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[the planets and the stars] [book 1: abbi's rescue] [chapter 4]

[the planets and the stars] [book 1: abbi's rescue] [chapter 4]

Posted May 27th, 2019 by Werty

by {]Kayla[}
in your mind. i mean, it's not like i'm real.

Chapter 4

Zoe’s POV

    It was unusually cold in the Base.  The Original Zodiac was outside the door I was leaning on.  They were holding a meeting, talking in harsh whispers.

    I wasn’t going to intrude, so I slipped away.  I don’t know it we were allowed to be awake this late at night, but I needed a glass of water really badly.

    Making my way near the kitchen, I noticed the air started to get humid, and relatively windy.  Entering the kitchen, I saw two Spirits. One was crying. Typical, for a Water. There was also a Air Spirit.  I looked at the mark on her neck.  Windava Bouya, spirit guardian of Gemini.  I was starting to pick up on Zodiacal language.  

    The water spirit was a Meyao Shernoa.  Water Crystal Holder.  Definitely further down on the scale, but pretty important.

    “It’s okay,” mumbled the Windava.  The Meyao shook her head.

    “It’s forbidden.  He’s going to trick her.”  She replied. The Windava realized I was there.

    “What are you doing?  Libra? You should have more sense!” She snapped at me.  She was tired.

    “I-I’m sorry, I was j-just getting water,” I stuttered.  The cranky Gemini guardian took this as an adequate apology and let me by.

    “Be quick, Libranos of the air.  Troubled times are coming.  Being awake right now is dangerous, even for an Windao Zoidas like yourself.” I wasn’t quite sure what the Meyao was talking about.  The Windava went back to comforting her.  I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and hurried back to my room.  Paris was sitting in Quinn’s bed, waiting for me.

    When she saw me come back in, she froze, waved, and moved back to her own.  It was hard to tell in the dark, but she looked like she was turning red. I decided to just ignore that.  I was probably delirious.

    The next day, Paris woke up half on the floor.  I didn’t laugh at her, but it was a little funny.  I’m not like that, though. I sat up and headed to my bureau.  The Air Dorm is set up with three beds at 60° to each other with bureaus at the heads of them.  I got changed silently, until Paris started talking while laying back on my bed.

    “Sooooo… do you think Quinn will ever come back?” She asked me.  I rolled my eyes.

    “Of course she will,” Paris replied to herself.  I looked to where the sound was coming from, at the foot of her bed.  It was Paris, still laying lopsided out of her bed like she was a jacket haphazardly thrown onto a chair.  I whipped my head around towards my bed. There was Paris again, sitting there like nothing was wrong.

    “Oh! Right, I forgot to tell you we could do that.  It’s, uh, a Gemini thing.” They said in unison. The first one climbed off my bed and the other one stood up waiting for her.  They grabbed hands for a second, there was a flash of light, and they were back to normal.

    “Wow,” I murmured.  Paris beamed under my awe.

    “You can do something cool too.  It was in that book Quinn and I were reading.  Like, if somebody’s arguing or fighting you can like, balance it out and stuff.” She told me.  I knew as soon as the four on the mission returned with Aries and Aries’ term started then we would start training using our powers.  Being Libra, I was the only non-living thing represented by a zodiac. Oh, well, I like the idea of peace and harmony. It is what Libra is all about.  So, I was okay with that being my “power”. Sometimes, peace changes more than wars do.

    “Girls!  Breakfast!” Nellie the Air Spirit burst in.  She was Windava Ayeno, meaning she was Aquarius’ spirit guardian. No wonder Nellie was fidgety.  She was probably worried that Quinn wouldn’t get back in time. It was remarkable to see what a brave face she was wearing.

“One minute,” Paris said as she pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.  We headed down to breakfast.

“Hello.” Muttered Scorpio.  I think her name is Casey, or Delaney, or something.  Either way, she wasn’t too fond of talking to me. When she did start talking, she’d never shut up, either venting about this or that or talking about something someone said or did.  She was a cool person, very laid back on the outside, but really stressed on the inside. I like her, but we didn't speak much. She just had other things to do, I guess.

I talked across the table to Taurus, now known as Ava.  She was stubborn, and a bit biased, but I could put up with that.  She’s a nice person, and that’s (usually) all that matters.

    “So, back at school, what kind of grades did you get?” She asked me.  That’s when I realized— I didn’t remember. Everything before I came to the base was hazy.  I knew I got good grades, and checked my Student Portal often, but now, I can’t remember any of the specifics.

“Usually As.  The worst I’ve gotten is probably an A-.  I forget what class.” I told her.

“What.  How.” Said Sagittarius.  “I get like, I don’t know, B+s through A+s.  I don’t know how you’ve only gotten 1 A-.”

“That’s not fair!  You all get really good grades!” Cried Cancer.

“You probably do too,” I reassured her.  She rolled her eyes to dismiss my thought.

“Guys, the weirdest thing happened to me,” Scorpio told us.  “I almost electrocuted Selena- I mean Cancer- this morning. Dunno what happened.  Maybe it’s a Scorpio thing.”

“Yeah, I figured out something about Gemini,” Paris announced.  “Look at this.” She stood up, there was a flash of light, and there was two of her.  Selena’s jaw dropped.

