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NEW KIDPUB STORY | End of the World as We Know It | Character List, Sign-Ups Still Welcome, Further Announcements

NEW KIDPUB STORY | End of the World as We Know It | Character List, Sign-Ups Still Welcome, Further Announcements

Posted July 7th, 2017 by SilverMoon

by Ena
in Texas

Character List

  • Maia "Re" Kyron
  • Nuala Sheehy
  • Andrew "Fritz" Pei
  • Avery Sophie Niles
  • Jack Schindler
  • Carolena "Lena" Brazfield
  • Luna Palamara
  • Grace Elizabeth "Snow" Oakwood
  • Elias Peregrine McCloskey Christian
  • Sravani Pathuru
  • Ace Cassano
  • Mira "Pokey" Beckett
  • Charlie Kingree
  • Sumayyah Yafai

Sign-ups are still very welcome! Also, a reminder that all characters will get in, but not all will be main/prominent. I promise at least a day in the limelight for each character. Here's the character form again, for those who want to join still. Sign-ups for this will not close! Even once the story has begun, feel free to join if you still haven't. All it means is that you might not appear until later, but you could still be a main/prominent character.

Name: [Full name and preferred nickname if applicable. Doesn't have to be your full name, but must be a first and last name. A reasonable one, for instance for me my character would not be Shadow Ace because that is my screenname. That does not constitute a genuine first and last name.]

Age: [Around your real age. If you're 10 and you want to be 12 in the story, that's fine. However, our characters probably won't be over 20, unless you actually are 21 and you want to keep your age, or you're 18 and you want to be a little older. Basically, don't be 15 and say your character is 25.]

Gender/Sexuality: [Specify so that I do not misgender you or erase your sexuality in the story. Please provide preferred pronouns for your character.]

Appearance: [Self-explanatory. Please do try to make this detailed. Also describe the type of clothing you will wear in-story. Keep in mind that it's the zombie apocalypse. You may not have time to do your make-up or the luxury to wear stilettos.]

Personality: [Please do not give me just a list of traits. This is not helpful for me writing your character effectively in-story. Intelligent? How? Do they have a lot of knowledge? Are they a good strategist? Nice? What does that mean? Polite to strangers, supportive and mothering to the group, wants to help out other people even if they aren't in our group of KPers? How do they react to situations? How do they handle their emotions? What's their reaction to staring the zombie apocalypse in the face?]

Skills/Abilities: [Particularly ones that would be helpful in the zombie apocalypse.]

Weaknesses: [Chances are, you aren't a trained soldier with perfect physical and mental abilities who can handle everything thrown their way.]

Preferred Weapon: [It's the zombie apocalypse. Maybe you've never touched a gun before, or maybe you're a fucking Olympic archer. Maybe you feel comfortable enough to fight zombies with a sword. Maybe the only weapon you could find was the decorative spear on the wall. Who knows. Even if you think you'd be horrible with any weapon, you're going to need one.]

Are you okay with your character dying?: [It's the zombie apocalypse, guys. Not all of us are gonna live.]

Background: [Where are you at the beginning of the story? What's your family like? Where are they? What happened to them? Are they dead? Did you get separated? Were they zombified?]

Special Requests?: [Got anything specific you want to get to do in the story? Do you specifically want your character to have a tragic death? Something you want to see in the story? Anything like that.]

Other: [Anything else you want me to know about your character? Interests? Hobbies? Fun facts?]

Further Announcements

I will have a playlist for this story and share it with you guys once there's a good amount of songs on it. It will be updated as the story goes along. Look out for it!

I will be happy to draw and make moodboards for these characters! However, no guarantees. Please tell me if for some reason you do not want your character drawn or do not welcome me making a moodboard for them.

The next thing I will be posting for this is the first part of the actual story, so please look out for it!




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I'm so excited for this! I

I'm so excited for this! I can't wait for the playlist and drawings!

Please read: http://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/colors-chapter-one-2047144754

Posted by palaces out of ... on Fri, 07/07/2017 - 16:51
Thanks! :) {i want to prove

Thanks! :)

{i want to prove that we aren't smoldering in this small world.}

Posted by King Explosion ... on Fri, 07/07/2017 - 19:50
I'm happy to sign up- is it

I'm happy to sign up- is it too late now?? Whoops 



"If music be the food of love; play on." - Shakespeare

Posted by acquiesce (ruby) on Sat, 07/08/2017 - 02:13
Nope! Sign-ups don't close,

Nope! Sign-ups don't close, so go ahead

{i want to prove that we aren't smoldering in this small world.}

Posted by King Explosion ... on Sat, 07/08/2017 - 08:52
So excited! :DDD! When is

So excited! :DDD! When is the first chapter coming out!?

