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My Lie as A Popular Kid

My Lie as A Popular Kid

Posted November 1st, 2019 by DreamDragon13

by Katherine
in Nevada

This Is Chapter Two. You'll find Chapter One as a seperate story titled "My Lie as a Popular Kid" too. 

I decided against going out tonight. The heroes were on the lookout for me, besides, Mom was getting suspicious. I walked downstairs. "Lux dear, will you get the door? We have guests." I smiled sweetly as I opened the door to see... Ugh, one of those rouges from school. His name was Warin. I opened the door wider and let him and his parents in. My mom and I had a silent eye conversation. She won, and I rolled my eyes. I didn't like this kid. I mean, he was  nice enough, and was part of the semi popular wierd kids-I don't mean to insult him, but that's what their called- that call themselves the Shields. And Above all, he REJECTED me! I mean, I knew it was going to happen with one boy eventually. I'm not that cool kid that lives on a self proclaimed throne and thinks they're the best. I know I have problems and faults. But my friends had assured me he would at least give me a chance when he moved in. He didn't.

While we were eating dinner, I noticed him fiddling with an electronic device. I pulled out my phone openly. "Lux, no phones at the table," Mom chided me. I put my phone away, and Warin and I locked eyes. He got the message, and put his device in his pocket. He brushed his caramel brown hair out of his eyes and glared at me with those gorgeous cat green eyes. He was wearing his signature leather jacket, grey t-shirt, jeans, and black combat boots. HIs hair was slightly long, just barely covering his neck.

I quickly finished my food and excused myself. I walked to the downstairs bathroom and locked the door behind me. I let the shadows go. My skin noticeably paled, two black curved triangular marks came out from my next and jawline halfway up my cheek, my normally blonde hair paled to a platinum blonde color as the shadows sucked most of the color from it. I just stood there in front the mirror, inspecting myself for a minute. My normally dull blue eyes had turned and icy blue. After a couple minutes, the shadows were content (they need to get out sometimes) and they went back into the marks. The marks faded until they weren't there, my skin retained it's naturally still kinda pale, but a normal kind of pale color. My hair went back to be a more yellow blonde, and my eyes went to a duller color again. 

I walked back out to the kitchen. Warin gave me a suspicious glare, but I noticed him tracing an X on his hand. He then clenched his fist. Well, so what, I didn't even think I liked him anymore. I don't think I really liked him in the first place. "Oh, Warin, can you spend some time with Lux while I talk to her mother and your father?" Warin's mother, Mrs. Saphe asked, but didn't really ask. He nodded, and followed me upstairs to the game room. I sat on the couch, and he sat on a beanbag across the room. We ended up pulling out our phones. I didn't know what he was doing, but I had plugged in my headphones and was playing "Personal" as I played a Bejweled spinoff. I got bored and clicked on the Live News app, and pracitcally dropped the phone.

The Original Four, minus Guardian, were fighting Black Dragon. I felt my world slow down as I panicked. I dropped my phone, and the music was drowned out by the buzzing static in my head. Warin noticed me curling into a ball and sat beside me. He saw the video and title on the phone screen. He placed a hand on my shoulder reluctantly. "Hey, shh, it'll be okay. Everything will be alright. It'll be solved in the end." I was glad he didn't say the Original Four would defeat Black Dragon, because that would have sent me into more hysterical sobbing. That's what I was scared of. Black Dragon was a good friend of mine. 

I eventually slowed down my breathing. We started up small talk. The wall of hostility was broken down. I glanced down at my phone, and then back up at Warin.

This had worked to my advantage. 

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Wait a minute... does this

Wait a minute... does this mean she's actually a villain, for lack of better wording? It was a great way to end the chapter!

Posted by echo (*Jill*) on Sun, 11/10/2019 - 03:16

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