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[the planets and the stars] [book 1: abbi's rescue] [chapter 3]

[the planets and the stars] [book 1: abbi's rescue] [chapter 3]

Posted May 4th, 2019 by Werty

by {]Kayla[}
in your mind. i mean, it's not like i'm real.

Chapter 3

Ellie’s POV

We were almost home when I realized.

    “Oh no,” I said. “We forgot Paige at school.”

    “No,” began Izzy.  “Paige is right…” she looked beside her.  “Here.”

    “Oh no.  Oh no.” Quinn looked like she felt terrible.  “It’s my fault. I thought I heard something about her going to the bathroom, but I decided I imagined it.”

    “I think I heard that too.” Izzy said.  “Should we turn around?”

    “Too late.”  I said gravely.  “We’re here.”

    And so we were.  The small house was right in front of us.  The weird thing was, there was another car in the driveway.  Two girls came out of it. Paige- and another girl with red hair.

    “What— how—” stuttered Izzy.

    “This is Abbi.” Paige told us.  “She gave me a ride home when you forgot me.” She stared me down.

    “I’m going to go now.” Said Abbi.  “This place is giving me weird vibes.  The kind I got during the lockdown…” she shuddered.  Quinn’s face turned pale for a split second, but then shook back to normal.

    “What lockdown?” Izzy asked.  Abbi shook her head like it wasn’t important.  By Quinn’s expression, it probably was. I would have said something, but Paige gave me a withering look not to protest.  I decided I’d give Quinn a hard time about it later instead.

    “Bye, Abbi!” Yelled Paige as Abbi and her father drove away.  Quinn and I waved. Izzy yelled goodbye as well.

    “I don’t know about her,” said Quinn cautiously.  

    “What, I can’t make friends here?” Paige retorted.

    “No, it’s not that.  Although, I’m not sure making friends is a good idea.  We need to be back in the Base before mid-March.”

    “March 20th.” Said Izzy.  Then she looked confused. “It’s the end of the Pisces date range for this year… but I’m not sure how I knew that.  Oh well.”

    “Yeah, I’ve been feeling stuff like that too.  Like, a teacher was yelling at some boys in the hallway, and I immediately knew she was a Capricorn.” Paige told us.  “But anyway Quinn, what were you saying?”

    “It’s not that I think she is a bad person.  But… what if she’s the Aries?” Quinn suggested.

    “She told me she was a Sagittarius.” Paige said blankly.

    “Why didn’t you use your signdar to figure out what she was?” I asked her.

    “I don’t know.  It was weird… I could access her sign easier than others, but there was a strong personal will about her, like she didn’t want me to.”  She told me. I shook my head.

    “I’ll be able to tell if she’s a Sagittarius…” Quinn muttered.  Then she went inside.

The next day, Paige hung out with Abbi again.  During lunch, however, she came up to Izzy, Quinn and I.

    “I liked Abbi at first,but…” she began.  “I don’t know. She’s a tad intense. Very… how do I explain it.  More of Quinn’s type of person.” Quinn’s face darkened.

    “That doesn’t sound like a Sagittarius.” She told us.  “What? I read The Book.”

    “So you think she lied about her sign?” Izzy asked.

    “I would’ve.” I said honestly.

    “Not everything’s about you.” Quinn socked me in the arm again.  

    “Ow, didn’t have to do that.” I muttered at her.  She grinned. I socked her back.

    “Hey,” a voice called from a couple of tables over.  “You coming back, or what?”

    “Oh, I have to go.  Don’t kill each other.” Paige told me and Quinn.

    “I’ll make sure they don’t,” Izzy told her.  Paige took off again. Quinn and I stared each other down playfully.  “Will you stop?” Izzy asked.

    “Nope.  Never.” I told her.  Quinn grinned to add to the effect.  Izzy groaned and slammed her head into her arms.

    The next day, Paige invited Abbi to sit at our table.  I immediately noticed a fiery quality about her. Like she’s a fire sign.  Neat. Also kinda suspicious, but I wasn’t going to mention it in front of Paige.

    Somebody else came up to our table.  The guy from the game we played in P.E. a while back.  My partner.

    “Hey!” He came over and slid in next to Abbi. She laughed and slid an arm around him.  He looked a little uncomfortable at first, then shook the feeling away and pulled on a more confident expression.  The kind I would wear. He was still wearing his Leo-look-alike gloves. His were fingerless like mine, but didn’t seem to be as powerful.

    When he showed up, we all became very uncomfortable.  Paige seemed to shrink back into her seat.