“That is so cool!” Sagittarius exclaimed, leaning across the table to high five both of them.  “Are you gonna name them individually?”

“Maybe,” said the one on the right.  “Ironically, my middle name is Mini. So maybe Gem for myself,”

“And Mini for me.” concluded the one on the left, or Mini.  They grabbed hands and became Paris once more. Sagittarius grinned, impressed.

“Dunno, maybe I’ll wake up with a bow and arrow, or something!” She said happily before Scorpio told her to sit down.  I smiled fondly of Sagittarius.

“So how do you think Quinn and the others are doing?” I asked the others.

“Quinn?” Mumbled Capricorn.  Ava giggled. “That’s funny. My name is Wynn.  Small world, I guess.” She said, but she wasn’t upset.  Wynn is hard to read. Either she’s content, amused, or irritated.  Other than that, she doesn’t show much emotion.

“Yeah, small world.” I replied quietly, before going back to my pancake.  

“That sounded rude,” muttered Ava.  I started to apologize and say that’s not how I meant it, but Paris beat me to it.

“You know she didn’t mean it that way!  Stop jumping to conclusions!” She yelled.

“Am not!  You spend a week in a dorm with her and suddenly you’re a Libra expert!” Ava shrieked back.  I winced. This fighting better not take place for twelve full years.

“At least I know her well enough!  ANd it’s been more than a week!” Paris yelled, arming herself with a glass bottle of syrup.  THis was getting out of hand. Ava was getting angrier, and I could practically see the smoke coming out of her ears.  Taurus, the Bull. I told myself.  Good to know, that this is her true form.

    ENOUGH!” I yelled, but I felt completely calm.  I stood up, all eyes on me. Usually this made me pretty nervous, but now I felt fine.  Calm. Peaceful.

    Gemini, Taurus.” I spoke in a voice that wasn’t entirely my own.  “Find a balance.  A harmony. We will not argue in times like this.

    Yes, Libra,” they chimed in unison.  Then they sat down. I did the same.  We suddenly all broke out of our trance.  Libra, the Scales.  I told myself.  I could stop people from arguing.

    I then noticed people were eyeing me nervously.  They obviously thought I did it on purpose. Ava looked offended and scared.  Even Paris was looking at me funny. I turned red.

    “I didn’t know that was going to happen!” I told them earnestly.  “It’s a Libra thing, I swear!”

    “Okay,” muttered Scorpio.  Selena gave me an frightened look.  Beside me, Sagittarius and Paris were reenacting the scene.

    “Aaa, stop fiiiiightiiiiing, inn the naame of the Scaaales,” Sagittarius spoke in an eerie voice.  Paris laughed.

    “I don’t sound like that,” I mumbled, a little self-conscious.

    “So what’s your name?” Paris asked Sagittarius.

    “Lizzie.  Short for Elizabeth.” She replied.  “Don’t call me Elizabeth, though.”

    “That’s funny!” Selena said.  “Pisces name is Isabella, and she hates to be called that.  She prefers ‘Izzy’.”

    “I can go by Eliza,” Lizzie replied.  So now she’s Eliza. Got it. Names are a little hard to keep up with.

    “I’m Paris.  Like the city in France.” Paris told Eliza.

    “Cool!  I’ve been there, you know.” Eliza replied.

    “Cool.” Paris noted.  Then there was an awkward silence.

    “So how is it being the only fire sign in your dorm?” I asked Eliza to break the quiet.

    “It’s quiet.  Too quiet. I miss Ellie, she was cool.”

    “Ellie?  Is she Leo?” Selena asked.

    “Yep.” Eliza replied.  Okay. Ellie is Leo. Izzy is Pisces.  “That’s her full name. Ellie and Eliza can get pretty confusing, but we work it out.”

    “So, I wonder what Aries will be like?” Selena asked.

    “I’ve heard some things.  Cool, a bit aggressive, a leader, the Ram.” I listed stuff I remembered off the top of my head.  I didn’t have a memory for random stuff like Quinn did, but I was okay.

    “The Ram?  Like, I’m the Crab, you’re the Scales… and Aries is a Ram.  Got it.” Selena murmured.

    We all got up from breakfast.  Days at the base were pretty boring.  We could play video games or whatever, but we never had anything to do.  I grabbed a book my friend Jay recommended to me. He was great. I realised then how much I missed that guy— his corny laugh, his awkward smile.  He made me feel important, smart, and confident. I might have loved him if I didn’t get swept away to go live here. But now… I’m going to have to wait 12 years to see him again.  I’m going to miss all of my friends.

    I curled up in bed, reading.  It was a good book. Those can be hard to find a lot of the time.  I can see why he thought I would like it: action, suspense, animals, and plans and ideas.    I spent more time on it then I thought I would. It was already dark before we were called down to dinner.

    The Zodiacs still serving their time was standing at the end of the table waiting for us.  Actually, they were just waiting. A door opened out of nowhere on the right side of the room.  They piled out. Libra turned around and smiled at me. I smiled back.

    We ate dinner in total silence.  So when the All Elemental Spirit entered with big news, we were all ears to hear it.

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