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The Nightmarish times-Chapter 3

The Nightmarish times-Chapter 3

Posted May 8th, 2018 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

"Dan! Come on!" It was Rosalyn's voice, no doubt. I let out a sigh and got up. I kind of felt relieved that i didn't need to stay home all the time. Yeah, i know. I am insane to want to go to school willingly. 

But i was willing to do anything to get away from that blasted place. From those nightmares.Trust me, if you were me, you would like school too. 

I hurriedly threw some cloths on, not even looking at what i wore, and clambered down the stairs. Rosalyn grinned at me and rolled her eyes. 

"Hungry much? Breakfast is served." I agreed that Rosalyn had changed; she didn't lock herself in her room anymore, and she was nice to me. We didn't ignore each other anymore. But it still gave me the creeps, as if the house had changed her somehow. 

"You bet." I answered, grinning back. Rosalyn took a good look at me, and frowned. 

"What are those bags under your eyes? Have you even Slept?" I remained silent and refused to look into her eyes. I wished now and then that she did not care at all. 

"Hey kids!" I heard dad's voice behind me and turned around. 

"Mornin' dad." Dad nodded at me and smiled, gesturing at the kitchen.  

"We gotta leave soon, i think. Didn't check what time it was." Thats dad alright, I observed with amusement.  Rosalyn just rolled her eyes, but i saw a ghost of a grin on her lips. Soon after i finished my scrambled eggs, Dad drove me down the hill and to the a grey building.

On the wall was written in big bold letters: Loomina middle school 

I scrambled out of the car hesitantly, uneasy. Everything about this town seems strange. I thought. 

The smell of smoke almost choked me, and i barely held myself from coughing. When i looked up again, children were walking into the school walls. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. They were walking through the gates. nothing out of the ordinary. 

I must be going insane. Sighing, i picked up my pace and walked behind the other students. Some whispered as i passed by, making me uncomfortable. I didn't know why they were whispering; i mean, i HAD just reached the school a few minutes ago. Suddenly, a voice made me jump out of my skin:

"Hey! You must be the new kid!" Regaining my composure, i glared at the boy standing in front of me, who was grinning. 

"Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" 

"Sorry, mate. Didn't know ya were scared so easily," I shot him another glare and sighed.  "Whats the matter with ya? Cheer up!" He slapped my back harshly, making me flinch. But i stayed silent, too tired to complain. I figured he had a few screws loose. 

He held out a hand. 

"I'm Johnny. Johnny Carson. Who would ya be?" I took his hand and managed a tired smile. 

"I'm Daniel Normelk. Call me Dan."

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