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the monsters uncovered Chapter 1

the monsters uncovered Chapter 1

Posted October 8th, 2019 by Olivinat

by Fire Dragon 74
in the Middle of Nowhere

The Monsters Uncovered

Chapter I

         Blizzard had always wanted to be a soldier since his Father; Everest had been a five star soldier in the army. Blizzard was used to seeing Vampires and Werewolves outside. He had grown up with them. Now that Blizzard was nearly eight years old, He would be able to decide the choice soon. The choice each dragon had was to 1.be in the army 2. Be a farmer. Every dragon had to choose one. Blizzard had already decided that he would be in the army and work to become a ten star soldier. A ten star soldier was a two star general. Blizzard’s father had been a one star general. One day while Blizzard was thinking about it, his sister, Crystal, pounced on him and started to wrestle and claw with him. He just shoved her off. She was only two years old and didn’t understand. He finally turned nine years old and in three days would have to decide. Blizzard wanted to be a soldier. The day before he chose his uncle took him aside and told what to do.


          The day of, his uncle took him to a place with poeple in it and asked him “Do you want to be a soldier or a farmer?”

          Blizzard replied, “I want to be a soldier.”

          As soon as he said it people came up and took him to the army camp and asked him if he knew anything he did so he told them. They gave Him a vest and a one star soldier badge then they sent him to the army camp. At the army camp Blizzard started practicing with weapons. An alarm sounded and over the horizon Blizzard saw something that made his blood run cold.


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