“There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they'll take you.”
- Beatrix Potter

Posted by alemye10 on Sun, 07/09/2017 - 19:42
Sounds like it's gonna be a

Sounds like it's gonna be a great story! Should I sign up on this post or the last one?

I hope one day I can love something as much as women in commercials love yogurt.

Posted by Augusta on Tue, 07/11/2017 - 21:59
soso excited! ______we are

soso excited!

we are words that reject the likes of synonyms.

Posted by Lena on Wed, 07/12/2017 - 22:44
Hello I don't really use

Hello I don't really use KidPub anymore and I'm about to go to college haha, but I was struck by the urge to create a character when I randomly saw this post so I hope that's ok!

Name: Mira Beckett

Age: 17

Gender/Sexuality: female (she/her), heterosexual

Appearance: 5'2", very short. Heart-shaped face, brown eyes with long eyelashes. White. Chest length, thick af wavy dark brown hair, often in a high ponytail with wild baby hairs sticking out all over the place. Pointed nose with a small bump in the bridge and visible pores. Fullish lips, some dark stand alone freckles along the left side of my jaw. A nose ring and several ear piercings. Naturally thick and kind of curly eyebrows, I often lick my thumbs and smooth them down. Small, muscular frame. I guess I can be wearing anything, some nice sneakers and a sports bra with a tank top and running shorts. The type of clothes I play sports in.

Personality: Adventurous and very determined to prove myself to others. Quick to think of solutions. Ambivert, very good at making friends but can easily run low on social energy and needs time to recharge. Deep voice and tendency to be sarcastic, but not with mean intentions. Sense of humor ranges from puns to teasing to dirty jokes. Fairly athletic and very hard on myself. Likes people a lot, desires closeness and friendships to keep me sane. Overthinks a lot, tends to be in my own hear a lot of the time. Very self aware of myself and aiming to be a good and noble person but oftentimes giving in to selfishness. Always feeling guilty if I do something selfish. Smart and good at learning but lacks common sense sometimes. Short tempered and quick to cry when upset but always recovers super easily and then tries to think of a solution.

Skills/Abilities: acrobat (circus camp bros), so I'm really flexible and quite strong. Not brute strength force like lifting stuff, but strength like lifting my own body, climbing stuff, etc. Also, good balance. No particular experience with any sort of fighting or weapon but a fast learner.

Weaknesses: you can make me a drug addict or something if you want, unless that's too dark. On the other hand, this is a story about a zombie apocalypse so there may not be a such thing as too dark.

Preferred Weapon: I honestly think you should decide as you work with the character but I really have no idea what I would go for in a zombie apocalypse, but I would probably just grab the nearest thing. If it's a gun, then a gun, if it's am axe, then an axe. But if you don't wanna choose I'll just go with a shotgun.

Are you okay with your character dying?: sure!

Background: summer before I start college, so maybe just having like a normal summer of hanging out with friends and working at a fast food restaurant and just chilling and not really utilizing my survival skills but maybe as it all starts I'm separated from my family and the friends I'm with die(?), so then I'd be like really into surviving so I can see if my family is alive. I have parents who fight a lot but aren't divorced and a 14 year old brother. I'd especially want to find my brother.

Special Requests?: I'm not sure how old the other characters are but if you choose to include Mira it would be dope if she made some close friends, etc. or acted as like a mentor for other younger characters. Of course, she's flawed like anyone so there could be some melodramatic fights, etc.

Sorry for any typos I am typing this on my cellular phone. Have fun with this! I'm excited to see where it goes.

Other: [Anything else you want me to know about your character? Interests? Hobbies? Fun facts?]

Posted by Pokey on Sat, 07/15/2017 - 10:43
Omg Pokey!!!! Great to see

Omg Pokey!!!! Great to see you, I'm surprised you came back for a bit. :O

Posted by AuthorMind(Justin) on Sat, 07/15/2017 - 11:06
holyshitholyshit it's

holyshitholyshit it's pokey!!! im like fangirling rn lmao, thanks for signing up!!