    “He asked me out yesterday.” Abbi told us.  “His name is Gavin.” He blushed, but then also shook that away and pulled on a more Leo-like expression.  I couldn’t really tell his sign. We had all been experiencing signdar since Paige brought it up. But he was almost a hover between Leo and Virgo.  Meanwhile, Paige was growing more uncomfortable.

    “I have to use the bathroom.” She said before leaving.  Quinn got up and followed her. Me and Izzy exchanged confused looks.

    “What’s her problem?” Abbi muttered with a grin.  If I wasn’t friends with Paige, and Izzy hadn’t given me a sharp glare, I would have laughed.  But instead, I tried to pull Izzy’s solemn face. Apparently, I looked stupid, because Abbi started laughing.

    “What is wrong with you?” She asked me.  Then she realized no one had laughed except for Gavin, nervously.  “Sorry, things just got awkward.” At that moment, Paige and Quinn reappeared.  They looked Izzy and I in the eyes, like they wanted to talk with us urgently. We complied.

    “See you soon,” I said to Abbi as the four of us headed to a private spot in the lunchroom.

    “So what is it?” Izzy asked.

    “Well,” Paige began nervously. “It’s Gavin.  He’s… a Virgo.”

    “So?” I asked.  Quinn rolled her eyes at me and made a motion like she as going to punch me again.  I rolled my eyes back at her and stuck out my tongue. She focused back on Paige.

    “Well, as I bet you could tell, he wasn’t acting like one.  And before you ask,” she gave me a look. “That’s important because I had a thought.  What if he was one of the sidereal boys or something?”

    “That would explain why he was trying his best to pull off as a Leo,” Quinn added.

    “You’d think he’d do a better job,” pointed out Izzy.

    “No.  My idea was— during the day, in the light of the sun, which determines our form of the zodiac, we are more powerful.  However, at night, he can embrace it underneath his own constellation.” Quinn told us. We didn’t have time to discuss the details any longer.  The bell rang and me and Paige ended up going in the same direction.

    “You know,” she started to tell me.  “I have my ‘Virgo’s Crystal’ on this necklace.  It can drain people of magic. So we could just stop Gavin in his tracks.  But I mean…” she didn’t get to finish that thought. We separated into our different classes leaving me wondering what she was attempting to explain to me.

The days were going by faster, and we still couldn’t find Aries.  I mean, I didn’t want to leave my family either, but when the fate of the universe rests on you being there (oh, and free snacks) then it kinda puts you in a hurry and some weird form of stressed relief.  Also the fact you get to see your family again.

    Quinn was still going on about Abbi being Aries.  Paige had given up on trying to be friends with Abbi but still wouldn’t listen to the Water Bearer’s idea.

    I personally agreed with Quinn.  This girl seemed like a fire sign, but not chiller Sagittarius and definitely not a Leo.

    Izzy seemed on the brink about all of this.   She wanted to agree with Paige, beng polarities and all, but she also saw that Quinn had some really good points.  She wasn’t going to make a public decision. That was for certain.

    It was study hall with Izzy and I was listening to music through headphones and a chromebook that I had borrowed from the teacher.  Of course, I was able to listen to music at the Astrological Base, but this was different. Better. More normal, which, as I hate to admit, can be a lot better in some situations.  Although, not that many. Izzy leaned over to me.

    “It’s March 1st tomorrow,” she whispered.  “What if we never find her?”

    “We will,” I reassured her, but for once I wasn’t all too confident.

    “We only have twenty days.  And then the universe tears apart and nothing is right and we all die—”

    “It’s okay, shhhh.” I tried to comfort her, but I wasn’t all too good at it.  At least that made her laugh.

    “Thanks, I guess.” She leaned back over to her own work, but the teacher caught her.

    “Ellie.  Izzy. Here.  Now.” He snapped at us.  Izzy looked panicked, but we both marched up to his desk.  “Now listen to me here. You don’t talk in study hall.  Not about anything. Because—” he took the paper that was in my hands and examined it.  My Spanish homework. Crap. “If somebody needs answers to the homework, then they find it themselves.” He made a motion as to rip up my homework.  I winced.

    “No!” Called Izzy out of nowhere.  “Can I see that please? That was Ellie’s old homework.  She had taken it out because my Spanish class was doing a similar assignment and Ellie said she would look at this and help me.  So you see, she was using it to help her help me.” I couldn’t believe how well Izzy actually was at lying.

    “Well, you can have the paper back.” The teacher told me.  “But if I catch either of you whispering again I’m getting the shredder.”

    “Okay!” I told him.  “That was amazing!” I muttered at her.

    “Oh, it was nothing.” And with that, we were back to being on other sides of the room silently.

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