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Operation Meltdown: (Chapter Five)

Operation Meltdown: (Chapter Five)

Posted May 3rd, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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|  Chapter 5 |



“Morning, sons! Come on! We gotta get you to school!” Dad’s voice echoed into the room.

“*YAWN* It’s morning already?” I asked as I woke up, looking at Dad in front of me with two weird looking bags, one big and small, that had straps attached to it on the back.

“Yes it is! I’ll take you for breakfast on the way. Take this, it’s a backpack, you wear it on your back like this.” Dad demonstrate how you use the weird bag before giving me the slightly larger one.

“Huh. Okay.” I said as I got off of the bed and put on the weird bag. “What are these called again?”

“Backpacks.” Dad replied. “I’m gonna be waiting at the van. I’m testing you, also teaching you, how to find your way independently. Use the elevator, the small room with buttons, or the stairs both work. And, wake up your brother.”

“Okay!” I said before he exited the room.

I walked over to Saone and lightly shook him.
“Mmmmm, leave me alone, I wanna sleep.” he muttered. “So, comfy…”

“Well too bad, Saone! We’re going to school! So you need to get up!” I said as I tried to pull him off the bed. I succeeded easily, and I was now holding him upside down by his feet.

“What’s school?” Saone yawned.

“I have no clue, but Dad wants us to go to it.” I replied.

“Okay.” Saone said, “can you, um, let me stand? My head hurts. *YAWN*”

“Oh yeah… Sorry.” I said as I set him down on the floor and let him stand up.

“Okay, where’s Dad?” Saone asked.

“Downstairs. And we need to get there by ourselves without his help he said.” I replied.

“Okay. Lead the way then, Drake Fritzman.” Saone said, “that’s what Dad said we get called at school, right?”

“Yeah and your Agate Fritzman.” I said as I headed to the door.

“Okay! We should call each other that then!” Saone said.

“Good idea! Now come on Agate! Let’s go find Dad!” I said. I walked out of the room as Saone followed behind.

We walked out into the hallway, I looked around for the elevator as I didn’t know where the stairs were.

“Do you see that elevator Agate?” I asked Saone.

“Elevator?” Saone asked back.

“Those metal doors with the buttons.” I explained.

“Oh, that’s called an elevator?” Saone asked.

“Yes. It is.” I replied.

“There it is!” Saone pointed.

I saw he was indeed pointing at the elevator.

“Good job!” I said as I patted him on the head.

“Yay! I got it right!” Saone exclaimed, a bright smile on his face. He then walked to the elevator and knocked the metal door. He waited for a few moments. “Uhh… why won’t it work?!”

“You see Agate…” I said as I walked over to the side with buttons and pointed at them. “You press these.”

“Oh.” Saone pressed the buttons repeatedly. “It’s still not working!”

I noticed that the buttons had rings of light around them and when they were pressed they lit up.

Then all of a sudden the two doors opened up.

“Okay, come on Agate.” I said to him as we walked into the elevator.

“Oh. There it is.” Saone followed me into the elevator.

The metal doors closed and the elevator stood in its spot, not moving. Then, Saone pressed all the buttons with the numbers on them.

“Uhhh… I don’t think you’re supposed to do that Agate…” I said uneasily.

“What do you mean?” He pressed the buttons that had rings of light around them again. I felt as the elevator went down, stopping, and going down again.

“I think you should stop…” I said to him.

“Why? It’s working!” Saone exclaimed, continuing to press the buttons.

“But… I think dad only had to press one button to go up…” I said. “So I think we only had to press one button to go down…”

“Oh.” Saone stopped pressing the buttons. He looked at the buttons. “Which one goes down?”

“Hmm…” I said as I examined the buttons.

I then saw a button that had a letter on it. A letter that had a line vertical, which attached to a horizontal line by the end of the line; going to the right.

“Maybe it’s this one…?” I said as I pressed the button.

After a couple moments, the doors opened and revealed the place we were at yesterday. I saw Dad waiting by the doors.

“Come on Agate.” I said, grabbing Saone’s hand and leading him over to Dad. “Hey Dad! We made it here!”

“Good job!” Dad said.

“Did we do well?” I asked him.

“Yes, very good. You know how to get up, right?” Dad asked.

“We press one of the number buttons right?” I asked.

“It’s on the 3rd floor.” Dad said, “so the button would be ‘3’.”

“Oh yeah… So… where is this ‘school’?” I asked.

“We’re gonna head on to it, follow me.” Dad said.

We followed him outside to the minivan.

