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Never Forget day 3 A New Begging day 3

Never Forget day 3 A New Begging day 3

Posted February 16th, 2018 by mischief

by Cherith
in In the woods. Getting in trouble with ritzy people

A New Beginning day 3

It's to good to be true here. My foster parents own a small ranch. They have two daughters. None of them are thier birth kids. Helen is a friendly blound that is thrilled with the idea of a big brother. Jacklin is a black, who has no room from a little brother. She tends to makes it quite clear that she thinks I've invaded her land. I have. But I wasn't the one to pick out my so called " parents". As luck would have it we have to do all our chores together.

Never Forget day three
Hop. Hip. Hop. How would you like to here that 24/7? You'd go crazy, belive me. That's what I going through. While Jay and I were piling stuffy yellow hay down to the ranche's horses we got into a fight. Big deal right? Well, Jay asked me why I hated whites so bad. I lost it. Anger shot through my veins. Although the kid deserved it, I shouldn't have done it. " Well? Why Jack? What's the deal"? He raised a peach eyebrow. This was the straw that broke the camle's back. " You low- down good- for -nothing stuck up- As I was yelling these not so encouraging words I would take rapidsteps foward he'd go backwards. I wasn't watching his step. He fell off the loft. I ran down the ladder. And ran out of the barn...not the best act of courage, but you know. Oh, food is calling, will finish so other time!

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