? Talking to horses? As you can see I’m not a very social person.

    I took off into the crowds, stopping at different shops tucked inside of tents to buy food, water; you know all the things you need to survive?

    What seemed like many hours later, I broke away from the mob of people wandering the streets and walked out to Willow with bags under my eyes from exhaustion and bags in my hands, from well, you know, shopping. I climbed on to her back, taking her reins in one hand and all of my purchases in the other. We quickly rode to a close patch of woods, traveling deep inside of it, and then settled down for sleep. What a wonderful birthday, I thought before drifting into my second world of dreams.



HOPE YOU LIKED IT!!!! CC much appreciated. This is one of the three chapters I'm posting and then I won't post anymore so....ENJOY! And thanks for reading! =D


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Whoa.... I like it! I LOVE


I like it! I LOVE IT!

You must tell me what happens next or... or... prepare to be... yeah, I got nothing.


SO.... yeah. POST MORE SOON!!!


Posted by Bookworm (Jesse) on Sun, 10/09/2011 - 12:37
Nice job! CC- this was

Nice job!

CC- this was really rushed. i felt like whoa she got her horse??? Also, more description.

Once you edit this, this will be awesome!
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Posted by Confuzzled on Thu, 08/16/2012 - 15:56
I think this is a good

I think this is a good start. The pace is good, the description is nice and I like the style you write in.

There were a few parts that I thought could be changed, though:

I thought a few of the word choices weren't as good as they could be: "humungous", "drunkenness" (I don't think that's a word) etc. (:

 The day I turned fourteen ( I know, I skipped 8 years but same old story as above. Yawn.), my parents were gone, as usual. I made myself a small cake in celebration then went out to lunch at a restaurant in the city with my so called “parents” money. Yes, I stole it, but after everything, I would say they owe me. Don’t you agree? I thought you would.

I don't think that sentence is necessary. It doesn't sound right to me :P

I csn't wait to see where this goes! :D

- Moose :D -

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Posted by Lauren (Moose) on Sun, 08/19/2012 - 07:29
Rating: 4.99 stars out of

Rating: 4.99 stars out of five.
I think that you could make the intro a bit longer and make it clearer in the beginning that it's not on earth.

Posted by Hermione on Thu, 01/03/2013 - 14:09

DO.  MORE.  THAN.  THREE.  CHAPTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Posted by Nyan Cat on Thu, 02/11/2016 - 18:12

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