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PART 2: Chapter 5

PART 2: Chapter 5

Posted February 12th, 2018 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

 So, where do we start looking for this Sarah person?" Clary questioned, dusting off her perfectly clean cloths. 

" Let's just focus on getting out for now..." Will sighed, leaning against a nearby tree to recollect his thoughts.

" Alright-" 

"Hey! You two!" Clary was cut off by a voice, which sounded from behind them. Will shot Clary a quick look, only to find her eyes widened, and her body frozen in place. She was already looking to the place where the voice was coming from. Will followed her gaze and froze himself: 

There stood a boy their age, with silver hair and blue eyes- and he was holding a katana. 

"Ash..." Will heard Clary exclaim, and flinched slightly. This was Ash? He looked like a psychopath! How could he be Clary's friend?

The boy, having heard his name, looked in her direction and glared fiercely. 

"Hey, you. I don't know how you know my name, or why you are wearing those funny cloths, but i know one thing: I have to bring you to the mansion." And so "Ash" walked up towards them; but Clary still stood frozen in her spot, and Will shook her arm gently. 

" Hey," He whispered in her ear. No response. He tried again: 

"Hey, Clary! Snap out of it!" As if snapped out of a trance, Clary blinked and looked over to the boy, bringing up her hands in defense; but it was a moment too late, for the boy had the sword at their throats. 

Will swallowed nervously, and glanced over at Clary. But once he saw her, he felt himself shiver slightly. Her once golden eyes were dull, her soft black hair in tangles. Clary's delicate hands were loose by her sides, and she looked as if she would fall down any moment, for her face looked pale and transparent like a ghosts, her eyes half closed as if sleep-walking. 

Ash took her hand and started dragging her away, but left Will where he was. Confused slightly, Will called over to him:

"Hey! You can't just take her!" The boy stopped, now in a patch of light, and now his clothing was really visible; he wore pure silver armor, which gleamed and twinkled in the sunlight. Will now knew why he had called their clothing funny: They were in a completely different era! But how? Had they walked through another window without noticing??

"Who said you weren't coming either, boy? Start walking." Will felt a strange duty as to not let Clary be taken by herself, and so followed hesitantly.


The sky was clouded over with grey, making Yuki grimace slightly. He had made sure that Sarah had fallen sleep before walking out the small cottage, noticing the silver barrier which surrounded the area, having been placed by Celestial in case Sarah did try to escape. 

Its wooden walls colored the distance now, and Yuki glanced away from it silently. He just had to get away from Sarah. He could not bear to see her sleeping so soundly and not being able to touch her and feel the same way about her anymore. 

Just thinking about her made his ribs throb from his aching heart, and he pawed the earth and howled and howled until his voice was scratchy and hoarse. The pain in his throat distracted him from his bleeding heart, even if only for a few minutes, and he crumbled to the hard and damp earth. 


The rain poured like patches of water, wetting the earth and feeding the trees, refreshing everything around it. Sarah sat beside a silver haired boy, and they spoke cheerfully in the park's shelter as the rain showered all around them. 

" I went to Celestial and he told me how to use water magic! Look look!" The blonde waved her small and chubby arms in the air, causing the rain to waver slightly. Ash clasped his hands together and embraced his friend. 

"Wow! Thats so cool, Sarah! I wish my family would teach me that..." She stroked his hair and kissed his cheek, making him flush slightly. 

"Don't worry! Even if you're human i still love you!" 


Yuki cleansed his fur with his tongue, staring at the distance with unseeing eyes; it felt so real, as if she was still there and they were still children... 

He broke away from his fur and glanced up at the sky longingly; what a beautiful sight it was! He remembered Sarah's first goddess mark when she was 13: A new moon on the inside of her wrist, glowing and burning her arm as she whimpered and gripped and clawed at him like her life depended on it. 

It had been like he himself had been in pain; the screaming and the crying had been too much for his heart to handle. Celestial had said that the pain was normal, but Will would not be consulted. Afterwards, the moon grew fuller and fuller as she grew a year older, and on her 18th birthday, which was a few years from now, the moon would be full and she would be a full-fledged goddess by then.

The thought scared him so greatly that he curled up and shivered violently for a minute or two, for it was said goddesses lost most of their humane memories when they became full fledged. Did that mean she would forget him? He buried his head inside his chest, curling even tighter, and felt a single tear escape his eyes.

Sarah, i love you.

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