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The nightmarish time-Chapter 8

The nightmarish time-Chapter 8

Posted May 16th, 2018 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

The world glittered before me, my senses on high alert. Conversations buzzed around me, but i did not listen. I glanced around, then noticed the boy from earlier. His grey eyes bore into mine, and i found i could not look away-

Just as sudden as he had come, he was lost into the crowd once more. Perplexed, i shook my head to clear it and wandered off. The way to  uncle's house was silent and otherwise undisturbed. The mansion towered over me, and i knocked gently. The giant wooden doors flew open to reveal-

A boy stood in the doorway, his grey eyes wide. 

"Freya?? What are you doing at my house?" His shocked and puzzled face mirrored mine, and realization hit me like cold water. I answered him in my cold and monotone voice:

"Is uncle Jack home?" Dan looked taken aback, but then steadied himself and shook his head. 

"Father has not come home for a few days," And when we both stood awkwardly in the doorway, added, " Would you like to come in?" I glanced at him slowly, and then stepped into the doorway without another word. The mansion gave off an eerie feeling, and it was all i could do to keep myself from shivering.

This was definitely not the home i remembered. It stunk of death and destruction so strongly that i had to cover my nose so i wouldn't smell it. But i did anyways. Grimacing, i followed Dan to the living room and sat on a red sofa. It was comfortable to sit in still; i had to give it that.

The boy stared at me for a few moments, looking dazed, and then seemed to really notice that he was inside a house. He disappeared into the kitchen and came back with two mugs of steaming hot chocolate. He offered one to me, his smile gentle but still puzzled. I took the mug and nodded in thanks. He came around the wooden table and sat beside me on the red sofa. 

Only then did i notice the dark rings under his eyes. He had been deprived of sleep for a while. I sensed it in him, the uneasiness to sleep. The fear. 

"Dan," I started, my voice intended as soft and comforting, " Why are you so afraid?" He looked at me with those wide grey eyes, and i could, for a moment, hear his pounding heart. Time seemed to slow as his eyes locked onto mine, his lips moving to form words.

"A nightmare. A strange creature whom crawled and threatened to kill me." I stared, now wide eyed myself. Our eyes broke out of the intense stare, and Dan once more looked dazed. Dazed and horrified. 

"You did something. Hypnotized me. I know. You did something." I stared at his face, stunned. How could he have noticed? This was impossible. Nobody had seen through my powers before, been able to fight them-except him. His eyes were as wide as ever, the fear making its way into his heart, darkening it...

"You are not wrong," I said finally. "I am not human. I was made in a lab in Tokyo by a few researchers. One of those researchers, Dan, was your father."

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