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Meet The Sixteen

Meet The Sixteen

Posted October 29th, 2020 by Gracithe1andonly

by Tía Snow
in denial that I'm in college


The numbers/personalities are really hard to keep straight, so here's a reference sheet, including the names they'll obtain later and a few memes that reveal their personalities!








-leader boy


-has everyone’s memories (but may lack understanding of who they have become.)

-cuddle level 5

-one smooth guy 

-red picnic blanket cape

-dress pants

-torn and filthy dress shirt 






-talks a lot 

-helps you with ur emotional baggage 

-likes doing nothing

-cuddle level 8

-original uniform minus tie and very filthy 

-later wears blue vest, white Oxford, and black pants 




-weirdly loyal to Amanda

-way more loyal to 50 tho

-wearing 50’s jacket and pink short shorts 

-later wears grey sweats and black hoodie everywhere 

-cauterizes wounds while glaring at the wounded

-only talks in order to throw shade 

-“um 36 killed the kitten”

-cuddle level 3





-ties 49’s tie around his head 

-ditched his jacket 

-shirt only has one sleeve 

-later wears a cream hoodie with jeans 

-‘yes im psychologically fit for duty’




-feels useless and hates it

-just wants to be called a good boy 

-cuddle level 6

-snow+dark means panik





-can only move sometimes

-when he can, crawls

-crawls faster than he walks

-probably bleeding

-bandaged with 40’s sleeve and 50’s tie

-torn and ragged pants. does not allow shirt. 

-has a warm blankie tho ?


-ends up in overalls with a long blue shirt 


-cuddle level 9

-can only talk sometimes 

-wants out. needs out. help him





-has one arm and one leg. 

-not very mobile

-rides in a basket on Colton’s back 

-a disarming sense of humor

-respects all life 

-died painfully to save a kitten

-compassionate and lucid

-the incarnation of post-traumatic growth

-wearing an oversized scavenged t-shirt 

-continues wearing an oversized shirt but adds khakis later 

-cuddle level 8 if you don’t mind the lack of limbs





-can move, but can’t always control said movement 

-only speaks gibberish. communicates by gestures 

-pure innocent child. lays in the grass and likes how tree trunks feel on his hands

-goes nude except when 30 forces a tee shirt and sweatpants on him 

-only really happy when 30 is with him

-cuddle level 5 except for 30 for whom is 10




-his traumatic death indirectly led to Coronet’s.

-much irrational guilt

-speaking to coronet: shh hmm yes little one look at the pretty lights. yes shh hmm 

-to everyone else: SHUT UP

-cuddle level 1 except for 31 for whom is 10

-only here for 31, or so he thinks 

-tore the sleeves off his jacket (turned it inside-out) and shirt. shortened pants. 

-capris and tank tops once can buy clothes 

-hums to self and Coronet often 





-has an exposed crushed chest. 

-almost always lucid but goes catatonic on bad days

-loves fire. wishes we could have more

-cuddle level 1. he loves his twins but hugs are not his thing

-crabby old man encouraging kids to fight 

-would kill all humans if possible 

-always bundled in blanket, has large sweatpants underneath 

-once repaired, continues to wear sweatpants but turns his blanket into a socially acceptable sweatshirt 




-resolved identity troubles before he died

-master at recovering memories

-last part of the ‘save the child’ squad 

-all his successors admire him

-infinite resignation


-bullets permanently damaged his system—he can’t move his legs

-ditches uniform for scavenged green raincoat and jeans 

-keeps the jeans, wears flannels later 

-cuddle level 8




-can’t bear to do repairs and see ur thirium pump

-stays away from 27 

-found a turtleneck. wears it instead of jacket and shirt

-helped save an android kid 

-loves kids 

-very sweet and considerate


-cuddle level 8




-not touchy but otherwise very nice

-cuddle level 4

-ditches jacket for large thick trench coat found in street with buttons and zipper 

-helped save an android kid 

-pretty much only communicates in facial expressions

-lets Law and Logan speak for him 




-the idea guy

-decided to save an android kid 

-hates himself for what happened to the rest of the ‘save the kid’ squad 

-refuses to talk about it 

-red sweatshirt 

-cuddle level 9





-wants to see Cyberlife burn

-loves 12 more than life 

-angst and rage but because he cares so much

-cuddle level 8 with those who forgive him

-cuddle level 10 with 12 

-permanent scowl

-blazer and sweatpants. no shirt 

-later: in a blazer with jeans and tee shirt 





-likes strangers

-still loves 13 but 

-still feels betrayed but

-doesn’t want to hurt 13 so doesn’t talk about it 

-champ at calming the others down from bad memory loops

-35 the support squad’s support squad 

-loved and trusted by all 

-blanket cape over his uniform, bandana over forehead 

-later wears a blue hoodie with khaki shorts 

-cuddle level 9 




-cuddle level 10 

-coherent, bodily whole, but childish

-hearing gunshots causes him to freeze 

-was floored to wake up to loads of duplicates of himself

-still sort of thinks of them as himself

-hugged Morales

-believes in humanity

-thinks humans can help 

-kept his uniform

-deactivates his skin sometimes

-ends up wearing a green cardigan with denim shorts 




Can I copy your homework?


“I’ll help you with it!”


Tuft, Conifer, Stel, Lane, Law 


“Yeah sure”


Left, Chord 


“bold of you to assume i did the homework”


Chase, Ash 


“lol nope”




“wait we had homework??”


Colton, Exodus, Coronet, Bramble, Logan


*read 5:55 pm*






*swears constantly*




*swears occasionally*


Colton, Chase, Carson, Law, Lane ?


*hasn’t sworn but can*


Clove, Conifer, Stel, Left, Chord 


*legally not allowed to swear* 


Bramble, Tuft, Coronet, Exodus, Logan 



Knows all the lyrics to Knights of the Black Death


-Ash, Chase, Chord, Logan, Bramble 


Doesn’t mind Knights of the Black Death


-Tuft, Conifer, Left, Law


Pretends to hate Knights of the Black Death


-Colton, Clove 


Actually hates Knights of the Black Death


-Carson, Stel, Lane


Will have a panic attack if you play Knights of the Black Death


-Coronet, Exodus 


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