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The "New book" Chapter five

The "New book" Chapter five

Posted April 21st, 2020 by Olivinat

by Ryoko
in the Middle of Nowhere (Wisconsin)

Chapter five

       The next day, Austin felt better so he went to school. On the school bus, a bully named Billy was roughing up Austin. Austin was used to it but he never liked. In Language Arts, Billy kept pinching, punch, and prodding him. Austin asked to go to the bathroom and finally got away from Billy. As he walked down the hall with his hall pass, Austin kept hearing footsteps behind him but when he checked there was no one behind him. Austin knew that there was someone behind him and it creeped him out. He just kept walking, walking, and walking. He went into the bathroom. A moment later, he exited. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye he saw a shadow zip across the hall but he saw nobody. He started to run down that hall that it had run down. He ran and ran but he never caught up. Suddenly, he saw it again. It was not a human!


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