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Middle School Drama Chapter 12 ---Aaron---

Middle School Drama Chapter 12 ---Aaron---

Posted April 10th, 2012 by Ravie

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by ~Raven~
in Ontario



      Five minutes. Five minutes was all the time I had until I mounted my bike, rode to Ashlee's house, watched a movie with her, and then kissed her. My heart was beating faster then ever, like it always did when I was nervous. Or excited. Or scared. Or feeling like I wanted to jump around my room in a kind of excited/ nervous / scared way. Right now, I was feeling all of these things. Rocking back and forth on the balls of my feet, I watched the time on my watch. 6:09:57.  6:09:58.  6:09:59.   6:10:00.

      Oh, whatever. I couldn't stand waiting here alone. I might as well start biking and get there a bit early. We had decided to bike to the movies, because it didn't pollute, we didn't have to beg our parents for a ride, and, well, we didn't have to search for conversation starters while we were biking. I put on my helmet (my mom would kill me if I didn't wear one), swung my legs over the bike, and pushed off. I glided down the driveway and smoothly pulled on to the road.

      Within a few minutes I was at Ashlee's house. This was the first time seeing her after the quick hug I had given her at school. I knew that a hug wasn't part of the dare, but it would seem a bit weird if I kissed her just out of the blue. I needed to kind of... warm up to her a bit.

      A woman who I assumed was Ashlee's mom answered the door. She was pretty and athletically built, just like Ashlee. She smiled at me.

     "Ashlee will be down in a minute, honey. You are cute, just like Ashlee's friend sa--"

     "Mo-m. Don't say stuff like that," I heard Ashlee moan from behind her. "People don't like being told they're cute by people your age."

     "Sorry, sunshine. Well, I'll see you guys in a few hours. Don't stay out to late." She winked at us and closed the door.

     "Sorry about her. My mom thinks that she's being cool when she says stuff like that. When she's actually not." Ashlee wheeled her bike down the driveway. I kicked up the kickstand on mine and mounted it once more.

      "That's okay. She's nice. So, are you ready to go?"

      Ashlee nodded and smiled her smile that made you smile back. Which I did.

      "Then let's go!" We both took off at the same moment, and the wind rushing past almost drowned out the sound of her voice saying, "Race you there!"

     "You're on!" I shouted back, and we speeded on down the road. I overtook her at first with a burst of speed, but she kept her steady pace all the way, and eventually that paid off. She had already taken off her helmet and leaned her bike against the movie theatre wall when I pulled in to the parking lot.

      "Wow, you're fast." I gasped. She beamed at the compliment, and then led the way inside.

     The movie was great. The perfect match of excitment, terror, action, and the tiniest bit of romance. The best part was when one of the people jumped out of the forest. Everyone in the theatre literally jumped. Ashlee jerked back in her seat while I cowered in my chair. Then we both burst out laughing at each other's reactions.

     Going to the movie with Ashlee was like going to a movie with a best friend. Except... she was more than my best friend. She was kind of, well, my girlfriend. And I was surprised to find out that I liked going to see the movie with her. Even more than I liked going to see a movie with one of my friends

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you have to keep writing

you have to keep writing

Posted by Joy on Tue, 04/10/2012 - 19:37
This was so amazing!! You

This was so amazing!! You must continue!


Posted by Katara(Rockshadow) on Wed, 04/11/2012 - 14:41

BWAHHH!!!! I AM SOOO HOOKED!!! KEEP WRITING!!! its pure awesomeness!!!

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Posted by Coldplay :) on Wed, 04/11/2012 - 21:02
Uh-oh...I can tell this

Uh-oh...I can tell this isn't going to be good for Katelyn...


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