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*~Poison~* Chapter Two (So sorry it's been a while...remember this?)

*~Poison~* Chapter Two (So sorry it's been a while...remember this?)

Posted February 24th, 2012 by cloudwriter

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by Rachel
in Forever wishing I could at least visit Brazil, specficially Rio...

*So sorry it's been so long since I've posted this. :/

Quick summary of what's happened in case you've forgotten: A mysterious man named John met with a mysterious man named Jeremiah in the prologue, and they started discussing children...but for what? In the first chapter the main character named Seraphina went to a school dance and was dancing when her best friend, Claire, passed out. She started screaming and then everything faded away.....

Yeah, sorry. I've been writing it, just not posting........



Chapter Two.....

Water, Fire, Earth and Air,

Our world circulates ‘round,

We must renew in thirteen years

Or else the powers

Wither and die,

Which will you be?

What will you start?

Will you make our world flourish

Or will you make it rot?”

I awake to the soft voice of someone singing this song. I shift, my body aching. Yawning, I sleepily open my eyes, glancing around.

This can’t be.

I shake my head at my surroundings, squeezing my eyes shut so tightly that stars appear in front of my eyes. No, I’m hallucinating. I’m…still at the dance. Yeah, that’s where I am. I must of just passed out or something…

Slowly, I open my eyes again, determined to see the interior of the gym and the faces of my peers looking down worriedly at me. But as I open my eyes again, the same sight greets me. I rub my eyes, glancing around incredulously.

I’m in a huge field under a never-ending big blue sky dotted with clouds. Several neon orange wildflowers are waving in a slight breeze that I can’t seem to feel. In fact, apart from being still, the air feels stuffy.

“You’re awake.”

The voice comes from nearby, and it’s so abrupt and loud that I jump. I turn around and spot a young girl sitting in what looks to be mid-air nearby. She’s looking at me with curiosity written all over her face.

“Who are you?” I demand, crossing my arms.

She rolls her eyes. “Wait,” she adds, holding up a finger. I watch eagerly as she fishes around in a small satchel dangling half off of her shoulder. Finally after a moment of searching, she pulls out a small vial and something that looks remarkably like a Sharpie. She stands up, walking over to me before crouching down, right in front of me. I can’t see her very clearly though- she seems hazy. Instead, I want to turn my attention to the beautiful field.

“What do you see?” she demands calmly.

“A beautiful field and orange flowers…” I breathe, letting my eyes drift upwards to the sky. “What kind is question is that?”

She snaps her fingers in front of my face. “Okay. Give me your hand please.”

“Why?” I demand, focusing with difficultly on her transparent like face.

“Do it,” she demands. Her voice holds such an air of power and demand that I obey her and stick out my right hand. She uncaps what I thought was a Sharpie, to reveal a wide and sharp tip, sparkling and glowing slightly. My eyes widen at the sight.

“What are you going to do?” I spit, my heart quickening. She looks at me, smiling sympathetically.

“Don’t worry- I promise you this won’t hurt one bit,” she says. And somehow, someway- I believe her.

I watch anxiously as she presses the blade down against my skin. The blade doesn’t hurt me at all- it merely feels like a feather brushing against my hand, tickling it. The Sharpie-like-thing begins to glow a bright white light, radiating its light softly upon us. She carefully streaks the instrument diagonally against my hand, leaving a tingling black line on my hand. She lifts the pen like thing, and it glows for a moment more before the light fades. I breathe out, staring at my hand. It doesn’t hurt at all- in fact, I feel fine.

“Open up,” she instructs, recapping the Sharpie thing. She pulls out instead a small glass vile with a brass topper. I don’t even argue.

She carefully uncorks the vile and lets one drop of amber liquid fall into my mouth. It’s warm and sticky, almost like honey as it goes down my throat.

For a long moment, the girl just stares at me, slowly re-corking the bottle and watching me expectantly. And then, like magic, the field around me slowly dissolves, revealing a grimy cave with candles placed in holders on the walls strategically throughout the room.

“What…what happened to the field?” I stutter, looking around with my mouth hanging slightly open. “Where am I? What kind of stuff did you give me? Why’d you have to mark my hand up? Is Claire alright? Am I…dreaming?”  The questions spew from my mouth.  

 “Slow down kid,” the girl laughs, rolling her eyes. “One question at a time.”

“Okay, let’s start with this: who are you?” I ask gently. I let my hands skim the cold rocky cave floor gently as I wait for a reply.

“I’m Bree. Daughter of the great and mighty John Kirkinson.”

I stare at her. “Okay….Bree, who’s John Kirkinson?”

Bree stares at me incredulously for a moment before shaking her head, bursting out laughing. I stare at her, not getting the joke. Bree gasps for breath, clutching at her chest. “Oh…I’m sorry, I forgot you’re a newbie. And that you’re a…well, never mind that. He’s my father. He’s brilliant…but I’m not permitted to actually tell you must of anything.” She gives me a sympathetic smile. “Sorry,” she adds.

I shake my head, looking down at the ground. “Okay then…um, why am I here?”

“Can’t tell you that either.”

I sigh. “Where am I?” I ask loudly.

