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The Passentture School Series - Section 6

The Passentture School Series - Section 6

Posted May 18th, 2017 by ArabellasAura

by Nunya B.
in my own dreams

NOTE: This may become unfinished! :( I hope that doesn't happen, but I haven't been writing in a while...


The red car started driving itself again, backing up from the street lamp it hit. The lamp, somehow, managed to straighten itself. However, whenever I looked at it from afar, it still seemed awkwardly crooked. This didn’t surprise me with all of the odd things that happened already. The car didn’t seem to care about the street lamp, or its ruined front, and began to drive out of sight. Wait, let me change that. The car didn’t seem to care about its ruined front, because it wasn’t ruined! Out of the corner of my eye, I got a glance at its front before it vanished. Of course – another strange thing that had to happen. This was getting pretty predictable.

Actually, forget that. Nothing out of place happened during the whole walk to school, although I was sure something would happen. I almost felt I was arguing with myself – one half of me was relieved that I had peace for once, and the other half was growing impatient for the next event. Finally, I made it to the school. I looked up at the sky. It looked like it was afternoon! My eyes wandered over to the clock that was to the left of the entrance to my school. I sighed, realizing I was late. It was twelve, and I was supposed to be here at nine. I turned back toward the sky, trying to avoid thinking about how mad my teacher would be (and how much more homework she’d give me).

Then the event I was waiting for happened. Faster than I could blink, the sky grew dark, like it was morning again. I gasped, as students that have already entered the school found themselves entering it again. Not again! I couldn’t have just gone back in time three hours without thinking! I looked at the clock, my expression transforming into one of disbelief. It was eight fifty AM! Did I just give myself ten extra minutes so I wouldn’t be late? The funny thing is – my classmates were doing things over again. Why wasn’t I with the mysterious figure that drove the red car?

I reminded myself that it didn’t matter if I was late, because if I entered the school I would be sent to the place my parents mentioned anyway. I took a deep breath. I knew I didn’t want to go into the building, whether it was for normal education or for this land my parents are sending me to. Assuming my father was right, however, the entire world will be in danger if I stay. Someone will catch me using these powers and make me suffer whatever the consequences were. On the other hand, I didn’t want to leave my past experiences behind and possibly tread into a world I’ve never seen before.

My curiosity, being impatient as usual, cut me off in the middle of arguing with myself, and I pulled myself through the school’s door without thinking.


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