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Mythical creatures #3 Vulpine

Mythical creatures #3 Vulpine

Posted March 16th, 2023 by Cheezmra

by Dragonwolf
in California

It was unfair. Just because we were small and insignificant, we were made slaves. Slaves to Wolves and dragons, anything that was bigger than us. We hated it, but what could we do? It was true. We were one of the smallest, but fantastically useful and easy to subdue. We brought it down on ourselves. We were nothing special. We were Enfields.

It was funny that one kind of fox was the ruler of the region while the other was its slave. Kitsunes were wise, we were not. Kitsunes were respected, we were expected to respect our “masters” An Enfield seldom stayed free for long.

“Duvessa!” A sharp, irritated voice roused me from my thoughts.


A sharp cuff to one of my buzzing ears was my answer.

“Yes, Master?” I corrected myself.

“You’re not holding the light steady!” he barked.


I had been holding the light as steady as I could but it was no good to argue.

“Yes, master,” I said. He grunted.

My master was a griffin, but a tiger-griffin. His name was Silvermoon.


I wondered if the other Enfields had as crabbed a master as mine. I had not seen them in a while. Our masters  never gave us much of a chance.

Silvermoon turned his back on me to do something that I never saw. I bared my teeth at that feathered back.

 Enfields were not stupid and submissive, and I wanted to prove it.



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