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Powerful and Dangerous Part 1 (JOIN THE SUPERHERO ADVENTURE!)

Powerful and Dangerous Part 1 (JOIN THE SUPERHERO ADVENTURE!)

Posted August 8th, 2017 by Codename-X12

by PenSword
in fighting Black Scythe agents



Part 1


          Eliza woke up in a cold sweat. She had the nightmare about burning down the city for the third time this month. That was not good. She looked around her at the others in their beds. She tried to go back to sleep but it was no use. She was awake for good now.

          Eliza rummaged through her drawer for a book light to use to read the romance novel she liked. She found one at last. The dorm room she shared with a couple other people was silent other than the small amount of noise she was making, so every sound felt loud. She hesitantly clicked it on and began reading, trying not to think about either the nightmare or the fact that in the morning a lot of the kids here were going to go on some sort of mission. The anxiety knotted in her stomach and she forced herself to ignore it. Eliza tried her best to get lost in another world.


          Sanne couldn't sleep. Again. Heat pressed out of her from the inside; other people's emotions were always hot. She sighed silently, irate. She had been resting just moments earlier, when a sharp, bright burst of something had pinged about inside her head and shot off to settle at the back of her mind. Someone must have had a nightmare, or been reading a horror story. Either way, their fright had woken her up, and now she was doomed to stay awake for the rest of the night.

       Maybe a walk would help, she thought. Sometimes it did, it was worth a shot at any rate. Silently, she slipped out from under her covers and snuck to the door. Light snores from the her roommates blanketed the sound of her bare feet padding across the floor. The door opened on well-oiled hinges and Sanne slipped out. Casting furtive glances up and down the hall, she noticed a faint light coming from one of the doors down the hall. The glow was weak, it wouldn't have been caught by someone else, but the dark belonged to Sanne and she tended to notice when part of it was missing. Curious about who else was up this late, she tiptoed down the hall to the door, and knocked lightly.


          Eliza jumped, almost losing her grip on the book. She was right at the part where the couple was in the middle of kissing for the first time, and a blush crept onto her cheeks, even though she knew the person on the other side of the door had no way of knowing that. She hesitated a moment before carefully setting book down on her bed, leaving the book light on. She tiptoed to the door, trying not to think about how she was just in her pajamas (which was just a long t-shirt and pajama shorts). Maybe it was that cute boy from a ways down the wall, she fantasized. She opened the door, unsure what to expect.

          "Oh, um hi," Eliza muttered when she saw the girl on the other side of the door. She recognized her as being one of the empaths. "Why are you up so late?" she asked, more curious than anything else, though she could sort of guess the answer, which embarrassingly made her face hot again.

          Sanne took a moment to skim the girl who answered the door. It was...Elsa? Ellen? Something like that, the one who fearless ate the cafeteria mystery meat and sat with one of the younger kids for the entire lunch break one time because he'd tripped and cracked his head on the floor. The pulsing at the back of Sanne's head was stronger now, it was likely that this girl was the one who had caused it in the first place, which also explained why she was awake.

          "Did you have a nightmare?" Sanne asked, leaning on the door frame. Her hair fell in her eyes and she didn't bother to brush it back.

          Eliza's face felt like it was on fire for a moment, and she glanced down at her hands to make sure she didn't actually start a fire. Luckily, her hands were as normal as ever. "Why...why do you care?" she asked, knowing how stupid she must look. The hair in the girl's eyes made her look ominous to Eliza, who decided that the floor beneath her bare feet (with toenails painted a cheery yellow) was suddenly very interesting. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear awkwardly.

          "You woke me up." Sanne said, then added, "Don't worry, I don't think you woke anyone else." She tipped her head back and turned it either way, checking to see if anyone else had ventured out into the halls. Deciding that the rest of the school was asleep, she turned back to the girl. "Come on," She said, doing a quick little step-turn away from the door, "I was about to go for a walk, you should join me, and then you can tell me all about this nightmare you had."

          "Okay, I guess," replied Eliza, shutting the door as quietly as she could. She flinched as she heard a click but after a few seconds of silence, she decided it hadn't woken anyone up. She didn't want to talk about it, but she was curious about this girl who she didn't know very well, and in the interest of making friends, she decided to go along with it.

          Satisfied that the girl was coming, Sanne started to walk. 
"I'm Sanne, by the way. We have ELA together," she said, shoving her hands into the pockets of her blue sweater. Mentally she called up a picture of ELA class, all she could remember was thinking that the girl had nice handwriting-- which was probably why she knew that had ELA together in the first place. It was a backwards way to recall things; details first, big picture later. But that was how her brain worked. 
Their footsteps echoed quietly as they walked. The night air was still and cool, and the darkness was comforting.

