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Metamorphosis - UPDATED

Metamorphosis - UPDATED

Posted May 16th, 2021 by Olivinat

by Ryoko
in the Middle of Nowhere (Wisconsin)


            This is a story of Carter. Carter is the son of King Devastator the third. His full name is Carter Johnson Devastator the Second because his mom was Sara Johnson. He is a prince. Unfortunately, when he was one and a half his mom died, and his father was de-kinged. His position was taken away and he fled, leaving young Carter at the home of a farmer. This is where the story picks up. Carter’s adopted father knew he was the prince. He made sure Carter knew that he was adopted. Carter went to school. One day when Carter was twelve, he was going to school, and he almost ran into a boy. The boy spun around. He was John, the class bully. He literally picked up Carter.

            “What’s you name shrimp?” he asked in a sneery voice.

            “Carter Johnson.” Carter whispered. He had no desire to let John know that he was the prince.

            “That can’t be your full name,” he shouted, waving Carter about, “What is your full name?”

            The bell rang. John didn’t let Carter go. Carter started to squirm.

            “What’s the name, shrimp?” John shouted.

            “Carter Johnson…”

            “Full name!!” John screamed.

            “Carter Johnson…” Carter pulled away and punched John right in the nose.

            Carter knew that fighting was a bad thing, but he had to get away.

            John dropped him and held his face. Carter bolted inside. They had been all alone outside. He calmed himself down and walked into his first class.

            After school Carter decided to walk home, because he didn’t want to have to face John on the bus. It was a long walk but when Carter got to his block, he saw John waiting for him outside of his house. Luckily, John had not seen Carter. Carter ran around and entered through the back. He snuck to the door and locked it. He breathed a sigh of relief. Then he snuck to his room. John must have noticed Carter through the stair window. He ran up to the door and began to knock. When no one answered, he ran around to Carter’s window.

He began yelling up to the window, “Carter, get down here!”

Carter silently crawled under his bed.

After he heard John stomp away, he rolled out and went downstairs. He silently made some dinner, ate it, and went to bed.

In his dream, he heard a noise as he was walking through a forest. He followed it and came to a clearing. In the middle of the clearing stood his father. Carter was stunned and, without saying anything, just ran and hugged him. His father hugged him and then pulled Carter back so he could stare into his blue eyes.

“Carter.” His father whispered, “Carter, you are different.”

“I know. I am a prince!” Carter frowned.

“Carter,” The king asked, “May I tell you a story?”

“Sure.” Carter answered and sat down on a rock.

“Once upon a time, in a kingdom far-far away,” his father began, “There lived a king. This king was so very greedy. He took all the people’s money away in taxes until they lived like animals. But the king still wanted more. The people would say, ‘One day, the king will suffer for his cruelty to us.’ But the king lived on three more years. Then one day the king was thinking of any more ways to get what he wanted. Suddenly, he remembered a book that he had read. It had said, ‘If anyone should find the gems of Stonehenge, they will receive a great power. This was back in the day when Stonehenge not known by anyone. Luckily, the king knew where it was. He snuck off in the night to get the power. When he got to Stonehenge, he began to look around. He found a beautiful red ruby that shown like the sun and was polished to perfection. It was embedded into the rock. He easily pulled it out. Hours later he found an emerald as green as the grass and was also polished to perfection underneath a small rock. As the sun rose, he found a diamond as blue as the sky and as shiny and polished as ever. He looked in to book again. It said, ‘once you have found all three, stack them into a pillar shape.’ He did this and found himself being lifted. Once he was set down, he saw that the rocks were gone. He went home and rested. The next morning, he found he was a deer. He had the ability to change into animals! Unfortunately, just days later his son was born, and when he was one day old, the king died. The boy became king. Unnoticeably, the boy had the powers. It was passed down through the generations, until a Prince named Carter Johnson Devastator got it.”

“Wait, me?” Carter asked in disbelief.

“Yes you.” His father confirmed, “Use it well.

Then Carter woke up.

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