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The Keepers: Excerpt

The Keepers: Excerpt

Posted January 9th, 2019 by ariee

by cacophony
in In my mind which seems that there is no way out.

a/n: Hello, it's been a long time since I've been on kidpub. I did just wanna stop in and say hi. Also to debut an excerpt from a book that I am writing. This is very short and really unedited, but let me know how you like it. 


The sky always seemed to weep when Venus Chen visited a cemetery. 
When her grandfather had passed, the rain gently cascaded downward and left soft kisses on her cheek. She imagined him scooping her up and placing his lips on her forehead once more. The icy rain froze her to the core when her teacher had a stroke. The cold had made her heart stop and she pondered if this was the misery her teacher had felt. Finally, when she went to visit her parent's graves it was almost a torrential downpour. However, she knew in her heart that she couldn't avoid it anymore. 
Clutching a vase of flowers in her tiny hands, Venus trudged along the sodden grass. She was dressed ill-fittingly for the weather. Her high heels sunk into the ground with each step and her black dress stopped short just below the knee. However, she was possessed with a powerful determination. On the day of their actual funeral, Venus was in the hospital recovering from the fatal car crash. However, two months had crept on and she still hadn't even visited them. The guilt in her stomach kept her warm as she forged on and eventually found her parent's plot. 
The grass was sparser here and the wreaths of flowers were in different levels of decay. Venus looked sheepishly at her small vase of rain-assaulted flowers and set them near the base of the tombstone. Suddenly, it hit her. Not all of the tiny raindrops, but the huge weight of her parent's deaths. She felt fragile under this burden and collapsed to her knees, softly sinking into the mud. Tears flowed from her eyes and ugly sobs tumbled from her mouth. It took her a few moments to regain a little composure and her tears were reduced to uneven sniffles. Something on their tombstone caught her eye. It was a saying that both her parents were fond of. 
"We are not always the main characters in our stories and, as such, we can't always choose how they end."

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