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my strange family a true story

my strange family a true story

Posted May 17th, 2017 by MARYNAPLES

by mary

I remember moving from Mequon WI to Naples FL too well here.  When my grandpa lost his wife to pneumonia my grandpa started acting like a teenager again he brought this new woman out to my parents house in Mequon WI to take his granddaughter Mary out to eat dinner on friday nights which turned into a 3 ring circus there since grandpa's daughter my mom did not approve of her date dating a polish woman from West Allis WI and since my mom disapproved her dad dating alice there things got humorous around the Mequon WI house I was in college at that time so they tell you not to judge a book by its title since the book may be good which relates to not judging other people by first impressions since first impressions may not be the best way to judge a person here i learned not to judge people by their first impressions here back in Mequon WI.  this will have some sick humor and everyday humor in it.  My mother called her dad's girlfriend a gold diggin pollock hussie from West Allis WI.  I know grandpa's companion wasn't perfet big deal life goes on my mom named Pat and my dad named Bill SR 1 Nehrkorn were talking about buying mom's dad a condo in Naples FL so her dad would forget about Alice and start dating women in his social class here.
I was taking social problems in American Institutions i was sitting at the kitchen table doing the workbook assignments there since sociology fascinated me back then I comuted to the University Wisconsion Milwaukee by 2 buses from Brown Deer WI outside of Harder's Restaurant then it became Burger king restaurant.
We visited grandpa for christmas and spring vacation my mom told me my grandpa was dumb there so i tested him there i was eating drumsticks with nuts on top of the drumstick cone and my grandpa comes in and finds something on the floor and he said Mary what is this on the floor?  I said its probably the nuts from the drumstick i am eating here then he bends down and picks it up and smells it and says this smells like dog shit here apparently our old english sheepdog shit on his floors there.
My grandpa wanted me to meet a boy at the icecream shop with him since the boy worked with his grandpa at the icecram shop there so we ate icecream at Barbadoes Icecream together on gulf shore blvd n naples fl so I met the young boy there that my grandpa introduced me to there then when we got back to the Ardissone Condoniums i told grandpa i need to be alone for a few minutes i will be fine here my grandpa shared something with me here he told me his heart belongs to one woman only and that woman is Alice here.  Ten minutes later my dad comes out and sits down on the grass next to me and said Mary do u think if we buy grandpa a condo here he will start dating women in his social class here i decided to have fun with my dad there I said pa no grandpa will not change his ways here he told me his heart beats for Alice here that spoofed my dad out here he got up from the grass ran into the garage into the elevator and told his wife do you know what your daughter just told me downstairs that grandpa's heart beats for Alice only here I was snickering about this on the way to the elevator i took the elevator and said what's for dinner tonight my older brother was smiling at me there I shared a bedroom with grandpa all he talked about was his love for Alice there in front of me there he said if he can't have Alice as his companion he doesn't want to live anymore i didn't know he was thinking of committing sucude there over a woman his daughter disliked here so i ran into the family room and pounced on my older brother and told him what grandpa told me here around midnight i asked my older brother what should we do here?  My older brother told me to go back to bed and he will talk to mom and dad about this here so I obeyed my older brother there.
In order to make grandpa happy there i would tell his companion Alice all the flights coming to rsw and having her stay in close by hotels so grandpa could sneak out of the condo and meet Alice his companion there in Naples FL so I made my grandpa happy there my mom never found out about this until my grandpa passed away my grandpa said Mary promise me you will not let your mom and dad take away something impt and valuable to you here I said I will try Grandpa.  
Didn't his daughter realize by trying to seperate them here was not a good idea here.  My mom made her dad see a psychiarist dr in Mequon WI after her dad's wife passed away here he was having a hard time dealing with his wife passing away there.  Don't forget my mom and dad were born in 1941 and 1942 generation era so they were old schooled generation.
I remember moving out of my parents condo into my older brother's 1-story single family ranch home in North Naples FL that's when my mom experienced the empty nest syndrome for a month here.  My mom would come out to my older brother's house in north naples fl and tell me the way i was going to live there by her rules there when your over 18 yrs of age an adult you don't want your parents telling you how to live your life here so I rebelled a lot i caused a lot of destruction on my older brother's property in the begginning here since I was fed up and angry with my mom wanting full control over my life here so I would break plates in the middle of the street and ram down my older brother's mailbox here since my mom pissed me off here since my mom wouldn't allow me to grow up as a mature independent adult here with a disability here she sent me to see a behavioral psychiarist dr named Jeffrey Falbacher MD down town naples fl and my mom and dad said some awful things about me there in the psychiatrists office there and asked if there was a place to send me to there so this psychiatrist dr bought mom and dad's lies there about me and the next day my dad drove me to the residential treatment center in Orlando FL for the adult co ed campus there so I stayed there for 10 days under partial hospitalization there against my will there this paychiarist dr my parents and my older brother and his wife my new sister in law forced me into going to this private residential treatment center called La Amistad on Dodd St in Winter Park FL since they were ashamed of having a young daughter with a physical disability here.  when my mom called me she asked me what I was learning in group therapy that was the night I got my revenge on my mom there I said mom we are learning about sexual intercourse and how to date the opposite sex my sexy hunk is waiting for me here to go to dinner with him here bye mother.  