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My Mythicals

My Mythicals

Posted January 5th, 2019 by pheonixa12

by Ava
in Cork

This is an index of the mythicsl creatures that will be used throughout Just An Enigma.Where they come from,where they live and what their powers are. this is the flame index

Not all of these creatures are my own creation but aside from the normal ones like unicorns or dragons nearly all of them are.It would be best to read this if you are currently reading Just An Enigma

1.Arnakues.Pronaunced arna q s.These are peaceful fire creatures that live in volcanoes and other boiling hot places like hell.They have to the power to heal and protect creatures from heat and flames.They about the size of crabs.They are red to camoflauge in their habitats as they are hunted by phoenixes,fire spirits and rikes.Non-plural:Arnakue

2;Phoenixes:pronaunced fee nix is.These are kind merciful fire birds who hunt arnakues and fire spirits if they share the same habitat.Phoenixes live in volcanoes and ocasionaly Hell.They are immortal and have healing feathers and tears.They are happy but become miserable when kept in captivity.Non-plural:Phoenix [ Pheonixes are not my personal creation ]

3.Dragons:i don't need to tell you how to pronaunce that one.These creatures have many varied types although the vast majority are red,blue or orange and easily irritated.More information will be provided about the varied types during Just An Enigma

4;Fire spirits:I dont need to tell you how to say it.These creatures aren't very powerful but they are very aggresive,if you see one then DO NOT ENGAGE they may not be very powerful but they are strong enough to knock you out and if they do that they'll throw you to the volcano as a sacrifice to the phoenixes or to their fire gods and godesses.They live in hot habitats like volcaones and Hell.Non plural:Fire spirit

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