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One of the Guys~ Chapter 11~ Angela~ Dedicated to SnowAngel (kalena) and Calla:)

One of the Guys~ Chapter 11~ Angela~ Dedicated to SnowAngel (kalena) and Calla:)

Posted March 27th, 2012 by SaddleAngel

by Hadleigh Philomena
in CT

Chapter 11


“Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, it’s only a day away!” Britt just belts it out.  I’m soooo jealous of her voice sometimes…

I look down at my hand, resting on the arm rest beside me, and Jason’s, resting on his knee- mere inches away.  I bite my lip…  Hold it, please…  Take it, just take my hand…  Please…

And he does.

Jason glances at me, questions in his eyes, and slowly picks up his hand and moves it to mine.  I smile slightly and flip my hand over, and he takes it.  He entwines my fingers in his own and squeezes my hand.  My smile turns into a full-out grin as I turn my eyes back to the stage, where Britt’s singing her heart out.


“Hey- why do you guys have a play during the first week of school?” Jason asks as the seven of us- Jason, Sam, Brett, Leesh, Britt, Care, and me- walk out of the auditorium.  Well, scratch that.  Britt, Care, and Brett are practically skipping.  Britt and Care have good reason, since they performed well- Care was an orphan girl- and Brett…  Well, Brett’s just skipping.  He’s weird.  That’s Brett for you.  But, hey, who cares- Jason’s holding my hand again!

“Oh, the school scheduled the play for June, the weekend after graduation,” Britt says. “But the new auditorium wasn’t finished on time, so we had to reschedule.  We decided to just have it the first weekend of school.”

“Cool,” Jason says with a smile.

We’ve reached the street where Leesh lives, so we all stop.  I voice what’s on all of our minds. “Wanna go to DQ?”

“Yes!” We all yell/shout/squeal simultaneously. 

So we walk the half-mile to Dairy Queen, the true patroness of our town- at least to the teenage population.  Except for Jason, we all know what everyone gets, so we all take turns ordering and gathering money from everyone.  Of course it’s my turn.

“Pay up!” I shout as we reach our picnic table.  Everyone stuffs dollar bills into my outstretched hands.  When I turn towards the only person that hasn’t given me money- Jason- he has a completely confused look on his face.

“Oh.  Sorry.  I’ll explain.” I giggle, biting my lip again. “It’s this thing we do…  Everyone knows what everyone else likes, so we take turns ordering while the others goof off.”

“Ah, I understand,” Jason says, smiling broadly. “Well, as a gentleman, I volunteer to come with you and help.  I would take over, but I don’t know everyone’s order- alas.”

I can’t help the huge smile that spreads. “Thanks…  I think.”

Jason takes my hand- heart- and we skip up to the ordering bar.


“All right, you’ll need a pen and paper for this one,” I warn the girl behind the counter.  She nods, knowing us from previous addictions.  I turn towards Jason. “Pay attention, gentleman.  Okay, so first, the Blizzards.  Leesh’ll take a small mocha chip with mint syrup.  Brett’ll take a medium mint oreo.  Britt’ll take a medium M&M/cappuccino heath mix.  Care’ll take a small strawberry lemonade chiller.  Sam’ll take an oreo brownie earthquake.  I’ll take a medium cone, twist ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, with whipped cream,” I recite perfectly. 

Jason stares at me in awe. “How do you remember that?”

“Psychotic nature,” I say with a grin. “You?”

“Um, I’ll take a medium…  Uh…  Mocha- no, wait, cappuccino- no…  Um, a medium cone with twist, dipped in butterscotch,” Jason sputters.  The girl huffs at our long order. 

I guess I’ll give her a big tip.



A/N: I love DQ...  CAN YOU TELL?!  xD Hahahaha lol...  I just had what Angela ordered a few hours ago...  Mmmmm, yummyyyyy!:D So yeah....  Hope you liked it!:) I'll try to get another one up tonight, but I have hist/geog and math hw left so I don't know if I can...  THANK YOU!!:)

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~Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing's going to get better. It's not.~The Lorax

Posted by Katniss Everdee... on Tue, 03/27/2012 - 20:02
Awwwww thank you!!!:D ~FMD

Awwwww thank you!!!:D


"It’s not a fair comparison, really. Gale and I were thrown together by a mutual need to survive. Peeta and I know the other’s survival means our own death." ~Katniss, The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

Posted by ~Clove (FMD)~ on Tue, 03/27/2012 - 20:14


Yet ANOTHER amazing chapter that I can't give CC too cause its ALREADY to AWESOME!


The boy with the bread, the girl on fire. TOAST!!!!!!

Posted by The Marked (Calla) on Tue, 03/27/2012 - 20:38

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