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*~Poison~* Chapter One {Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Action} (Renamed Element Love Story)

*~Poison~* Chapter One {Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Action} (Renamed Element Love Story)

Posted December 20th, 2011 by cloudwriter

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by Rachel
in Forever wishing I could at least visit Brazil, specficially Rio...

*Chapter one! I've wondered if I'm moving this too fast...I may change this later, but for now I'm sticking to this.



Chapter One


I grasp the crisp dollar bills in my hand, waiting anxiously. Music blasts from the gym in front of me. Beyond the doors, I can’t see anything. The gym is pitch black.

Finally I reach the two women taking money. One woman takes the money from my hand while the other pulls the cap off of a red marker, streaking it across the back of my hand. They nod at me and I smile, walking into the dark gym.

I can just make out a dark figure ahead. It looks like…

“Claire?” I ask loudly, my voice carrying above the loud, pounding music. “Is that you?” I move a little closer.

Before I know it, arms are thrown around me. “Seraphina! Hey!”

“Claire!” I breath in relief, hugging her back. “Hey! What’s up?”

“Not much,” Claire replies earnestly.

We’re silent as the music blares around the gym. Then, finally a light above us flickers on, casting dim light around the gym. I sigh in relief, staring into Claire’s dark blue eyes. Her pale blonde hair is wavy and curled under at the ends. She’s wearing a lavender top, denim jeans and black ballet flats. Honestly she looks stunning.

“Want to dance?” Claire asks bashfully. I grin, nodding my head quickly. She laughs, grabbing my warm hand and tugging me out into the crowd of scared looking sixth graders. “Let’s boogie!” she screams, beginning to dance like a manic.

I break out laughing as Dynamite by Tao Cruz blares into our ears. A couple of people turn to stare at us. I roll my eyes, but join in, crazily dancing with her. We clasp hands, shaking our heads, hair flying into my eyes. My feet move underneath of me, taking their own path. I close my eyes, letting the darkness wash over me as my body jerks in movement.

Finally, the song ends. I stop dancing, and Claire follows my suit. A couple of people laugh, and one girl even claps. We laugh, bowing low to the dark green floor. A new song that I’ve never heard before starts to play, and Claire tugs on my arm, yanking me aside. Together we make straight for the green and black bleachers lining the side of the gym.

“What?” I ask Claire quickly as we take a seat on the bleachers. She wipes her forehead gently with her small hand, her silver painted fingernails glittering even in the low light. She scans the gym before turning back to me.

“Look, we’ve got to talk,” she mumbles in a hushed whisper.

“About what?”

“I really hope you don’t mind…but I kind of have a date.” Claire bites her shimmering pink lip, looking at me anxiously. My heart sinks in my chest, but I muster a small half-smile.

“I don’t mind,” I mumble in a stiff sort of voice. “No…go have fun with your date!” my voice rises on the last word, breaking out into a hysteric tone. Claire gently touches my hand, but I yank it away from her quickly, turning to the crowd.

“Seraphina, I don’t have to…I mean, I can have fun with you too…”

“Go. It’s fine,” I say clearly. My voice is so dangerous sounding that it shocks me. “Go,” I order coldly. “Seriously Claire.”

Claire gives me a worried look, but she hurries into the crowd of dancing, talking, and milling people. I swallow back my tears, watching her go.

I sit there for a long moment, staring out at the crowd of happy people. Inside of me though, I’m not happy. A burning feeling is spreading throughout my chest, and to the tips of my fingers and toes instead. It leaves me feeling dangerous and…hollow.

“Sera? You okay?”

I turn. Tristan sits down on the bleachers beside of me, shaking his shaggy blonde hair out of his eyes. He stares at me with his knowing gaze, looking concerned. I let my lips turn upwards into a small smile. “I’m fine,” I lie automatically.

“Don’t lie to me,” he snaps. I turn back to look out at the crowd, without really seeing.

“It’s just Claire,” I mumble, scanning the crowd for her. I spot her a little ways away laughing and dancing with a boy taller than her with black hair and laughing brown eyes. He’s also laughing, and dancing with her.