“You’re in Burbington Cave. Don’t worry, we’re not staying here long. Only until we get all of the newbies gathered up. Then we’ll head to the Training Camp nearby. I can’t wait for training this year…it shall be…interesting.”

I sigh in exasperation. “What does all of that even mean? Bree, please.” I pause for a moment. “Wait, maybe I’m just dreaming.” Quickly I begin to pinch my arm repeatedly, my fingernail digging into my skin uncomfortably.

“Stop,” Bree commands airily, grabbing my hand to prevent me from continually pinching myself. “You’re not dreaming, this is real. I know you’re really confused right now, but everything will be cleared up soon. I promise you that.” Bree looks so genuine and sincere that I sigh, my hand falling limply to my side.

“Okay, when will everything be cleared up?” I ask quietly.

“At dinner, which should be soon. Patrick will be collecting you. You’ll be dining with the other new kids and my father.” Bree smiles. “Now, to pass the time, let’s just talk. So let’s start with this: what’s your name?”

“Seraphina Eddlton,” I mumble. “My friends just call me Sera though.”

A spark of excitement ignites in Bree’s eyes. “Interesting,” she mumbles under her breath. “But no…it can’t be…” she shakes her head quickly. “Never mind,” she says.

“What?” I ask, because she looks truly confused.

“Forget it,” Bree says again with a dismiss wave of her hand. “It’s nothing, really.”

We sit in silence for a long moment. I comfort myself by listening to the distant dripping of water. Finally, a question arouses me.

“So…there are…other kids who have been brought here too?” I ask quietly. “Other kids like…me?”

Bree nods her head, looking unconcerned. “Yeah, other kids just like you. I wanted to eat dinner with you guys and meet everyone, but daddy wouldn’t let me.” Bree folds her arms in a pout. “He said the most he could do the first day was assign me to one of you four.”

“Four?” I question suddenly. “There’s four other kids in here?”

“Yes, in separate chambers in here. Including you of course.”

I open my mouth to ask another question, but at that moment there’s a large splash and a low grunt. I jump, my eyes skimming the room. A cheerful looking man steps into the candlelight, looking around. His twinkling, darting eyes land on me.

“Oh! Hello there young one. How do you do?”

I can just stare at the man. He laughs, nodding his head. “Okay then. Ready to go to dinner? I’m Patrick by the way, and I’ll be escorting you.”

Words have left me. Bree hits my arm gently. “Seraphina,” she hisses in my ear.

“Oh, uh, yeah,” I say, stumbling over words. “I’m ready.”

“Good!” Patrick says, beaming. “Come on then.” He pauses before turning to Bree. “Your father would like to thank you for looking over her.”

Bree nods, blushing in the flickering candlelight. I glance at her, and she waves. “See ya,” she mumbles.

I stumble blankly over the rock floor, and over to Patrick. He beams at me again, extending his arm in a gentlemanly fashion. “Shall we go?”

I nod, gaping at him. I’m in shock. Up close, I can see that his tanned skin has many deep wrinkles. His deep brown-almost black- eyes twinkle in the candlelight, and they seem to smile at me in a laughing way. His graying peppery hair is ruffled and standing up on end, and his pale lips are turned upwards in a slight smile.

I shake my head, taking his arm gently. He nods, and together we set off at a brisk pace into the dimness of a long hallway. A few candles are placed along the walls here and there, casting off a dim light. Patrick walks quickly, so I have to half jog to keep up with him. There’s a certain spring in his step that I can’t quite match. My breath comes raggedy as I hurry along after him.

“What’s your name?” he asks as we hurry along down the hallway, our footsteps echoing back to us.

“Seraphina,” I answer.

“Interesting name,” he says while smiling. “Okay, we’re almost there.”

Patrick stops so suddenly that I run into his back, stumbling backwards away from him. “Ouch,” I mutter in an undertone, rubbing my now sore nose. “What?” I grumble.

“Be polite,” Patrick advises, turning to scrutinize me with his gaze. “Don’t do anything to make John angry, because you don’t want to see him that way. And…just be yourself and try to be at ease, alright?” Patrick smiles at me, hugging me. “Now, go out there and be fabulous dear. There’s potential in you, I can sense it.” He smiles at me one last time before pushing me around the corner and into dazzling light.


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Awwweeessssooooommmmeeee!!! :D I can't believe I missed this!! :D I love it! All of a sudden it's changed into fantasy, lol! I like it! Write more soooon!

Posted by Wire Rims ^_^ (... on Sat, 03/10/2012 - 12:47
*Sorry, it's been awhile

*Sorry, it's been awhile since I commented... *blushes* BUT AH'M CATCHING UP NOW. ^__^*

I love it. Suspenseful, well-written, all good elements for a story. I also enjoy how the whole thing just whooshes into action. :D

SOMETHING AIN'T RIIIIGHT... *suspiciously eyes Bree*

Posted by Pokey on Mon, 03/19/2012 - 18:03
Yay! :D Thank you.

Yay! :D Thank you. ^_^


You'll just have to wait and see about Bree....*whistles* :P Mwhaahahaahahah. :D

*~Dreamwalker~*The First in the Trilogy

"Harry Potter. The boy who lived.....come to die." ~Voldemort (Harry Potter 7 part 2)

Posted by Rachel on Mon, 03/19/2012 - 20:55

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