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The Monsters Uncovered Chapter 4

The Monsters Uncovered Chapter 4

Posted November 26th, 2019 by Olivinat

by Fire Dragon 74
in the Middle of Nowhere

Chapter IV

          He started to fly after he rested and had something to eat. He flew south toward the army camp. He flew over the front lines and was called down by a cry, “Look! Look! A dragon from th Deadly Silver!” Blizzard landed and bullets whizzed past his face. “Go.” They said. Blizzard took off and Headed back toward the Empire’s House! Blizzard now hated the humans with a hate stronger then diamonds!! He had decided that he would kill the empire if it killed him. He flew over the human country side. He flew up into the clouds so no one saw him. Blizzard had decided that he would kill the empire if it killed him. When he arrived, Blizzard carefully landed and looked around. He quietly trudged through the halls. When He came to the empires room he waited and when all the guards were asleep, He snuck in! The emperor and his wife were asleep and all the guards were asleep also. He decided to quickly cut both their throats. Blizzard stepped, and took his claws, and slashed right through their throats. Then before he could think, he took a deep breath and released a long fiery geyser. When the whole room was taken in flames, Blizzard took flight. He burst through the ceiling and quickly flew over into the Black Forest. The Black Forest was an uncharted forest that stretched from the Humans territory to the dragon’s territory. Blizzard landed and looked around. He heard the sound of the fire seemed very far away. When he looked up he saw the thick smoke from the fire was overhead. He walked until it became dark and he was forced to set up camp. The next morning he woke up in an outside prison cell. Blizzard had no clue where he was.

          “What, where am I?” He snorted flames and looked around.

          He saw a creature duck out of sight. And he tried to remember what side it was on but he couldn’t. In fact he had never seen it ever in any book! He had discovered a new monster!

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