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A mismatched bunch of....Teens Chp. 4

A mismatched bunch of....Teens Chp. 4

Posted April 24th, 2018 by mischief

by Cherith
in In the woods. Getting in trouble with ritzy people

" Why"? I asked. The teen's jaw dropped open, his dirty blound eyebrows sprang up above his shades.
" A girl! Your a girl"? I giggled at his apprent shock.
" Sure am, and proud of it"! I exclaimed. He blush crimson.
" It's important, it's not a trick. Were just trying to help". Something in the boy's voice lures me to come with him. What can I say? I'm Irish! I push away my fear and welcome the company and adventure.
" Well, what are we waiting for"? I ask. Adreenaline rushed through my veins. Suddenly, my moodiness was washed away by this new comer. We began our short walk to the city of Haarlem.
" Um, what i- is y-your name miss? I-if you don't mind".
I smiled. " No, I don't, I'm Heather, and yours"?
" Joe".
" Can I ask you somthing Joe"?
" I'm not stoping you".
" Are you fine"? He laughed, shrugged his shoulders and answered.
" I'm blind...if that's what you mean".
" Oh! I'm-
" Why? You d-don't know me. You shouldn't care! What if I don't c-care"?
" Wow".
The city was in shambles, as it was when I was taking a basket of clothing to Mr. Time's house. Shops were with broken doors, shattered windows. The Nazis sure were changing the town around. We went down a few dark ally's, to a old abanoned building. It was red brick, windows cleared out, and spider webs. " We go through the back away". We went around the side and to the back. We climbed through a broken window. And up a dusty stair case. " We aren't the only ones living here so....no unessary noise, yes"?
" Yes". We went into a small corner, there was blankets neatly piled on each other, old tin cans filled with a mismatch of foods, a brush, a canteen of water, and a little doll. He sat down, and whistled softly.
A ball of choclate brown whirles into his open lap. His cheeks dimple in delight. " He's being trained to be a gurd dog. But so far, he's just been a really good laugh"! We hear a door slam and stomping on the stairs.
" HOME MATES"! Somone shouted from down stairs....so much for being silent. " No nessary-
" Cash dosn't have a silent button". My mouth dropped open. " So your twins"! I exclaimed. I promise you everything was the same, from high cheek bones to dimples.
" No, not really". The other boy [ Cash] said.
" You have to be kidding right"?
" Not at all bloke".
" No way".
Were triplets". Another boy came in, he wasn't identical to Cash and Joe. Instead of almost white blound hair and sky blue eyes he had more of a sandy color and his eyes were greenish bluish. He also was a few inches taller then them.
" I'm Shilo". He grunted to me. My attention is grabbed to a toddler attached to Shilo's hip. She's about two or three I figure. She's an alboino. Three words described her. Knock out, mischeivous, and cute. Not to mention shirtless.
" Tana where's your shirt"? He asked. The little girl shrugged her shoulders. " She, got sick. So were having wash day early".
" But, I'm hungry mate. So let's do laundry after supper. Yes"? Cash said. " Your always hungry Cash, but sure". Shilo said. They all sat around in a circle, indain stile. " You hungry"? Asked Joe. When I said yes, they invited me to eat with them. The supper we ate there made the loaf of bread and potatoes from last night seem like a feast. Not at all the amount of what a growing boy should be eating.
" So, your consin's gone, right"? Shilo asked, grabbing the back of his shirt and pulling out of it. " Yeah, how-
" Never mind that. Now, tell me a little bit about Jerry".
" He can be pretty annoying. Also alittle you know.....easily scard".
" So he's like a wimp".
" Well-
" Yeah he is". Shilo said, make up my mind for me. Then Cash glanced at Shilo, they met eye contact and Cash nodded slowly. Talk about feeling left out of something! We are outside know, Joe's hand's are plundged in the freezing water. Cash and Shilo are hanging up their shirts on a spinly clothes line. Cash rubs his biceps, and chatters his teeth. " Mate, I hope our clothes will dry soon". Joe rines his shirt off, hangs it up. We talk about an hour, planing escape routes for my cousin. There's alot to do. I go home to make a meal, we won't be home for a long time. I will be leaving on the morro in the morning.

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