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Over Shadow Chapter 1: One Sad Memory at a Time (EVEN MORE EDITED)

Over Shadow Chapter 1: One Sad Memory at a Time (EVEN MORE EDITED)

Posted April 6th, 2013 by scorp64

by Ink Blade (Alex)
in In The Sun Palace, helping Erick

A/N: I know that I have posted this chapter about four times now, but I needed to do this to prove to myself that I was still going strong in my writing. 

Also, I have decided to delete all of my older Over Shadow posts, and I DEFINITLY WILL BE POSTING MORE CHAPTERS. I PROMISE.

Well, enjoy!



Chapter 1:

One Sad Memory at a Time…



It was a chilling afternoon, the wind howled like a pack of hungry wolves, and the rain pounded against buildings like angry robbers, smacking against everything, trying to find a way in. The sky was painted with endless cascades of monstrous clouds, their swirling blackness swallowing all shreds of light in a single gulp. Many had forecast light shower, with a single lick of lightning and thunder. But it had been replaced with a ravenous monster that refused to dissipate, a hell bound strength that enveloped the land in an wretched existence.

Yet all professionals refused to close the schools. So cowering children were once again crammed into small tin buses and sent to their educational facilities. No one understood this decision, and many refused to accept it, this evident in the large numbers of students missing from around the county.

So Erick was crammed into his usual school desk. His brown hair drifted to the side of his face and his eyes were huge, filled with despair and remorse. His buff exterior was squeezed into the small school desk, forcing him to take small and shallow breaths. Tears stained his plain blue shirt and his limbs began to tremble.

He had become oblivious to anything , but no one seemed to notice.

Why? How could you let them die?

It should have been you, It should have been you...

These whispers endlessly repeated, the agonizing guilt dragging his body. He had tried to come within reason, but simply failed.

His eyesight suddenly blackened, leaving him covered in a blanket of nothing, smothering him. His mind faded, an excruciating pain stabbing his head and sending more burning tears down his face. A scream shattered the silence, even obliterating the whispers of guilt. It was all too memorable, sending a shard of a scarred past into the emblazoned light, and dragging Erick into an intoxicating nightmare.




Erick and his family sat huddled on their worn down leather couch, the crumbs of left over snacks coating the floor in a disgusting filth. Erick's father continued to chant, his ferocious screams shaking the entire room as the sound resonated through the air. Soon, the whole family was on their feet, chanting as their favorite football team, the Houston Texans, ran for a touchdown.

As the final seconds of the game ticked down, their was a large hiss that broke the air. Suddenly, the television was out like a light, powering down with a deafening mechanical crackle. Erick's family was stupefied, still as statues, until it started.

Erick's father roared in agony, collapsing to the hard floor with a sickening THUD. His kind green eyes lay open, staring into the sky, an eerie and disturbing scene. His body was instantly drained of life, leaving limp, pale flesh that would have made the most murderous men cringe in the darkest shadows.

Erick just stood there, his heart already threatening to push out of his throat. He couldn't move, his body in shock as his mind tried to comprehend the passing seconds. Echos ricocheted through his mind, but nothing audible to his dazed thoughts.

He stared at his father’s lifeless body, forcing his eyes not to water. He silently pleaded for something, anything, that signaled for a cruel survival. It seemed like an eternity, the stillness of the air creating an eerie scene. An invisible clock ticked deafeningly through his mind, forcing him to his knees. A faint shriek pitched his ears, and there was a huge vision switch.

Erick could now see himself, and he was appalled. His eyes were suddenly bright red, his skin a sickly yellow that seemed to reflect the dim light that splashed across the room. He couldn't look away as he watched his body tumble to the floor, as limp as his father's. Erick's mother rushed over, trying to push his body up, but it was useless. His chest lunged uncontrollably, the wisps of air being released useless to his deteriorating lungs.

There was another whirl of wind, and Erick was returned to his nightmare body. He could now feel the searing pain that continued to spread across his chest. His body fidgeted in agony as he tried to grasp the little energy that hadn't been exhausted. He knew that this was how it had been only years ago, but it was too damaging to believe.