I was released to my older brother and mom on the 10th day there while I was waiting for them to pick me up a foreign cuban male raped me there at the residential treatment center there so my older brother and mom came into the residential treatment center loaded my suitcases in the trunk and we hoped into the car & my mom says Mary why are u so quiet in the back seat of the car here I said you don't care about me here so please leave me alone here I was definetly ticked off by my whole family there except my older brother there i only told him that a foreign cuban male raped me there at the residential treatment center there my older brother told mom to let me be alone for awhile since its a 4 hr ride back to my house here.
My mom had to stop every 2 hrs to smoke ciggarettes on her way back to my older brother's house when we got to my older brother's house the walker I bought with my own allowance up there my mom snatched it away from me and had her husband store it in his warehouse there she said i didn't need the walker there but the walker helped me with my mobility here she was embarrassed to have a daughter walking around with a walker here she walked around with a cane and she would say to me you don't want to be a handicapped cripple for the rest of your life here mary since people with walkers or any mobility aids they use cannot live independently in society they are placed in homes here for other people to take care of them here.  Ever since my mom ran into this woman named Eddie Dooley who resided at the condo there: Eddie was a bad influence on my mom there since Eddie sent her daughter Sarah to an assisted living facility in Tampa FL since Eddie put locks on her condo refrigerator and freezer so Sarah couldn't help herself to food and then Sarah went to other condo units broke into the condo units and stole food from their refrigerators and freezers to eat there one condo tenant called the cops on sarah dooley and then I learned that her mother sent her away to a assisted living facility in Tampa FL.  Whenever I saw Eddie Dooley around north naples fl shopping I would avoid her there at all costs there since her daughter was hungry there there's no shame of being hungry but not being allowed to help herself to something in her mom' condo refrigerator and freezer to heat up in the microwave was cruel here.
That's the problem with society in todays world and that's why we have violence and hate crimes in ft myers and naples fl due to peoples ignorance here where people belittle people that are not in their social economic class here we need to get along with everyone and accept everyone and live in peace here that's what this future baby boom generaation is trying to acccomplish here.  I was born in the 1970's era my brother was born in the 1967 era his former wife was born in 1964 era the modernized era new school generation.
now i reside in brother's guest cabanna and I am a young auntie to two cute adorable boys who are my nephews here.  Even though i turned 47 yrs old my mom still wants full control of my life here she will not allow me to become an independent adult here and i know I am perfectly capable of becoming an independent responsible adult here but if I don't allow my mom and dad and my older brother to make all my decissions for me my parents verbally threaten me in person and by phone mostly my mom does all the ultamiums to me here even though i no longer live in their condo she wants to make all my decissions and appts for me here when i am capable of doing that myself and if I don't allow my parents or my older brother to make appts and decissions for me my mom threatens me on th phone saying she will place me in an adult group home a nut house referred as a mental hospital she even threatened to take away my computer and my car keys here if I don't obey them here so I just have to put up with this probably until god calls them up to heaven someday.  I have type 2 diabetes now as an adult.  i have lympthedema in both my legs now so I have to live my parents life here and if i don't like it they verbally threaten to put me in a looney tune bin that is what my big daddy calls mental patients here in mental hospitals in Fl here not cool or nice to say things like that here.
My dad and my older brother have severe anger management problems here when they talk to me like I'm the person responsible for causing my mom to have cancer here my dad sometimes calls me a brat and asks what in the fuck is wrong with you here Mary he talks that way too me here but since my dad and my older brother are maried males here my mom condones their behavior there she will not make them get help or send them to the private residential hell hole they sent me to here since my mom thinks males can get angry and hurt peoples feelings here and when a female especially the baby girl shows any signs of anger issues her parents ship her off to a residential treatment center so there is a double standard in my family here where the male sex gets treated better than the female sex in our family here so males and females are not treated equally in my family here welcome to my world here

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