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One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time

Posted December 20th, 2019 by DreamDragon13

by Katherine
in Nevada

Day One

I woke up to the obnoxious beeping of my alarm, and quickly clicked the button on my phone to turn it off. I groaned and crawled out of bed. I grabbed my folded clothes from the closet and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower and change. I changed into a long sleeved grey crop top, black skinny jeans, and a maroon bomber jacket, with a black choker and dragon earrings that curled around the lobe. I applied red eyeshadow and a deep red lipstick, and slipped on my no-show arch socks. I walked downstairs and was greeted with the fresh smell of French toast that my older brother Ryan had cooked. Our parents were on two different business trips.

He was hand washing a couple dishes in the sink, "Hey, Luce." I nodded and proceeded to eat a couple pieces of toast. I grabbed my message bag and student idea, along with my wallet, and walked out side. The first I slung over my shoulder while the latter two I showed into my back pocket. I checked the time. 8 am. The bus was coming in ten minutes. When it finally came, I sat with my good friend Chastity.


As a junior in high school, I should have seen drama coming. I was so drained that I wasn't going to try out for the play, which I had been discouraged from trying out anyway. "Hey, loser!" Chastity called out. Her other friends, Rosa and Julie, were being complete- ya know what, I'm just not going to insult them like that. Some rumor had been floating around I was dating a boy, even though he was dating someone else. So basically he was cheating on the nicest girl in the school with me, and now the rumors had escalated beyond reasonable. Well, considering how many idiots are in high school, not so unreasonable. 

My "friends" had decided to abandon me, including Chastity, who had been my close friend from third grade. They didn't believe that I was actually going behind Rachel's back to go with Julian. I was sitting at lunch, staring solemnly at my food, when Julian sat next to me. I looked up, curious. "Hey, you know the rumors going around school?" I nodded, wondering what this was about. "I'm sorry, you're an okay person, but I can't be seen around you. People are starting to believe the rumors, and I want to be able to keep a stable relationship with my girlfriend. So, don't talk to me." He stood up and walked off. So people think so low of me, that I can't be seen with a certain guy in public, though we barely know each other? I was so frustrated!


Seeing someone after they make fun of you and abandon you is never a fun experience. I walked home that day. The streets were not busy, and I looked around, and saw very few cars. "Hey, Lucia! Why you such a weirdo that people have to gossip about you to make any interesting points?!" Chastity jeered as Rosa and Julie watched in amusement. I turned around to look at her, obviously uncomfortable. I was just barely off the sidewalk, a car could not hit me.

"Can you stop please?" 

"I mean, I would if it wasn't so fun to tease a loser like you. I can't even believe I believed using you for a friend was a good idea." I took a wide step back in shock. I gasped, and wondering why there was a dark green blob at the side of my vision.



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