“Oh, I see,” Tristan mumbles. “I’m sorry…but that’s the way life goes Sera.”

I swallow a lump in my throat, looking down at the dusty floor.

“If you want to…we could dance,” he suggests quietly. I turn to stare at him. Tristan’s face is beat red. But I just smile at him, my heart lightening considerably.

“Of course,” I whisper, inclining my head towards him. Tristan grins, leaping to his feet before grabbing my hand and pulling me out on the dance floor.

Together, in the flickering light from the disco ball, we begin to dance beside of each other, laughing and occasionally sharing a word or two. Tristan lightens my heart- he douses the fire that seems always to be licking away at my insides anymore. He makes me feel light, special, and happy.

And we dance.

The music is like my drive. It keeps me going. As time slowly passes, I become hot. My feet ache and my legs just want to collapse under my weight. But I keep dancing, smiling at Tristan on occasion. I won’t quit dancing.

Finally, Tristan quits dancing, his hands on his knees. He smiles at me, panting slightly. “Let’s take a breather,” he suggests mildly. I stop dancing, nodding my head in agreement. Together we head over to the bleachers, plopping down in the front row side by side. I wipe a bead of sweat off of my forehead, taking deep breaths.

We sit there in silence for two whole songs, catching our breath. As the third song starts, my heart does a flip-flop as I recognize the introduction- this song is a slow song. My eyes skim the crowd and I spot couples getting together. Some are already slow-dancing.

“Shall we?” Tristan asks uncertainly.    

I nod, a blush creeping into my cheeks. Together we stand. I place my hands gently on his shoulders, and together we slowly begin to revolve on the spot. I stare into Tristan’s eyes, my heart thumping. No one else seems to exist. Just us.

It’s one of those moments you never want to die. A moment that should last for an eternity. It’s like dancing in the middle of nowhere in soft newly fallen snow. The perfect moment.

But alas, the song soon ends. I sigh, stepping back away from Tristan and biting my lip. “Uh..thanks,” I mutter, smiling. He simply nods.


I whip around as someone tugs on my arm, sharp fingernails digging into my skin. “Oww..what?” I snap, turning around. Claire is behind me, her face pink and her eyes lit with enthusiasm.

“I got my first dance!” she exclaims, beaming at me with her pearly white teeth.

“Great Claire, so did I,” I mumble, anger eating away at my insides. “Now could you please let go of my arm?” I snap as her fingernails continue to dig into me. She instantly releases me, and I sigh in relief.

“Oh…” for the first time, she seems to notice Tristan hanging around a little ways away, watching me nervously. “Sorry,” she murmurs.

The tall guy she’d been dancing with comes over after a minute. He taps Claire gently on the shoulder, his fingers shining with sweat. Claire turns, smiling. “Hey, sorry Roger, I was just talking to my friend.” She gestures towards me. Roger nods, turning his intense gaze on me.

“Sorry,” Claire murmurs, “gotta go.” She bites her lip, before walking a short distance away with Roger. I sigh, and turn back to Tristan who is standing several feet away, looking anxious and uncomfortable.

“Sorry about that,” I mutter, brushing a hand through my wavy deep red hair. “Claire’s getting on my nerves today,” I add softly in an undertone, my lips barely parting to let the words escape.

But Tristan doesn’t even seem to be paying attention to me now. He’s staring at a spot fixated over my shoulder, his mouth hanging slightly open. He grabs my hand, squeezing it so hard that I actually yelp in pain.

“What did you do that for?” I grumble, rubbing my sore hand. But Tristan merely points at something. I sigh in exasperation, turning around.


“Claire! CLAIRE!” I scream, staring at her.

Claire is lying on the floor of the gym. Her wavy blonde hair is lying untidily around her head like a halo. Her feet are sticking out like twigs in odd directions, and her arms are lying still at her sides. The boy she’d been dancing with is standing above her, his hands over his face, looking terrified. Several people have stopped to stare, and even now a small group is forming around her. I let out a mangled cry, dashing forwards. My feet slip on the smooth gym floor, but I don’t care. I run towards her, sliding to a stop and falling to the ground. I immediately grab her hand, squeezing it gently. It’s ice cold.

