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One more - TW: s3lf h4rm

One more - TW: s3lf h4rm

Posted June 7th, 2022 by Not_Jello

by Mike
in No

TRIGGER WARNING FOR SH!!!! (Also kind of a vent like my last one, but I like writing stories based on how I feel.)















"Mr. Davison, can I go to the bathroom?" I ask. The teacher nods.

   "All right, just don't take too long." He answers. I quickly stand from my chair, pencil sharpener and a screwdriver in my pockets. Once I finally get to the bathroom I lock my stall as if I was just going to the toilet like any normal person.

   Unscrewing the sharpener, my eyes light up and I can feel my heart beat faster. I take out the blade and slice it through my thigh. "It's just as thrilling as the last time..." I mutter to myself, and go over the cut once more.

   I look at the blood that slowly begins to spill from the white cut, which is taking it's time to become red. Mixed in, I see a few small bits of fat and a vein I almost hit. I debate whether I should go over it or not. I decide not to, and take out a disinfectant wipe for injuries and cuts and a bandaid. I wipe the blood from the cut and place a bandaid on it, I can properly clean it later. I screw the blade back into the sharpener and head back to class. There's a bit of blood on the floor, but it doesn't matter.




I really like writing these types of stories... maybe I should make more.

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Do so. And if Perry doesnt

Do so. And if Perry doesnt give two craps about the website add some f words in there. Itll be good, especially for venting.

Posted by Elizabeth on Tue, 06/07/2022 - 10:37

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