He hurled himself back to his knees, staggering to stay alive. He knew that as the minutes passed, even seconds, his life would dissipate into the arms of death. But a single, muffled breath erupted before Erick was in its grasp.

His father lunged on the floor, his sudden breathing shocking both Erick and his mother. His body fidgeted, and his mouth formed only a single word.


Erick instinctively grasped his father in his frail hands, and helped his mother as they hoisted his body off of the frigid ground. They stumbled through the ajar door and into the brisk, howling wind. He could feel sharp needles of ice prick his skin, but he forced himself to refuse the agony, pushing himself to the small red Chevy that sat only feet away.

As they finally got to the Chevy, Erick hoisted his father into the car, forcing himself to balance the body on the back seat. After his father's back feet were placed in the car, Erick threw himself in, finally having the strength to scream “ Go, go go!”

His mother didn't think twice, she threw her foot onto the accelerator, and the old machine roared to life with a ravenous boom. The machine hurtled down the street, rapidly speeding across the small driveway and onto the streets.

As they sped down the road, narrowly swerving away from disaster, Erick pressed his hand against his father, the frigid body another clog in Erick's throat. The world was traveling too fast, scenes and sounds and smells simply a distraction to the well of agony and weakness that sat only feet away.

Erick's mother risked a slight glance, beads of sweat pouring down her frozen skin. Her beautiful brunette hair frazzled and sprawled into the air, a mess of twisted and matted strings. Her eyes were wide in fear, shining with gold specks that enchanted Erick. But he forced himself to look away, and focus on his father.

His breathing had once again lunges of his chest, wisps of useless air that echoed through his empty lungs. His eyes had become endless chasms of blackness, frightening pits that were fixated on Erick.

Erick wanted to scream, to sob and wail, but his own sickness had begun to overwhelm him, lowering him into the darkness. Crimson shadows had begun to smother him, and he began to mutter incoherent nothing.

His mother completely ignored him though, reaching out and placing a trembling hand on his father's limp hand.

It’s worse than I expected,” she mumbled in a low, deep and stone-hard voice. Her eyes grew brighter and brighter, but he couldn't concentrate on a single thing.

Mom...?” his voice cracked. He almost went under at that exact moment, but he clung on, trying to save his life, trying to summon help. But it was no use. His mother was lost in her own mind, mumbling an incomprehensible jumble of words that seemed to be created form a foreign language, clicks and sounds and patterns unknown to his ears.

A screech covered the muffled mumbling as the clunker of mechanisms sped onto the beginning of a highway, but his mother's attention was unwavering. Her eyes were now casting a lustrous glow across his father's body, giving the air a strange hue of gold. He watched in eternal horror as her hand simply drifted off of the wheel, sending the vehicle out of control and becoming the catalyst of a rupture of horns into the air. Dust fluffed the air and a jarring smash ricocheted through the interior, slamming Erick and his father flying into separate walls. There was a clang, and he plummeted into darkness.




When he opened his eyes, Erick forced them back shut as light flooded into his retinas and made his head pound harder and harder. Nothing was clear, all around he felt shards of rubble and debris. He didn't know what had happened, and he didn't need to.

As he drifted his head upward, he could see the shrouded silhouettes of his family, bodies lazily tossed in their seats. Hundreds of sharp crimson rivers poured down flesh, tainting the air with the acrid evidence of death.

He finally erupted, letting loose a weak growl coated in anguish. No tears fell, as his body couldn't withstand anymore movement. So he just laid there, body trembling in the frigid and cramped conditions of his surroundings.


A hiss painted the Erick, forcing Erick's head to raise. He was greeted with the glowing eyes of his parents. Bright purple orbs that sent a chill down his spine.

Erick...” something said, the contorted voice echoing through his head.

We will meet again... Heir of the Sun.”

A cackle erupted in the air, and another spike of agony pierced his skin. He was thrown back into the darkness, the last thing audible being the devious cackle that sent shock waves of confusion and anguish through his darkened soul.


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good job i like it

good job i like itsmiley

Posted by Macie on Sat, 04/06/2013 - 13:56

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