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The Mysteries of Cape Cod Chapter 4

The Mysteries of Cape Cod Chapter 4

Posted May 27th, 2021 by Polly

by Polly
in Texas

Liana came back ten minutes later with nothing. The man would not tell her anything. Bess suggested to take Cathy to the beach with them. She finally gave in after a lot of begging from the twins. While they are at the beach Bess could not stop thinking about the name Rick Evans. At about 4:30 pm they left the beach and headed to the hotel. Everyone got cleaned up and met in the Jeep. Dave drove them to a fancy restaurant. After they ordered their food 

Bess asked her father," Dad what was the name of the man that called you about grandma?" 

" Umm... I believe his name was something Evans. Why?" Dave replied 

" Because, today on the way to the beach we saw a man messing with Cathy. She got his wallet when he was not paying attention. And the name on the I.D card was Rick Evans." 

The conversation over the rest of the dinner was making plans for tomorrow. After everyone was done with dinner they went on a walk along the pier. When they all  got back to the hotel at 10:30 that night everyone said their goodnights  and went to their own separate rooms

By 9:30 am everyone was dressed and ready to go to Grandma mad house. When they arrived it was taped off and a police officer was on guard. 

" Dad why is there an officer on guard?" Liana asked.

" I don't know." Dave replied

The officer headed towards them.

" Can I help you sir?." The officer asked.

Dave replied, " Yes. I am the child of the lady that passed away."

Dave gave the officer is I.D. The officer let them in.


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Keep up the good work! This

Keep up the good work! This is very cool.

Would you be interested in some constructive criticism?


Good yard,

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Posted by Tía Snow on Mon, 06/07/2021 - 12:35

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