          "Oh, yeah," replied Eliza. "I knew that I recognized you! I'm Eliza." It was a bit chilly in just her t-shirt and shorts, but Eliza didn't feel cold very often since discovering her powers. The cool path felt good under her bare feet. "You have a sister, don't you? A twin?" she asked, trying to make small talk from what little she knew about Sanne.

          Sanne chewed the question a little before answering, "Yeah. She's not here right now." They turned the corner, just ahead was a small sitting area, where a small love seat and a handful of plush chairs were positioned around a scuffed wooden coffee table. A small stack of coasters rested on one end of the coffee table, while a lush potted plant took up the center. 

          Sanne motioned to the chairs in a silent question.

          In answer, Eliza took a seat in one of the chairs, crossing her legs after she sat down.

          Sanne took up residence in a green chair near, but not too near Eliza. She sat sideways and hung her knees over the arm of the chair. 
"So tell me about this nightmare you had."

          "I'd rather not..." Eliza muttered, feeling stupid again. She was usually just the sort of person to talk out her feelings but she hates talking about the nightmare as well as when she first received her powers 8 years ago. Eliza stared intently at her fingernails this time, waiting for Sanne to tell her she was being stupid. Agreeing to come and talk about it, and once the subject was broached, refusing to talk about it. That made perfect sense.

          Sanne hummed at the back of her throat, short and low. Moonlight from the window nearby give the sitting area a dim splash of light, just enough to see Eliza. Sanne dimmed the light, or rather, increased the darkness. Shadows crept across the panes of the floor-to-ceiling window, until the moon was blocked out, only the strongest of rays punctured the new layer of dark. Darkness made it easier for her to pick up what Eliza was feeling. Normally she didn't want that, but right now she was curious. 

          "Then what do you want to talk about?"

          "I don't know," she muttered, noticing that it had gotten darker. "Anything but that." She shifted in the chair, crossing her legs at the ankles this time. She swung her legs back and forth a bit, drumming her fingers quietly on the chair's arm.

          Sanne arched an eyebrow, "Anything? Alright then. What do you fear the most?" 

          Eliza didn't think that was much of an improvement but she answered the question anyway. She hesitated first, debating for a moment though she knew exactly what she was going to say from the moment she heard the question. "Losing someone I love, especially if it was my fault, hurting people," she said quietly. "My powers are very...destructive. What about you?"

          Sanne nodded along with Eliza's answer, pausing when Eliza returned the question. What did she fear? Sometimes she wondered that herself. Sometimes, the answer was painfully clear. 

          "I suppose," she said in more of a hum than actual words, "tonight I fear limbo." She kicked one of her legs against the chair in an slow, offbeat rhythm, "getting trapped between waking and sleeping, swirling inside my own skin in a vat of other people's emotions." She stopped, suddenly aware that she was being just a touch too dark. She pinched one of the feathers in her hair and rolled it between her thumb and forefinger. 

          "Why do you say you're powers are destructive?"

          Eliza thought about what Sanne had said for a moment. Limbo...But like her powers were much better. In answer to Sanne's question, she held up her right hand and lit it up. A blazing red fire encased her hand and flickered towards the ceiling. Eliza was careful to keep the flame only fist sized in case something went wrong. She could make it hotter, a blue or even white, but she wanted to preserve her energy and just demonstrate her power, not actually use it. "Fire is destructive, it can hurt so many people in just minutes," she replied, feeling tears prick her eyes, threatening to spill. Luckily they didn't as Eliza blinked several times to rid them. She extinguished her hand then with a frown.



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Cool, good job copying

Cool, good job copying everything and separating it.
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Posted by @lem*on on Tue, 08/08/2017 - 09:02
Hm, the ending point is kind

Hm, the ending point is kind of awkward place to stop, imo, but good job putting everything together dude

{i want to prove that we aren't smoldering in this small world.}

Posted by King Explosion ... on Tue, 08/08/2017 - 10:25
I agree, good job putting

I agree, good job putting everything together! :)

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Posted by palaces out of ... on Tue, 08/08/2017 - 10:30
thanks! its a really cool

thanks! its a really cool story so far. I hope we get an epic battle scene or three in there somewhere


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Posted by PenSword (Jack) on Tue, 08/08/2017 - 11:02
Yeah me too! Please read:
Posted by palaces out of ... on Tue, 08/08/2017 - 12:23

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