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Mythical Creatures #4 The Herd chpt 1

Mythical Creatures #4 The Herd chpt 1

Posted March 18th, 2023 by Cheezmra

by Dragonwolf
in California

Lisha’s swift hooves pounded on the well known trail. Her eyes were glued on the target, a Ki-rin. She crashed through the brush and flung a javelin. It missed. Cursing under her breath, she yanked up the dagger and resumed the chase. The deer-like creature cut to the side and raced through a meadow. Lisha broke free of the pines just in time to see it disappear into the forest on the other side. Lisha doubled her speed, careful to keep her churning hooves away from the Forest region’s Kitsune. Drawing up to the flagging ki-rin, she grabbed hold of its single antler. A forceful yank and a powerful kick sent the creature stumbling. Lisha reared and stabbed the dying deer. 

She slung the deer over her back and managed to tie it to the saddle with the aid of her enfield, who had been following her on his wings.

On the way back she ran into a centaur. The centaur was not a horse centaur, but one of a deer. She had antlers and tangled hair. She was covered in mottled brown deer fur and wore a rustic saddle of some kind of pelt. She clutched a long bow and it was clear she knew how to use it. Hanging by her side was a quiver filled with deadly arrows

“Who’s that?” she asked, indicating the dead deer.

Lisha backed up, sizing the enemy up. The deer and the horses were enemies for reasons long forgotten. She found herself leveling the bloody spear.

“Don’t try that, Lisha”

“How do you know my name?”

The deer-centaur gave a short laugh. “I have my ways. Besides, you horses don’t belong here.”

Lisha backed up another step and said to her Enfield “Lichen, attack her!”

The words were barely out of her mouth when Lichen dropped to the ground with an arrow in his side. Lisha looked back to see the deer lowering her bow.

“Let’s try to talk this out on, ah, lets say, less violent terms.”

“What do you want?” said Lisha sullenly.

“I want the body of my friend.”

“And we want food.”


Darkmoon and Constellation silently emerged from the brush behind Lisha. Lisha smirked.

“Yes, we.”


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