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Posted August 1st, 2019 by mischief

by Cherith
in In the woods. Getting in trouble with ritzy people

Sticky sweet smells. Up beat music blaring from loud speakers. Colors so bright and loud they make your bloody eyes hurt. Giggling kids. Rides that you come on full and finish feeling empty. Carnivels. Not my thing. I look threw a sea of tie-dye shirts and I find what I am searching for.
She's as cute as her pic is. If not cuter. The little girl looks up at me, feeling my gaze. My heart stutters when her dark choclate eyes meet mine, and she winks. Can you get them any cuter? I think bloody not. I crack my knuckles and force myself to glare something that could melt skin. Please go. Please find your mommy. Run. I need you to run. She starts walking towards me. I almost run to the cotten candy station. I didn't though. No. I need to man up. Before I cock up her pretty little life. Breath in. Breath out. Gaining false courage. I stalk over to her.
'' Mate, need help?" She nod's her head, a few loose ringlet's moving with her motion. '' My mom lost me.'' And like the monster I am I take her hand and promise to help find her mum.

'' Love you !"
I yell out the pickup's window. He turns, giving me his lopsided smile. His long fingers run through his thick afro. He folds his basketball made legs into his Jeep, and takes his time with leaving the carnivel grounds. Carefull. Cautious Lexington. Unredeemingly boring.
Best friends for life. Step cousins. The sibling I never had. We are opposites at all cost. Lexington is loved by all-parents-friends-family. He loves to make people happy and laughing. Me? Snarl. Lash out. Hated by all. Mom was cursed enough with me.
Lex basically lives at my house. I wouldn't have it any other way. He asked me not to leave. But I had to leave, and he's mad at me. Not that he would say or express that in any way.
The Ram infront of me catches my eye though, and it is not because of it's overpowering size or it's bright blazing color. [ OK, fine it's not the first thing]
Or that mascinline is written in bold letters all over it. It's the people getting inside it. There's two, the driver and the passenger. The little girl was small and fragial. Delicate and beutifull. And the driver-a tall mixed teenager with long dyed hair and a savage lip ring, with a easy sway from his broud shoulders and a confident smirk pasted to his lips...but I don't. There it is..the eyes. Keep darting around almost as he's looking out for anyone spying on him. Like me. Or like the cops? Realization hit's me like a wall of bricks, strong disgust filling my blood stream coiling and strangling. The pen in my hand shakes as I scribble the truck's linsnce plate.

The first part of my job is done. And it earned me a bite on the kneck. Poor baby. Last I saw her as was in the spare room. Huddled against a on the cement her back to the cononr.
The Casino's fresh red door slams behind me and I spot my mum in the crowd refilling a beer. Her frilly white dress sways on her hips smiling at the drunks, her eyes lock on mine. She mouths something to me before I feel a hand yank my hair and wrap it's self tightly up to the roots. It stiffen's my kneck and if I jerk Tracker's grip of my kneck's going to let me know how wonkey of an idea that is.
'' You got dishes in the back.'' Rubbish . He's drunk. I don't do... dishes.
'' Any problems?" He's asking about kidnapping the girl. Not really other then a car following us. I lost it in two mintes. I took so long enough, toying with the driver.
'' No.'' What he doesn' know cannot hurt him.
His fingers circles the bite and he whispers whisky thick in his breath. '' Cute hickey.''
My mom walks towards us. And by the blood dripping from her lip she's been chewing on it.
'' Please TJ. Cathy is sick today and couldn't come in for work. Just one itty bitty loud of dishes?'' Her soft Scotish voice sings.
Jerk. Tracker makes mom ask . He's no fool. I don't say no to mom. Best friends we are not. But enemies never. Mom runs my hand in her long silky white yellow hair neverously. The last thing she needs is a stuborn brat. '' Yah. 'Course. Dishes.''
Twilight beams and I can't help but kiss her forehead. She recoils, and a stab of pain hits me. I can't kiss my very own mum.
'' Watch your self.'' I tense ready for a slap that never comes.
Tracker growls at me, and I throw him a smirk. Both of us know I was in her life before he was. Nothing is going to hold me back from smearing that in his bare pink face.

' You have work at 5:30.' My dad texts me, as I pull into the trailer's driveway. I have eight mintues to smear lipstick and eye liner, drag my uniform on and dutch braid my hair. Oh how I love rushing. I really have to stop being last mintue kind of girl.
' Thanks'. I text dad back. Before dad divorced mom I didn't really know my dad very well. He was always going to parties but after four weeks of living with him we've become friends. Yes, enough though he acts like a teen.
Dad's Cherokee and my mom is Navaho. Dad always smiles and mom never did. I work at a Rose Creek Day center and I love it. The kids are wild and lovable. I plan to have a dozen when I a wife. Oh wait..you have to be married to be wife right? Only pretty girls get married.. Let's see me..no kids for me! Silly girl.

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Nice. Just letting you know


Just letting you know that, "cotton, chocolate, carnival, and prologue are spelled wrong. :)



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