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Mr. Wrench

Mr. Wrench

Posted January 8th, 2018 by mischief

by Cherith
in In the woods. Getting in trouble with ritzy people


I was just awaking up when somthing hit me on the shoulder. It was Ray, " Wake up. Doppy". Were we kidnapped? Drugged ?  He grunted as a heavy set man pulled into store house.  No one was useing it you could tell. It was gray and life less. The man got out opened our doors and yelled. " Out out! Mach shcnell"! I tried to but fell against the seat, I lost my balence because my hands were tied behind my back. What in the world? " What-"? I started to ask but Ray silently shook his head. When we got the door a girl with a toddler on her hip answered it. I couldn't believe it! The girl was Shelly! The one Ray was sweet on! Well my blood began to boil up so fast I had to bite my cheeks to keep quite. Ray pretended not to reconoize her. Suddenly that dirty Nazis's cell phone began to ring. He went outside to talk...but you could hear'm all right. He was madder then wet hen! He marched on inside yelled at Shelly that he had to leave gave her the gun he'd been carrying and marched outside to that sorry excuse of a car of his. All was silent for about thirty minutes untill the little girl spoke up. " Genisis want to go outside". Genisis was stinking cute. She had boncy brown crules. Large soft brown eyes and a cute pug nose. Shelly said no, but finally softened. " Fine..but I gotta keep a eye on all of ya'll". Being outside was heaven. It was the ending of summer...shcool would be starting very soon. Suddenly an idea began to form in my mind. Shelly was pretty.....but I waggered not very smart. " Hey I need to go".   " What"? " You know....natures calling"? " Yeah...so"? " Can you losen my ropes"? " Uh...Wrench will have me for dinner for this but sure".  She did and I went behind a tree. The ropes were lose enough to grab my knife from my back pocket. Perfect!My ropes were off in a few seconds. I'd been carefull not to cut them up to bad. I peaked from the side of the tree. Yes! Shelly's back was toward me. All I needed to do was get her from the back. I did, Oh, she tried to get away. But it was pretty pitifull. I had ropes on her and ropes of Ray in a minute...ok! Maybe it was a little more then that! Yes ! We were free! But the qusetion was, where were we"?

To Be continued! 



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