“Are we gonna ride there?” I asked.

“Yes. But this time sit in the front next to me.” Dad said, “that’s what normal high schoolers usually do.”

“Oh okay.” I said as I walked over to the van and opened one of the front doors and climbed inside. “Does Agate sit here too?”

“Nope.” Dad opened the back door, and there was this weird seat on the seat. “I’m gonna have him sit here.” Dad carried Saone and put him into that weird seat and put some sort of belt onto him as well.

“That doesn't look comfortable…” I said. “Why does he need to sit in that?”

“It’s the law. He may look slightly old, but he still needs a car seat.” Dad closed the door and entered the other door in front of the circle thing.

“Oh okay.” I said before I noticed that there was another one of the belts next to the door of my seat. “Do I need to put this on too?”

“Yes.” Dad nodded and the loud sound started, and the minivan began moving again.

“Uhhh.... how do I put it on?” I asked as I grabbed onto the belt.

“Put it in that red thing.” Dad replied, his eyes facing forward.

I looked around until I saw said red thing on the other side of me. I took the belt and put it’s metal clip into the red thing before hearing a click sound.

“D-did I do it?” I asked.

“Yes you did.” Dad smiled.

“Yay!” I exclaimed.

Dad then continued to drive until I saw a building in the distance, a very large building.

“Is that the school?” I asked him.

“No, that’s the library. It has books. In the school, you’ll see many students. You’re independent enough, right? Because I’m gonna drop you off, you’ll have to talk to people and find out where to go and what to do. I have a copy of your schedule in your backpack.” Dad said, continuing to drive. “I’ll drop Agate off as well, but he’s gonna need more assistance. Remember, your name is Drake Fritzman.”

“Right!” I said with a nod.

“Alright, that right there is the school.” Dad drove behind lots of cars, and there seemed to be a LOT of people walking towards a big building.

“Wow… thats a lot of people.” I said nervously.

“Yeah. You ready?” Dad asked.

“S-sure…” I said uneasily.

“Go on ahead. Stay secretive. Blend in. Be smart.” Dad said.

“O-okay…” I said as I got out of the car.

Dad gave me a thumbs up before he drove away with Saone. I was now on my own. I saw some of the kids giving me looks like I was out of place.

“Hey dude!” A random guy walked up to me, “you the new kid?”

“Y-yeah…” I said nervously.

“Cool. Whatchur name?” The guy asked.

“I-I’m Drake F-Fritzman.” I replied.

“Nice to meet ya. Ya play sports?” The guy asked.

Sports? What were sports? I had no clue what sports were!

“Uhhh… o-of course I do! Hehe…” I said uneasily.

“Which ones do you play?” He asked.

Oh dear… I had to think of something fast… I looked around rapidly until I felt something bump into my foot. I my was a bright red ball. Then I had an idea!

“I play football!” I said confidently.

“Same! Well, Drake, see ya around!” The guy then walked away with a grin.

“Y-yeah! See you around!” I said as the guy walked away.

I then remained standing in my spot, the bright red ball still at my foot. I then nudged it away with said foot. Everyone else gave me looks as they entered the building.

I decided to follow them inside.

“Hey, you’re Drake Fritzman, right?” A woman walked up to me.

“Uh yes I am. Why do you ask?” I asked her.

“I’m Ms. Teyman! I’m the counselor here at Innovations High School! I’ll help you find your classes!” The woman said, “here, let me see your schedule.”

I then open my backpack and pulled out the sheet of paper Dad put in there and handed it to her.

“Let’s see here…” Ms. Teyman said, looking at the paper, “your first class is English!!”

“Okay. Where is English?” I asked her.

“Follow me!” Ms. Teyman exclaimed as she walked through the hallway through the students and I followed behind.

“There’s a lot of people here.” I said to her as we walked.

“Yes, our school has a lot of people!” Ms. Teyman nodded.

I felt very nervous. I was not used to being around so many people at once.

We continued walking until Ms. Teyman stopped in front of a door leading into a room. “Here’s your first class! I’ll help you get to your next class next time!”

“O-okay… thank you Ms.Teyman!” I said.

“You’re welcome!” Ms. Teyman walked away.

I walked into the room, there were people everywhere talking to each other.

I took another step forward and suddenly everyone stopped talking and stared at me.

It was unnerving. It's like they were examining me.

“H-hello…” I said nervously.

That’s when they then just ignored my and continued talking.

I then looked around the room until I saw someone at a desk in the corner of the room.

