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The Monsters Uncovered Chapter 3

The Monsters Uncovered Chapter 3

Posted November 1st, 2019 by Olivinat

by Fire Dragon 74
in the Middle of Nowhere

Chapter III

          When Blizzard woke up the first thing he felt was a medium sized dragon fire proof band clamping his mouth shut so he couldn’t breathe fire. He looked around. He saw that he had wing bands on the tips of his wings so he couldn’t fly away. He was in an indoor cell; at the front of the cell was thick wire mesh. On the other side of the wire mesh was, after a short lane about the size of a dragon, was another cell. It was empty. Blizzard knew where he was as soon as he saw that. He was in the Deadly Silver a private high-security dragon storage facility. Dragons that survived being shot down came here. It was said to be a myth because anyone who came in never came out. A pain in his right wing brought him back to reality. He peeked over and saw his right wing was in a thick bandage. Blizzard heard a chuckle and turned to see a man {A General} in full armor standing over him He tried to move but saw soldiers also in full armor holding him down. He tried to fight but pain made him stop.

          “Well, well, well, what do we have here? Well kind of useless without a working wing, But we will make good use for you! Bring him this way.” The General said

          The soldiers pushed him into a wire mesh cart. He growled at them and a few stepped back, others smiled and banged against the cart. They travel down a dark tunnel and came out in a cage room. The cage room had seven stories, and had ten cages in each story. Blizzard was emptied into a cell on level two cell number four. He only had the wing band and muzzlemuzzle and a muzzle chain that chained him to the wall. Across from him was an empty cage. Blizzard was being guarded by only one guard. Blizzard struggled against the muzzle chain but it was hopelessly strong.

          “Save it you going to be in there for a very long time.” The guard called, “Your never getting out of there, alive anyway.”

          Just then a dead dragon was carried by. That gave Blizzard an idea. He lay on the ground and acted dead. Humans picked him up and pulled him to a shoot and dropped him in. Blizzard slide down the shoot and landed heavily on a pile of dead dragon bodies. By then Blizzard’s right wing had healed so he lifted off and was sad to see he was inside still. He swooped and searched for an exit but there was none so he had to start digging and lifting dead dragons. Near the bottom he was sad to see the dead body of his father. When he had reached the bottom of the pile, he opened a hatch and stepped in to another chamber that was filled with growing oleander plants. All dragon knew that pink oleander was super toxic to dragons of they eat it. Blizzard swooped over and landed on a perch overlooking the field. He overlooked the horrible sight. He realized that the juice of the oleander was put on some bullets and used to kill them. He creaped out of the room and escaped down a small, long tube that carried water out of the prison. He was dumped into the sea. He was the first to escape the Deadly Silver!

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