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The Nightmarish times- Chapter 5

The Nightmarish times- Chapter 5

Posted May 10th, 2018 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

I went home with John that day. He said something about doing homework or something...anyways, he was curious to see the blue mansion up close. I think he had gathered all his courage, because he was shaking noticeably when we neared the mansion.

I told him to go home at the front steps. He looked like he might pass out or burst into tears at that point. Of course, as stubborn as he was, John refused. Deciding not to waste my time arguing with him, i went inside and he followed hesitantly. 

The house looked as normal as it did before. Except one small little detail: Rosalyn wasn't home. She usually was at this time, in her room doing homework or listening to music. I started to panic: What if she had gotten into an accident? What if-

The front door slammed shut and Johnny leaped an inch into the air. I turned to stare at Rosalyn's blue eyes. She looked annoyed, but otherwise unharmed. Letting out a sigh of relief, i turned to leave when a hand grabbed my hoodie from behind.

"Dan, can i talk to you for a-" A noise interrupted Rosalyn, and her eyes widened. "I'll be back. Stay here." She warned, sprinting back the way she had came. The door slammed shut once more. 

"What on earth was that about?" Questioned John, whom was staring at the doorway like it might open any second and a ghost would jump out. 

"I can't answer that." Was all i said, and turned to walk upstairs to my room. John didn't say anything more.

We sat in the room, staring at our homework like it would sprout feet and chase us any minute. John looked as confused as i felt. 

"What was that equation again?" 

"John, you've asked that more than 10 times now!" 

"Anyways, where is your dad?" He questioned, but i reckoned it was just to change the subject to anything but math. I decided i would answer. He would just nag me about it later.

" Work." 

"What does he do?" 

"I don't really know," I said. It wasn't exactly a lie; dad never had really told us what kind of work he did. "But i think it's some sort of political work." John nodded and then turned to his math book again. 

Night fell and Johnny had to leave. We had managed to do our homework ( with great difficulty) and so John said goodbye and left. I looked around at the yard as i closed the door. Still no Rosalyn. I wonder why she looked so distressed when she left. But deep inside, i knew something was very, very wrong.

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