{i want to prove that we aren't smoldering in this small world.}

Posted by King Explosion ... on Sat, 07/15/2017 - 15:51
omg haha no thank you! I've

omg haha no thank you! I've missed you all, and i'm excited to read this! also, you could call my character Pokey and not Mira if you want, Pokey is a little more iconic ;)

Posted by Pokey on Mon, 07/24/2017 - 13:20
Dang it's been forever since

Dang it's been forever since I've been on Kidpub.

(Hope it's fine if I sign up for this)

Name: Charlie Kingree

Age: 15

Gender/Sexuality: Male/Straight

Appearence: Shorty curly, brown hair. Brown eyes, glasses, lean build. 

Clothing: Jeans and a T-shirt

Personality: Light hearted, kind, humourous, calm

Skills: Level headed, runner in high school

Weaknesses: No weapon knowledge

Weapon: Pistol (I have no knowledge on types), and large knife

Dieing: It's fine, though I'd prefer if it wasn't a meaningless death

Background: High school track and cross country runner, hasn't seen family since the apocalyspe 


I hope this isn't too late, haha


Posted by Charlie on Sun, 07/16/2017 - 10:02
Holy shit!! Hi Charlie :)

Holy shit!! Hi Charlie :) nice to see you!! It's so cool to see more people coming back on kp

{i want to prove that we aren't smoldering in this small world.}

Posted by King Explosion ... on Sun, 07/16/2017 - 14:56
Hey Charlie! Long time no

Hey Charlie! Long time no see haha! :)

Please read: http://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/colors-chapter-one-2047144754

Posted by palaces out of ... on Sun, 07/16/2017 - 19:16
Haha yeah it's been a while.

Haha yeah it's been a while. I hope Kidpub starts to get revived a little, I feel like it isn't what it used to be...

Posted by Charlie on Wed, 07/19/2017 - 11:47
Yeah same. I feel like it's

Yeah same. I feel like it's beginning to come out of the Dark Ages though and it's coming more towards a Renaissance.

Please read: http://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/colors-chapter-one-2047144754

Posted by palaces out of ... on Wed, 07/19/2017 - 23:57
Yes!! So it would be great

Yes!! So it would be great if more of us taco era / jan14 peeps came back on :)

{i want to prove that we aren't smoldering in this small world.}

Posted by King Explosion ... on Thu, 07/20/2017 - 08:11
Ok this looks super cool,

Ok this looks super cool, I'm in. Watch me make a complete self insert
Name- Bethany 'Bea' Harlan

Age- 13

Gender/Sexuality- Non-binary (they/them), Panromantic

Apperance- Real tall friendly giant, about 5'11". Hair is just a fuzz layer on scalp red and green coloured and beginning to fade. Almond coloured skin with bad eczema, face gets red easily. Eyes are brown-black and sunken like a racoon. Chubby with only 1% muscle from Muay Thai they took 3 years ago. Looks extremely serious but is just thinking about cute dogs. Nails are worn down from constant biting. Tiny baby man hands. Terrible fashion choices, yellow scarf and a  shirt is way too large and from AC/DC. Long black pants and winter jacket to protect from bites. Blue hiking boots that are covered in mud. 

Personality- Lord of the dumbasses and tries to recreate action film stunts in belief they actualy work. Loud theatre kid who films everything, would make a film out of it if they survive. Detail-oriented and thinks they are the smartest when they're likely the dumbest. Is  polite to anyone they hasn't known for 5 minutes, the longer you know them, the less polite they act. Is either confused or understands completely, no inbetween. A little bit mean, films people dying instead of helping. Impulsive and wahts things done their way for once. 

Skills- From constantly filming the zombies, they have some idea on how they react to different scenarios. Has basic medical knowledge and a decent gardener. Good at climbing

Weaknesses- They are deaf in one ear, chances are they wouldn't be able to hear zombies coming from the left until they are close. As well as impulsive, they can be egotistical at times, especially when someone discredits their ideas. Not fast so needs a quick escape. Horrible with firearms

Preferred Weapon-  Uses anything that deals lots of damage, such as sledgehammers (rarely), or axes (main)

Are You ok with them dying- Yes

Background- Held out in a Costco warehouse, Parents got zombified, older brother seperated and location unknown. Younger siblings traveled with them until one was zombified and two others ran away. 



Posted by Edie on Wed, 12/16/2020 - 17:20

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