“CLAIRE!” I scream again. Tears begin to roll down my face, and my heart is pounding. I lower my head to her chest, impatiently pushing my hair out of the way. If I listen close enough, I can just make out her heartbeat, steady and strong.

“What’s wrong with her?” I yell, turning to face her boyfriend. “Tell me!” I scream at him. When Roger starts to back away, shrugging and shaking his head, I leap to my feet, an uncontrollable rage spreading through me like wildfire. The tips of my fingers tingle, and I step gingerly over Claire’s unconscious form. “Now,” I mouth dangerously.

Roger still doesn’t answer. I grit my teeth and leap forwards, stretching out my arms. I manage to bring Roger down in a tangle of flailing arms and legs. People part and make way as we both hit the ground with a thud. I glare at him, raising my hand, ready to slap him…


Before I can do anything, someone grabs my arms and yanks them behind my back, pulling me to my feet and backwards. “Let me go!” I yell, kicking and struggling.

“Calm down!” Tristan’s voice hisses in my ear. “Now Sera, you’re making a scene!”

I stop kicking and screaming, breathing rapidly. Sure enough, the music has stopped playing and everyone is frozen to the spot, staring at me like I’m some kind of maniac. I’m only vaguely aware of Tristan slowly letting go of my arms. They drop to my side.

Suddenly footsteps break through the silence. I turn quickly to spot the nurse followed by two teachers making their way towards Claire. Everyone redirects their attention to the newcomers, and slowly, I turn in time to watch the nurse crouch down beside of Claire.

“Will the girl be alright?” asks one teacher. “What’s wrong with her?”

I don’t have the strength to move forwards and push through the crowd to Claire anymore. Slowly, I drop to the ground, tears silently washing down my face. What’s wrong with me? Why’d I just attack Roger like that? It’s almost as if something huge and uncontrollable had washed over me…

Roger quickly scoots away from me, looking at me all the while with wide, terrified eyes. I push a lock of deep auburn hair out of my eye, glancing up at Tristan. But he’s too busy staring in Claire’s general direction.

Slowly, I pull my arms around my knees. An icy coldness has swept over me, dousing the fire and leaving nothing but ashes in the wake of the destruction. It’s left me feeling hollow and…empty.

I glance around. There’s a girl standing with her friends nearby, mouthing soundlessly to one of them.

And then…the people around me start to fade away, becoming transparent before finally disappearing into thin air. I open my mouth to let out a scream, but no sound comes out. I turn around, looking up at Tristan…but he’s transparent too. And the next moment, he’s gone. The gym vanishes in the blink of an eye, and darkness is pressing in on me. And then I’m falling…my mind being wiped clean of thoughts…


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This is really interesting,

This is really interesting, and it's sudden, but that's a good thing because it makes the reader want to read more. ;) Good job, Rachel!


Posted by Popcorn on Wed, 12/21/2011 - 03:05
Wow. Just... Wow. I agree


Just... Wow. I agree with Popcorn— it's a bit sudden, but I like it that way. It gets right into action.

Honestly, I have no idea where she's going, which only makes me eager to read more! XD I need to knooooow...

Ooh, and I love her name. Seraphina. :D Poor Claire... WHAT HAPPENED TO HER!? IS SHE DEAD!? D:

Ooh, and I might make a cover for this? That okay?


Elementalist or Sorcerer? That's for YOU to decide...:D.

Posted by Lady Alien Poke... on Wed, 12/21/2011 - 12:02
Popcorn: Yay, thanks! :)

Popcorn: Yay, thanks! :) Yeah, I usually don't do this sudden of things, but I felt a need for it in this book because I have a TON of things I want to put into it. :P

Pokey: Thanks! :) Haha, I chose the name "Seraphina" for a reason, which you will find out in due time. :P

And Claire.....you'll just have to wait and see. xD Thanks!

And yeah- I'd LOVE if you made a cover for it!:D

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"Harry Potter. The boy who lived.....come to die." ~Voldemort (Harry Potter 7 part 2)

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