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only one

only one

Posted October 25th, 2018 by SilverMoon

by solivagant
in timately acquainted with the void

Hey! Here's another one of those little snippet-- actually this one was more personal lol. 

I'm working on a couple of little drabbles for my Kuroyuri universe that I will post as well, plus a half-written Sin Game snippet (that I'll finish). 

Even though a lot of my writing has outgrown KidPub, I still want to post what I can and support the community. :) Hopefully, I can also get to checking out other people's stuff. Please tell me if there's anything of yours you want me to read!

The one person they knew they could count on completely. 

It wasn't their mother, or their father, or their sister. It wasn't any of their family. It wasn't their friends with whom they passed the time day by day by day. It wasn't the person who snuggled close to their side and kissed them and told them they would never leave, who they could talk to for hours about nothing and everything and never tire, who said they desired them-- loved them. 

There was only one person they could count on completely. Someone who wasn't always by their side, but always let them be themself. The only person with no expectations, the only person that understood them. 

They could go weeks without speaking or seeing each other, and they had their own lives. But they always fell back into the same easy acceptance, and were always there when it really counted. They sometimes found each other annoying but never wanted the other to be out of their life. 

The only person they held in the strictest confidence-- the only person they could trust to accept them, to work with them, to have no expectations and allow them to be themself no matter what.

Even though one should never trust anyone, there was one person they could say they finally trusted. And there was no element of romance-- they didn't balance each other out, weren't what each other wanted. But they were the only person they could say was meant to be in their life-- they didn't believe in destiny, just combinations of circumstance, but this was a person they felt they had been "destined" to meet. 

It would probably be easier if they could just fall in love with each other. 

But that wasn't meant to be, and the lack of romance was a part of what made the relationship work. Love like that brings expectations and pressures. 

Just as they had always thought, they were designed to be alone. They had never expected to find anyone they could trust. 

But there was one. Someone to be alone with, who was like them, who accepted them. It wasn't in the way they were taught to yearn for, not the passionate romantic completion of souls stories made you seek. They weren't one together, they were two. Two broken pieces that didn't fit anywhere and maybe never would. 

But they had each other. 

So there's another little thing for now!! I hope to be more active in the future but school and stuff is kicking my butt at the moment lmao. On the plus side, I took the PSAT so I don't feel like a complete failure lol! Still six weeks to results, rip.

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hey post sin game stuff

hey post sin game stuff friendo

Posted by listen to hadestown on Sun, 11/04/2018 - 20:49

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