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nature writing part 7 (dandelions)

nature writing part 7 (dandelions)

Posted February 16th, 2018 by Swallowtail

by swallowtail
in new york/massachusetts

Summer is here when the last dandelion has been swept away in puffs of white by the wind. Cheerful yellow fields fade out and are suddenly gone, leaving everything a thick and heavy green. I can watch spring leave as tiny parasols float up and away, reminiscent of snow.


eager sunbeams light the world,

lingering a touch longer on the dandelions

for aren’t they suns in their own right?

nestled among dark earth

each glows with the joyous fury of life.


like everything, dandelions cannot last,

cannot withstand the weight of millenia.

when the fleeting weeks of spring fade, so do they,

sending tiny white-wrapped parcels into the air,

trusting that with these they will return.





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