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The Mysteries of Cape Cod Chapter 3

The Mysteries of Cape Cod Chapter 3

Posted May 25th, 2021 by Polly

by Polly
in Texas

When the Underwood family arrived at the Meraculus hotel, there was barely anyone there. They've checked in and got the three keys to the rooms.he gave the girls rules and the key to their room. Then he gave Cathy hers. "if it's all right with you Dave, I'm going to go explore the town after I unpack." said Cathy. Dave replied " That's alright with me. It's your vacation." Everyone went their separate ways. In the twins room, there was two very nice twin beds, and a nice light stand and two matching dressers. "Liana, do you want to change into our swimsuits and go swimming? We could get the car from Dad." Bess suggested. "Sure! I will go ask Dad!" Liana said as she was walking out the hotel room door. Knock! Knock!  Dave opened the door. "Yes, Liana?" " Can we us the car to go down to the beach for awhile?" Liana asked. Of course Dave said yes because he a nice father. " Here are the keys. I want y'all back by five tonight, ok?" Her father said. " Yes, sir." Liana answered politely. In under 30 minutes the girls were on the road headed to the city beach. As they were on their last turn they saw a man talking to a familiar person. The girls could not figure out who it was till she turned around. It was Cathy. As the girls came to. Stop the man was close to Cathy. Them he started to touch her and she was trying to get away. " Stop the car! We need to help Cathy!" Bess demanded Liana. She stop the car and the twins jumped out. About half way across the street the man noticed they were coming forward him, he ran off." Liana go after him and try to get some answers out of him." Bess yelled. Liana ran track so it was not hard for her to catch him. Meanwhile, " Cathy are you ok? Who was he? Did he say?" Bess asked. " I am fine. He said his name was Rick Evans"  Cathy said shakedly. Bess thought. Rick Evans, here have I heard that name before? " Wait, that's the name of grandma's neighbor! But what did he want from you?" Bess questioned


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