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A New Land

A New Land

Posted September 20th, 2020 by _Manta_

by Amethyst
in California

      Equator paced back and forth along the ground. Oh my lord. Where is my egg, where is she? Maybe the Nightwings stole it. I'll never get to name her... Oh no. What if-

Her thoughts were then interrupted as her search group returned. "I'm sorry. We found no trace of your egg," the lead guard, Sleet, announced.

Equator growled slightly. "Where did you look. I told you to scour the entire continent. WHERE IS MY EGG?!"

"I'm sorry. We searched everywhere, but-" 

Sleet was cut off when a dragon seemed to melt out of the snow with an egg. "My egg! What are you doing with my EGG?!" Equator roared at the new dragon.

"I wish battle a dragon. I want some… excitement. Allow me to battle you, and I will return your egg," the pulsing dragon hissed, full of a sinister tone. 

  Equator stared and thought. The dragon seemed to be a Nightwing-Rainwing hybrid, which was why he was able to blend into the snow. This ability would have allowed him to kill her easily, so she hesitantly agreed. What am I doing. Your life matters too. Even as an exile. She had recently been exiled from the Kingdom, along with many others. They now stood in this group, all exiles together. I could pass the lead to Sleet. Do I trust him? She wondered. He worked for you for months. Trust him. Her mind shouted. sigh

"Yes. I'll do it. Sleet. You will take command over our exile group. Bury me right here. Care for my egg. Name her. Silver," she commanded. "Now. SET DOWN MY EGG!" she roared at the hybrid. 

"Very well. Guards. Restrain them," the dragon said as placing down the egg. At least twenty dragons then melted out and grabbed the search team. Equator sucked in a breathe of the chilly  air. "Nooww... I will assign this guard to you," the hybrid said, signalling a guard to accompany Equator. "Go take this egg to a safe place with this Icewing. Then return," he said to the guard.

"How will my dragonet survive. She can't stay on her own!" Equator said shakily.

"Just go. She will survive. Besides I will allow your guards to accompany your egg."

Equator sighed and left with the guard. After securing the egg in a small cave, too small for any adult dragons to get into, and left. She didn't look back.

After returning, she was quickly pinned down, unable to move, while the hybrid loomed over her. "Now. Allow us to battle.”

Equator shuddered as he loomed over her, suddenly looking large.


His claw came down, and everything went black

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