There was a man sitting in a chair at the desk, he had slight gray-brown hair and was wearing a yellow shirt with a gray jacket on as well as deep blue jeans and a pair of blue rimmed glasses.

“You’re Drake Fritzman?” The man asked, noticing that I was looking at him.

“Uhh… yes.” I said nervously again.

“Welcome to Innovations. I’m Mr. McCoy.” said the man, who was looking at me, “why don’t you take a seat?”

“Uhh… okay.” I said as I found an empty seat and sat down.

“Hey, that’s my seat ya punk.” a big dude growled from behind me.

“Oh. Ummm… sorry.” I said as I got up and moved to a new seat. (one that was very far from the big dude, in the back of the room).

“Alright class.” Mr. McCoy got out of his seat and walked around the front of the room, where there was some big white board. “Today will be a work day for you to work on your essays. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can come ask me. Now get to work.” He then took a seat again. Everyone around me started working, doing all sorts of things that I had no absolute clue what they were.

I had absolutely no idea what to do.

“Aye, dude, why aren’t ya workin?” a guy sitting to my left looked at me. “Woah wait, you’re Drake, the new kid.”

“Yes. Thats me.” I replied.

“Yeah you should just go ask the teacher.” the guy pointed at Mr. McCoy.

“Thanks.” I said before walking over to Mr. McCoy. “Excuse me sir. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.”

“Right, I forgot about you. You can just read for now, you don’t have to do the essay since its due tomorrow, and they’ve been spending a week on it.” Mr. McCoy said. “If you don’t have a book, you can take one off the shelf.”

“Oh okay.” I said.

But then I realized ‘What’s a book? I don’t even know how to read!’

“Excuse me Mr. McCoy. I need help picking a book.” I then said to him.

“Oh? Well then how about you just take this one. It’s a classic. The Wizard of Oz.” Mr. McCoy handed me a ‘book’.

So this is what a book is. It was a thick rectangular block of what seemed like paper and had a hard covering on the front, back and going down one of the long sides. There was also writing on it. Writing I couldn’t read.

I then headed back to my seat, sat down and opened the book. I still didn’t know what I was supposed to do. So I opened the book at its front and just stared at the inside for a while and moved the sheets of paper every few minutes. Soon I heard a loud ringing sound rip through the air. Everyone else began to move and grab their backpacks before heading to the door.

“Alright class I’ll see you tomorrow!” Mr. McCoy said as the others left the room.

I followed them out the door and waited for Ms. Teyman to come.

“Hey Drake. Ms. Teyman asked me to help you get to your next class.” a boy with glasses walked over to me.

“Oh okay…” I said.

“So you have biology with me next.” the boy looked at a paper. “Right this way.” He began walking.

I followed behind him.

“By the way, my name’s Jeffrey.” the boy said.

“Nice to meet you Jeffrey.” I said to him.

“Nice to meet you too. Do you like video games?” Jeffrey asked.

What are video games? Hmm… I’ll just say yes.

“Yeah, I do.” I replied.

“Do you wanna come over to my place sometime to play?” he asked.

“Hmm… I’ll have to ask my dad.” I replied.

“Okay then shoot me a text to tell me what he says. I’ll give you my number after class.” We then made it to a room and Jeffrey entered.

I followed him inside.

The room was filled with rows of  long black tables, with cabinets lining the walls and a large desk near the entrance of the room. There was a woman wearing a yellow shirt and blue pants with black sitting in the chair at the large desk.

“Ah you must be Drake.” She said to me.

“Yes that’s me.” I said.

“I’m Mrs. Kolly. It’s nice to meet you.” She said kindly.

“Nice to meet you to.” I said back.

She then stood up and addressed the whole class.

“Everyone! This is our new classmate Drake! Say hello!” She said.

“HI DRAKE.” All of the students in the class said at once.

“Make sure to assist him if he needs any help.” Mrs. Kolly said before sitting back down.

I then stood where I was. Unsure of what to do.


Then suddenly a loud bang rang through the air.

Everyone else in the class stopped what they were doing and looked at Mrs. Kolly, they all looked scared.

“Everyone remain calm. Everything is going to be fine!” Mrs. Kolly said, trying to calm everyone, she looked very worried.

There was another bang. It came from the hallway.

I walked towards the door.

“Drake! Where are you going?! You can’t leave the classroom!” Jeffrey exclaimed.

I ignored him and went out into the hall.

I looked down the hall and saw a man holding some sort of small black object in his right hand.

When he saw me he pointed the object at me threateningly.



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