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Posted September 20th, 2018 by chicken123

by Ava
in Michigan

She used to greet me every morning

With her soft gentle clucking

She used to wait

For me to pet her

And wait for me to open the little door

She was naughty and that’s how

She got her name



Her cluck was high-pitched

She always wandered off by herself

She was shy

And quiet when she wanted to be

When she made noise

You knew it was her


She got sick

I never knew what was wrong

She wasn’t her normal cheery self

She was quiet


Almost like she was somewhere else


One day

I felt that

That day was going to be her last

I spent the whole day with her

She fell asleep on my lap

She layed around

She was so weak

She stayed in the same spot

Until I moved her


She was so weak

You could gently touch her

And she would fall

Or lay down


When I picked her up

And put her back down

She tumbled and slipped

And sometimes

I had to catch her


When I put the chickens

Away for the night

Before she got sick

She ran away almost every time

She was fast

I could never catch her

Before she got sick


But the day she was sick

The day I knew it was her last

She ran away from me forever

And took a piece of my heart with her


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